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Offer added on Sunday 19th of February 2017

Cablor 2Pcs Replacement USB Charger Charging Cable for Fitbit Charge HR Band Wireless, Quality Power Charging Cord (27cm, Black)

Customer Reviews

Great OEM substitute
I was a bit hesitant in purchasing this non original equipment cable to charge my Fitbit Charge HR given my experience with various non related generic products in the past. Having said that, the charging cables that I received work great! If anything, the fit of the plug that goes into my Fitbit is more secure than my Fitbit brand cable that came with my Charge HR. The only noticeable difference to me is that the cable guage is a bit thinner than the Fitbit brand cable, but that has had NO effect on performance. Now I have a cable at work (original Fitbit brand), and these two at home so my wife and I can use. Bottom line is that I would buy again and recommend without hesitation.

fit bit charge HR replacement cables
Product charges the fit bit charge HR,was as expected, much cheaper than buying at the big box stores and it was delivered sooner than expected :)

Works - but caution!
Updated: I have to amend this review b/c I was able to fix my fitbit. I love my fitbit, but I will admit it's REALLY POORLY MADE in some aspects. I had to super-glue (Gorilla brand) the back panel back on, and then the charger fit snugly and charged just fine. For the price, it was worth my time. I suspect I will have to glue it back on again if it falls off in the future. But that's not a huge deal. I'm not sure if it's loose on purpose for something, but I'd rather have all the pieces together than missing the back because it falls off during activity.

Original Review: This charger is slightly too big for the fitbit charge HR. It goes in and will charge, but when you pull it out, it will take the whole back with it! Then if you charge again it will not stay. Hopefully getting the actual brand charger will work. Very disappointed :(


  • With Latest Smart Charging IC, Faster Charging Speed and Safer. This Fitbit charge hr charging cable provides fast and stable charging speed. Built-in Voltage Regulator (PTC), protect your Fitbit from being damaged by overcurrent.
  • Durable and Safe Design . Approved by FCC and RoHS, this fitbit charge hr charger uses elastomeric TPE material, which can stand 1000+ times insertion-and-extraction tests, safe and durable.
  • Friendly Tight Connection Design. You may find many charging cables in marker are a little loose for your Fitbit. That's why we adopted tight connection design, which helps keep the charger in place for a reliable charging.
  • Two Pack. One fitbit hr charger cable is never enough, you will get 2* 27cm charging cables. One is for home, the other for office or share the charger cord with your family.
  • Extra Replacement Charging Cable ONLY for Fibit Charge HR. Note: Specially designed for Fitbit Charge HR, not for other Fitbit products. Keep your Fibit Charge HR charged up and ready to go.


Cablor Extra Replacement USB Charger Charging Cable for Fitbit Charge HR
Feel one fitbit charge hr cable is not enough? Want to get one for home, the other one for work? Cablor replacement charging cable offers solution to keep your Fitbit Charge HR charged up and ready to track all your activities. You will get 2pcs 27cm charging cable. Never miss any steps.

Why Choose Us:
Professional After-Sales Service: 24 hours E-mail support
Lifetime Warranty: For any possible defective products, please contact us first, we will offer you a replacement or refund you.

Fast and Convenient Charging
Smart IC guarantees fast and stable charging speed. Plug it into any available USB port on your computer for easy charging.

Safe and Durable
In order to ensure the safety and protect your favorite Fitbit, our charging cable is approved by FCC & RoHS. Furthermore, the built-in Voltage Regulator(PTC) will protect your Fitbit Charge HR from being damaged by overcurrent. Ready to use?

Length: 27cm
Material: TPE
Cable Core: pure copper * 20pcs

1. If you use the original cable to charge your device for several times, the charging port will be loose, so Cablor charging cable is designed to be bigger than the original to resolve the problem. For the new device, it will be a little tight, just feel free to use it.
2.Suitable for Fitbit Charge HR ONLY( not for Fitbit Charge or other models).
3. ONLY for charging, no RESET function.
4. If you connect fitbit charge hr power cord to the adapter, the current must not exceed 1A.

Package Included:
2*27cm Fitbit Charge HR Charging Cable

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