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Christmas Bags in 4 Assorted Designs, 3 Different Sizes; 4 Small, 4 Medium & 4 Large Bags, (12 Pack)

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Jumbo bag size is just the right size for all kinds of gifts

Length:: 0:45 Mins

These are beautiful gift bags, the quality you would get from a Hallmark store if shopping at a mall. The price may be affordable, but that doesn't mean they are cheap dollar store quality. I have these in the jumbo size and they are a very large ample bag. Plenty of room for gifting things like plush stuffed animals, packaged kids toys, etc. It's the go-to size I would get for everything, because it's large enough to fit most gifts I would be giving, but not so huge that it's overly big.

These bags come in a mix of color and styles. They have woven nylon rope handles on each of them and are very sturdy and don't fall apart when caring heavy items in them. These are awesome christmas gift bags!

Sample provided for review

These are beautiful Christmas gift bags that you will love to use this holiday season!

Length:: 2:13 Mins

We always use the bags for Christmas and they make it fast and easy to package up a present that looks great in these types of bags. We always use tissue paper and wrap the gift in it and then put it into the bag. You can add a bow to the package and dress it up but these bags are just beautiful the way they are.

They are made of heavy weight paper with a very beautiful and colorful Christmas theme on them and they just look great. They have a thin cardboard bottom in the bottom of the bag to distribute the weight and the also have braided heavy cord carrying handles to help you carry your gifts around your home or to and from your car as you go to visit friends and relatives to give them their gifts.

We received the Jumbo size bags and they are great to put in some clothes, odd shaped items and larger heavier presents. These bags are 17 inches tall by 13 inches wide and 4 inches deep. They are high quality and made extremely well. To be honest these bags are so nice and easy to use don't be shocked when you get them back next year with your presents in the same bag!

The Christmas theme is done very well and they are attractively decorated and they will look nice under the tree. I gave them 5 stars.

I received a sample product for evaluation and I promised to provide a fair and honest review.

The bag alone makes an attractive gift

Length:: 0:19 Mins

The bags are large, with dimensions almost thirteen inches long, five inches wide and eighteen inches deep. The handles are made from sturdy rope with knots in the end. The designs are very attractive and the material is very sturdy.

This product was made available for free for review purposes.

Wonderful set of gift bags
Christmas is awesome and I love wrapping presents, but sometimes I'm short on time and can't take so long to wrap the presents. I hate to disappoint though.

These gift bags are tasteful and well done.

This is a set of twelve bags, two each of six different prints. The prints are nicely done and very tasteful. They feature different secular Christmas scenes, with bows, sleds, holly, and wreaths. The colors and prints are very well done.

So in my family, maybe we're sort of ghetto, but we have an unspoken pact that we never throw away bags and there's a very real chance that you will, *cough*, receive what you give. For example, we had a very coveted Elvis birthday bag that was gifted from uncle to niece to grandpa to nephew, etc. Heaven help you if you weren't a dedicated custodian of these revered gift bags.

So I really like these bags. I wouldn't put them on the same level as the coveted Elvis birthday bag, but they're very nice. I wouldn't hesitate to use these with my family, office, or church friends. They're very sturdy and attractive, plus they exhibit the spirit of recycling, because you can use and reuse and re-gift these over and over. Nice.

These bags are attractive, functional, and affordable. Whether you're giving gifts for individuals or a big group, these are so so so practical.

I was provided this set of bags for review.

A true heavyweight contender in the Christmas bag arena
Although I love to use gift bags (too lazy and fumble fingered to wrap presents nicely) they have often been a disappointment in terms of durability. Anything other than the most lightweight gift tends to destroy the bag.

I was pleased to find these bags are very well made. Thick paper construction with well-glued seams, and a thin cardboard insert in the base to keep it stable when opened.

The graphics on the outside are printed well, with strong colors that stand out. There is a carry handle at the top made of yarn that is knotted on the inside of the bag.

To test out the durability of the jumbo bag, I put in a ream of copy paper that weighed 5.25 pounds. No problems at all with 1 ream in the bag - handled the weight with aplomb. Two reams (10.5 pounds total) fit well, and again, no splitting or tearing, nor did the handles break off. Three reams caused the sides of the bag to bow out since the thickness was now over 6 inches, but again, the bag held. The handles were straining, but I walked around the house, including up and down stairs, for a good 5 minutes and the bag came through in perfect shape. That's a load of nearly 16 pounds!

It got to be a challenge to see if I could break the bag. I couldn't fit anything else into the bag since the three reams took up all the space, so I put a three pound door stop on top of the reams. Still held together at 19 pounds capacity. I ran out of heavy things that would fit inside the bag, but considering how well it handled 19 pounds, I probably could have gone to 25 pounds before the handles tore out.

Very nice bags!
[Sample provided for review]

so happy to have discovered these!
Every year at work we throw a huge gala holiday party. The highlight of the party is the Secret Santa gifting. Everyone gets another coworkers name and has to buy them something that they think they are going to like. It gets really fun and crazy over there as people going really out of the box on their gifts. I decided this year to get bags that everyone could put their gifts in beforehand and it would give it a very uniform look. These bags are the perfect candidate because they aren't completely identical but follow the same theme so it will give the presents a nice look. Can't wait to use it I'm sure it will be a huge hit!

A Gift Bag that will be enjoyed
One of my wife's favorite things about Christmas is the decorations on and around the Christmas tree. My problem is that I am horrible at wrapping presents. I am sure there are guys who are GREAT present wrappers, but I am certainly not one of them. Luckily, a nice Christmas bag looks just as nice a wrapped present (and it takes about 20% the time!).

This 12 pack of Christmas gift bags are attractive and very heavy.... they will definitely be under our Christmas tree this holiday season.


- Very heavy paper - can definitely be used for multiple years

- Attractive scenes - traditional scenes that everyone will enjoy.

- Not overly religious in theme - but they will be enjoyed by both the secular and non-secular world

- Nice corded cotton handles - they can hold quite a bit of weight without worrying abut the bag or the handle ripping.

Final Verdict - A very heavy and reusable Christmas gift bag. The holiday scenes are sentimental scenes and appropriate for both the religious and the not-so-religious.

5 Stars

Please note a sample was provided in exchange for an unbiased review

Super Big and Sturdy!
It is hard to find an affordable jumbo sized present bag. I know that I am sometimes in a hurry and it is so much easier to put the present and some pretty tissue paper in a bag. These bags are great for holding a bunch of gifts or one large one. They are big enough for a clothing box, like a shirt box without any of it sticking out the top.

Mine do not match the photos exactly, they are all fairly muted colors, soft burgundys and greens. They are definitely Christmas with very traditional holiday motifs of bells and "Merry Christmas". They are sturdy and have great soft rope-style handles. And at $2 a bag, they are affordable as a great delivery method for your holiday gift giving. I was provided a sample for review.

The perfect Christmas bags!
I have been searching for the perfect Christmas bags to go with my handmade Christmas gifts. I was referred by a friend who had previously purchased these and I love them! They have beautiful designs and they go great with my gifts. I love that they are made of heavier paper, if you want to use them over and over again you can. They are large enough to store bigger gifts as well, so you won't have to worry about the size. They are so festive looking. If you are looking for wonderful Christmas bags, look no further. These are all you will need.

Absolutely Love Them
I absolutely genuinely love these Christmas Gift Bags. They're so magnificently and beautifully designed they're just so pretty to look at! And the quality, don't get me started on the quality. They are very strong and durable so there's no worries there, high standard of quality, good materials used and the rope handle just tops it all of. I absolutely love them and they just make Christmas that little bit more special!


Technical data

  • 12-pack in 4 assorted designs
  • Includes 4 Small Bags, 4 Medium Bags & 4 Large Bags,
  • High Quality Bags in the most beautiful designs with thick rope handles
  • New for Christmas 2014- Matching gift tags on each bag!


Product Description

Finding the perfect gift is only half the fun...wrapping it and adding a special creative touch are just as exciting. And then placing it under the tree or showing up to the holiday gift exchange with the best-dressed gift just makes the giving part of the holidays all the more magical. With these high quality gift bags make your gift as cool on the outside as it is on the inside.

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