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Drive Auto Products Car Trunk Storage Organizer with Straps and Cargo Net Cover, Original Gray

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  • You're going to absolutely love this Patent Pending new release from drive Auto Products. Why? Because we've done all the research on what buyers like or don't like about their automotive organizers...
  • A collection of features designed to address trouble areas of other models such as flimsy sides or bases that cave in, slipping and sliding, lack of pockets or size adjustment large to small
  • BONUSES ✔ DRIVETM cargo net cover and strap tie-downs to hook into your trunk, around your seat backs, or onto your backseat child safety seat anchors while keeping belongings securely in place
  • BENEFITS ✔ To keep it upright & sturdy every panel is reinforced with stiff base plates - 13 total! Front Seat Mode is ideal for the business or solo traveler by fitting securing in front passenger seat, strapped around seatback and does not fall during vehicle braking
  • FEATURES ✔ Premium Oxford 600D Fabric, 2 Big Front Pockets, Fully Wrapped Ridged Panels Hold Coffee Mugs / Water Bottles, 8 Mesh Side Pockets, Folding Compartments Fit Work Folders, Tablet, Phones, Binders, or in the Hatchback for Tools, Pet Supplies and More!


The Beloved Car Trunk Organizer is now available complete with industry exclusive fitted cargo net, lock down harnesses, large pockets, and sturdy frame inserts all from the trusted name - DRIVE Auto Products. (New great Cargo Net Cover option is great for the ATV market)

Fully Opened Product Dimensions are 23 Inches Long by 17 Inches Wide by 11 Inches Tall. Or, Partially Collapsed Front Seat Mode Dimensions are 15 Inches Long by 17 Inches Wide by 11 Inches Tall. With more features than ever before, now get the one of a kind cargo and storage organization tool, the quality you've come to trust, and the 100% satisfaction service guarantee from DRIVE.

The question you may be asking is - what's the big deal, after all it's just a car storage organiser? You're right! But we tend to get carried away with details, and perhaps that's what separates us from the competitors.

So for anybody looking to take the mess out of their car, be green, recycle, reduce their carbon footprint, and overall make the world a better place... Pick up one of these! Or 2 because they make great gifts.
DRIVE spends hours pursuing a passion of researching great consumer automotive products. All we ask is that you give us a shot. This product has been great for so many people but if for any reason it's not right for you let us know for 100% money back.

Patent Pending. Now in Graphite Gray - Click Add to Cart & Buy Now!

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