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Dyson DC40 Origin Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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My First dyson Vacuum
About a year and a half ago I took the plunge and bought my first Dyson. I went with the dc40 after doing some research on the different models that Dyson offered at the time. It has been great and I have been very happy with my purchase. Recently, Dyson changed the name of the DC40. It was originally called the DC40 Multi Floor, but now the name has changed to the DC40 Origin. This is not a redesign. The only changes to this vacuum are the name, the MSRP (now $399, was $499), and possibly the color of the canister. The specs are exactly the same. I believe Dyson made this change only so that they could sell at the new, lower MSRP on their web site. I posted a review on the original DC40 OnlineShopDealer listing last year that seemed very helpful to people and I made updates throughout the first year that I owned the vacuum. I still own the DC40 and it is still working great. I have re-posted my review below because it still applies to the current DC40. Hopefully this review is helpful to you.

ORIGINAL REVIEW (05/05/2012):
So I took the plunge and bought my first Dyson. I went with the Dyson DC40 and ordered it from OnlineShopDealer a couple of days after it came out for $400 (20% off Mother's Day special). I don't have any pets, so I didn't think I needed to pay the extra for the Animal version. It was only $50 dollars more than the previous model DC25 and had the new Dyson Radial Root Cyclone technology and a couple of other new features. I figured, for $50, I might as well have the latest technology and it has been around for a few months in the DC41 Animal, so it isn't their first try at it.

Just for some background, I'm upgrading from an old Hoover Windtunnel bagless upright vacuum. I have never really been that happy with it. It probably cost $300 when I bought it and it does an ok job, but loses suction after only a few minutes of vacuuming unless you keep emptying the bin and buying new filters. After the original cost of the old vacuum plus a few filters, all of the sudden a Dyson doesn't seem that expensive anymore.

First Impression - Right out of the box, the thing looks impressive. It is small and sleek and it was quick and easy to put together.

The Ball - I was a little concerned from reading other reviews of the Ball that it would be hard to get used to, but I disagree with that completely. I immediately felt comfortable with it and took to it very quickly. I was amazed how well it moved around and how much control you had going around things with the ball with just a flick of the wrist. The Ball is my favorite feature by far.

Vacuum Performance - The vacuum performance didn't blow me away immediately because it doesn't seem to grab onto the carpet like my old vacuum or leave heavy track marks, but it picked up everything on the carpet. We have a pretty low pile carpet, so that may be the reason. But when it came to emptying the bin, I was a little surprised at how much very fine dirt and dust was in there, so that was impressive. I was also impressed with how well it picked up stuff from the edges. It grabbed little bits of whatever from the very edge of the carpet. I used it in the kitchen on the ceramic tile next. I seemed to do a really good job on the kitchen too. It again was able to grab stuff from the edges of the baseboards and cabinets. This is when I really started to appreciate the Ball. I was able to run the head along the base of the cabinets while tilting the vacuum on the Ball sideways away from the cabinets and just zoom down the entire length picking everything up. I didn't even need to use the wand to get under the cabinets. This control on the ball was really cool. Overall, the vacuum never lost suction, the bin was easy to empty and it picked up a lot of stuff.

Wand, Tools and Stair Work - The wand is built really cool. I like how it slides into the hose when stowed to keep the hose from flopping around. It basically makes the hose rigid when stowed. The wand is awkward to work with at first because it is so long, so it is mainly for reaching up high and vacuuming floors when standing. You can remove the wand and use the tools on the hose, but the hose is really rigid out of the box. It does stretch a long way, but it is really tight at the moment. I'm assuming it will loosen up with some use, so I'm not that concerned. For the stairs, I used the included basic stair tool with the wand. Even though it was tight, the hose stretched pretty far and the vacuum did a really good job on the stairs. The suction on the hose is really amazing, so even with the basic stair tool, it made the carpet stand up pretty well. Much easier than lugging the old hoover onto each stair and trying to push it back and forth on each stair (it's wand was terrible). The combined crevice/dusting tool is cool too. You just use the crevice tool when you need it and quickly slide the dusting part over the crevice tool when you need that one. Great design on that part.

I've only been using this vacuum for one day, but this is what I think so far for a pro/con list.

1) The Ball is awesome. I love it. It is amazing technology. It makes moving this thing so easy. Its like zooming around in a race car. I'd buy a Dyson again just for the Ball.
2) Edge cleaning seems really good.
3) No loss of suction problems so far.
4) I like how you empty the bin.
5) The wand tool is a little awkward, but I'm getting used to it and it made vacuuming the stairs pretty quick and easy.
6) The vacuum is really light, especially compared to my old behemoth hoover.
7) Seems to pick up a lot of really fine dirt and dust out of the carpet.
8) Everything is designed really well from how cool the wand slides into the hose to keep it from flopping around when stowed, to the way the tools store on the side and snap into the wand to the combined bin/carrying handle that makes it easy to carry.

1) The cord is pretty short, at least compared to what I'm used to with the old Hoover. This is a little annoying, but not a deal breaker.
2) It doesn't leave as heavy of vacuum marks in the carpet as my old vacuum, which gives you that "just vacuumed" look to a room, but the carpet looks clean which is the most important thing.
3) The hose is really tight right out of the box, but I'm guessing it will loosen with some use.

In conclusion, I've only had this thing for one day, but I really like it so far.


Still love this vacuum. The ball drives great and it continues to pick up a surprising amount stuff out of the carpet each time I use it. I actually look forward to using the vacuum just to see how much more stuff it will find. I also cleaned all the AC intakes and bathroom vents on the ceiling very easily. All you have to do is pull out the wand, quickly attach the dusting tool and reach way up there without having to do a bunch of hose assembly. The old hoover would have taken a lot more time attaching a bunch of extensions which always fall apart. The hose suction is very strong. Great design and great performance.


It is really a pleasure to use this vacuum. It doesn't feel like a chore at all like it did with my old vacuum. The ball almost makes it fun and it is so much lighter than the old Hoover. I'm still amazed that it keeps finding so much stuff (I blame the kids for tracking it all in the house). Seems to be holding up just fine vacuuming 2-3 times a week with no problems at all so far. Love the ball. Love the edge cleaning. I would still recommend this vacuum to anyone.


SIX MONTH UPDATE (11/01/2012):
Everything is still going great with this vacuum. I did a filter cleaning not too long ago. Probably should do it more often, but I hadn't seen any degradation in performance and I'm not so good about cleaning things on their perfect schedule. The filter cleaning was really easy. There are two washable filters. One on top in the middle of the dirt/dust bin. It came out easily and I just washed it out under some running water and let it sit out for a day to dry. I also took off the clear part of the bin with attached bottom and washed it with water with no problems. I haven't been brave enough to wash the orange cyclone part, but it isn't that bad, and I'm not taking any chances. The second filter is in one side of the ball. All you do is twist off the side of the ball and pull off the filter. Same rinse with water and dry for a day. Pretty easy.

I also did a real deep cleaning of the couch under the cushions, and with two small kids, you can probably imagine how big of a job that was. Hose suction was great and took care of that job with ease. The hose is still pretty stiff and it was awkward to use the long wand, but I just took off the wand and attached the crevice tool directly to the hose, and it was good to go. Everything felt really clean when I was done.

As for normal performance, it is still working great. Almost seems to be getting a little stronger with age. It may be in my head, but it almost feels like it is grabbing the carpet a little more lately. The ball seems like it is running a tiny bit rougher/louder as it rolls on the tile, but no real issue at this point. I will continue to monitor how the performance goes and how the vacuum holds up, but so far, so good. Still highly recommended, especially as the price drops to $400 on OnlineShopDealer every once in a while.


ONE YEAR UPDATE (05/06/2013):
We purchased this vacuum last year at this time when they had the same 20% off Mother's Day special. After one year, this vacuum is still working great for us. We really like the steering of the ball and the suction is still great. Mechanical function is also holding up just fine. Overall, we are very happy with our purchase.


Its been a while since my last update, but not much new to report. The vacuum is still working great. No complaints.

The Magic of Dyson!
Received my Dyson DC40 Origin 3 weeks ago and have been very happy! There have been complaints (on the DC 40 MultiFloor) about its ability to pick up larger crumbs/objects on hard surfaces and I have not found this to be true with the Origin remodel. I can easily move from carpet to hardwood without missing virtually anything...this has been a lifesaver! It is lightweight and easy to empty the canister. The only drawback I have found is the cord length, otherwise, I highly recommend this vacuum for a multi-floor home!

Great vacuum
This vacuum is everything we expected and more. The initial price is a little high, but when you throw in a 5 year parts & labor warranty you can't go wrong. BTW, we also own a dog and this thing gobbles up hair like no one's business!

Best Vacuum ever!
An older model of this vacuum was left in our new house and that was the first time I used a Dyson. I liked the lightweight and the power to pick up dirt after I vacuumed with my old Hoover Wind Tunnel. Yes - I did redo a room after vacuuming with the Hoover and was shocked at how much the Dyson picked up. I bought this one new and love it. The attachments are easy to use for stairs, it is lightweight and easy to empty the canister. My mother in law ended up buying one also. I highly recommend it.

worth the cost
This is my second Dyson. My first was the DC 24, more of a compact version of this I feel, and lasted 5 years before it stopped picking up well. I love that it turns so well (on the ball), and of course the "see through" dirt collector, which is quite disgusting the first time you see it fill up, switching to incredibly satisfying every time you vacuum after that.

I really appreciate how well this item is packaged, as well as how easy it is to put together. It snaps together in under 5 minutes, and is ready to go. I would recommend registering the product online.

Also, please learn from my mistakes with my first one: wash the filters as often as they tell you to! I think that's what burned out my first one. They tell you right on there to wash this one every month, another one every 3 months, etc. Put it on your calendar! It's incredibly easy, they have videos on their website how to do it, and it WILL prolong the life of your vacuum. I did it for a while, then stopped, and now the old one only picks up half of what it should.

To me this is the worth the cost when it's on sale. Yes, its an expensive vacuum, but to me, totally worth it. Very easy to maneuver, works great on pile carpet as well as hardwood, also has an incredibly long hose to manually clean things like stairs or upholstery. All in all, a great product.

best vacuum out there
I was very hesitant to purchase a Dyson because of the price. I couldn't imagine that there was anything that special about a vacuum to warrant that price. I was wrong. I love that this vacuum will go straight from the carpet in my daughter's room to the hardwood floor (with the touch of a button to turn the roller off so as not to damage hard wood) to the rug (turn roller back on to deep vacuum) to the tile floor in the bathroom ( and repeat same process with roller on/off. This vacuum saves me so much time with not having to pull rugs and sweep. The only complaint I have is that the wand portion is very stiff and difficult to angle.

I was skeptical, but I'm glad I bit the bullet
I did my best to research this vacuum as much as I could before buying it, but I decided to just bite the bullet and buy it, and I am glad I did!! I'm a 25 year-old single young professional who doesn't hate cleaning nearly as much as other guys. If anything, I WANT my house to be spotless and reflect my personality for when I have company over.

This Dyson has thoroughly impressed me with how well it cleans. Right after moving in I "cleaned" my entire apartment with my battery-powered Shark that claims to "pick up what your vacuum cleaner misses!" and then I went back over it with my Dyson....BIG difference!!! I did not realize how much dust and how many hairballs were in the carpet (makes me question if they even cleaned after the last tenant moved out!!).

My biggest gripe is that the hose extension is very, VERY awkward to use, as it collapses inside the hose tube and bends at really weird angles. It's difficult to extend the hose without tipping over the vacuum. Perhaps I'm doing it wrong, but that is certainly something Dyson could improve.

Unlike other users, I had no problems assembling this vacuum. This is the first time in my life I've done so, and it maybe took 20 minutes? The most time consuming part was connecting the brush head, but I eventually watched the official Dyson video and figured it out. I like how sleek this vacuum and agile this vacuum is. It is slightly heavier and not as "low center-of-gravity" as Dyson claims, but it'll help me to workout I suppose!! The cord length is adequate, but I suppose it could be longer. I have an 1100 sqft apartment and my largest room is a living/dining room that is about 30ft wide at the longest. I do not like having to un-plug the cord each time, but I guess that's just part of life.

I've only had this a week and can't think of anything else, but will update my review if anything pertinent pops up. As usual, OnlineShopDealer's shipping was bloody amazing ---- this product (along with a few others) was ordered at 8:30PM on a Tuesday night and I had it at my doorstop, very properly packaged and punctually delivered. It still amazes me how fast onlineshopdealer can deliver something, and that's what keeps me coming back for more!! (Granted, having OnlineShopDealer Prime helps a lot!!)

I love my Dyson.
Ordered one day and received the next! Love,love,love this vacuum! Have already ordered a couple of attachments that go with it and plan to order a couple more. I'm so glad that I chose Dyson, when I was shopping around.

Excellent vacuum for handling around furniture
This is my second Dyson vacuum purchase (my other one is a DC41 purchased almost 2 years ago). While the DC41 is a great machine, I really like the handling on the DC40. It is a bit lighter and is both easier to carry and push around while vacuuming. The smaller ball also allows me to get farther under certain pieces of furniture. Also has typically great Dyson suction and handles dirt and pet hair very well.

I had an excellent warranty experience with my DC41 this year that gave me confidence in buying a DC40. A plastic cover piece from the ball broke off. I called the Dyson warranty hotline, and they set up a prepaid UPS shipment order for me. I just dropped the vacuum off at a UPS store, and it was shipped back to me in 1 week with the problem corrected. The units might cost a bit more than competitors, but their performance and service stand out.

Enjoy Vacuuming
Bought this for my son and pleasantly surprised to find out that he enjoys using it as he sees dramatic results compared to his previous vacuum.


Technical data

  • 5 year parts & labor warranty when purchased from an authorized reseller
  • Radial Root Cyclone technology captures more dirt than any other cyclone. Remodeled airflows help remove more dirt, dust and allergens from the home.
  • Self-adjusting cleaner head maintains contract across all floor types. No awkward dials or bending down to adjust.
  • Ball technology- core components are inside the ball, creating a lower center of gravity. Easlier to steer into difficult places.
  • Durable- made from ABS and polycarbonate- the same materials used to make crash helmets and riot shields. Each component is relentlessly tested again and again.

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