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This vacuum absolutely "sucks"
I owned the previous version DC44 and loved it. It makes vacuuming effortless and fun, yet has the same power than a full sized vacuum machine. After a few times of use, my big heavy vacuum gets locked into the basement permanently. I'm amazed at how much dirt the DC44 got out even after a professional house clean. When we had a flea problem with our cat, this vacuum saved our place by being able to vacuum the flea dirt and eggs out of furnitures, carpet, and hardwood floor everyday.

This new DC59 looks similar to DC44, but it is a complete revamp of almost every aspect:
1. The motor is more powerful, 1.5x more than DC44, and 3 times more than any other cordless vacs.
2. 2 Tier Radial cyclones, twice the number ad DC44, helps physically separate out dirt from air better.
3. Filter is now much easier to take out and wash, just pull from the top. In DC44, you had to "break" the vacuum in half to take out the
4. Tigger is redesigned to be lighter. If you vacuum the entire house with DC44, your index finger gets tired from squeezing the power trigger, it's much easier now.
5. Longer / shorter battery life. In normal use, DC59 has 26 mins of battery life, 6 mins more than DC44. But in boost mode, it has 2 mins less battery life than DC44, much means the motor really works harder.
6. Easier to clean. The dirt release switch now can be used from both sides. Makes it easer for left handed people. The clear bin can also be detached now, can be rinsed in water.
7. Redesigned floor attachment. It has a design that's effective on both carpet and hardwood floor. You never need to switch a dial like in conventional vacuum machines.
8. Less hair tangle. The new floor attachment makes it easier to clean trapped hair than the one came with DC44.
9. Relocated charging indicator light. In DC44, the charging indicator is on the power adapter, makes it impossible to see the charging status when the vacuum is mounted on the wall, and power adapter is hidden behind something. The light is now on the vacuum itself.
10. Easier to release attachments. It looks like the release mechanism has been improved.

Overall, it's a big upgrade if you owned the DC44 or any other handheld vacuum. If you've never tried a vacuum like this, it will change your life.

Price is a little outrageous for a vacuum machine. I think Dyson should've priced it at the same level as DC44, and lowered DC44's price by $100.

No brainer!

Length:: 1:22 Mins

I have the Dyson upright DC41 Animal which I use upstairs on my carpeted floor, however I found the that upright unit cumbersome for a quick trip around the tiled, main floor. Thus I purchased the DC59 which I have had for 2 weeks now and have used it daily in place of sweeping the tile on the main floor of my split level house (kitchen, dining, den and dog room). In addition to my own two dogs, I train and board dogs for clients (primarily Dobermans, so short hair)- it is not unusual for me to have a total of 6-8 dogs in the house at any given time. While the client dogs sleep in crates in the dog room at night, they otherwise have the run of the main floor- so as you can imagine, daily sweeping is a must.

The DC59 has proved so handy! It is easy to maneuver and also picks up great on the throw rugs I have in front of exterior doors. It is quiet and with a quick change-out I can use it as a handheld vac for the carpeted stairs coming up from the garage. This is so much better than sweeping which can't help but stir dust into the air- no such problem when you are using this baby!

Some complain about having to hold down the trigger, but it is such an easy trigger that it takes no more pressure than you use to grip the handle anyway so I don't see the problem. I haven't run the battery down to zero yet, but did vacuum the 4 rooms on 3 consecutive days without recharging.

UPDATE 2/10/14- I've been using the DC59 almost daily since my previous review. I wanted to add another thing I love about this product- cleaning dust and dirt out of dog crates is a breeze! No more down on my knees crawling in and out of crates- just grab my DC59 off the wall, suck up the dirt in seconds and I'm done!

UPDATE 4/30/14- Still loving my DC59! I'm attaching a video of one of my favorite uses for it (besides simply vac'ing my tile floors)- cleaning dust/dirt/hair out of dog crates without crawling in the crate or having to get down on my hands and knees as in the past.

A+ Simply Amazing Performance, Battery, ETC. Winner!
The Dyson DC59 cordless has enough power as a cordless to clean my house.

When I first used the DC59, it had not been long since my carpets had been professionally cleaned so I was surprised to see the amount of dirt that running the vacuum over a small area of carpet produced. I had to frequently empty the canister and the dirt always appeared to be the same amount no matter how frequently I vacuumed -our house has tile and hardwood floors except in bedrooms and media room which are carpeted. So I felt that the best option was to get my carpets professionally cleaned again and start from a clean base, which I'm very glad I did. The difference in the amount of dirt being collected pre carpet clean and post clean is night and day. I had thought that my carpets were clean but obviously my previous canister vacuum with it's Hepa filters etc was not doing the job that the Dyson is capable of.

The DC59 is not only incredibly powerful suction wise but light weight and beyond functional.

Features that I LOVE for the OCD me:

-I can wash the dirt reservoir, it pops off and can be cleaned as often as I want, then snaps back into place.

-One of the brush attachments is used to clean the dust from the inside of the DC59 when reservoir is removed.

-Rotating brushes from the large floor head attachment as well as the small attachment can be removed simply and easily. Each have a large slot that I used a rice paddle to quarter turn, then simply pull out to clean and remove hair, string, fluff etc. Insert back into the attachment, quarter click and it's locked back in place.

-Filter washed by hand at least once a month, pulls straight up out of the top of the Dyson DC59. Easy, easy, easy and again I am in control of servicing and cleaning. I recommend getting a second filter, instructions said that it would dry in 24 hours but mine took a day and a half.

I chose not to put up the charging station. The DC59 sits flush against the wall-doesn't topple or slide- and I like to keep it out of sight but charging next to an armoire in my master bedroom with the attachments on a shelf in a cabinet.

The DC59 takes approximately three hours to charge and shuts off when at full power.

I have read in reviews that some people think the dirt reservoir is too small but I don't find it to be. I like that I am able to see the dust/dirt accumulate, I stop empty and carry on if I need to. I never let dirt sit in my machine, even when finishing with a small amount collected. To empty the reservoir, hold it over garbage bin, one click on handle pops open the bottom of reservoir, little shake, snap it closed and away you go.

I have read concerns regarding length of the battery charge.
Per instruction manual:
With the floor/carpet brush, full power 17 minutes
With non power attachments 20 minutes
All attachments on BOOSt power 6 minutes

Before I had my carpets cleaned, I found that I had to repeatedly charge the DC59 during a full house go over. Since starting from scratch with professionally cleaned carpets this has not been an issue at all. The battery power of the DC59 is beyond amazing in comparison to any other cordless vacuums I've used. In fact they're not even in the same category. The DC59 has met and far exceeded my expectations. I am 100% sold on Dyson based on the performance of the DC59.

The DC59 is lightweight enough for me to recommend it to my 83 yr old mum. The attachments change out easily with a simple click, no hand strength needed.

My only 'wish' was that there was a quick click off option on the large floor attachment, so that I could pop it off with the press of a toe, suck something up and pop it back on without the trouble of bending or lifting. :)

The DC59 has eliminated my need for an 'upstairs' vac. This machine is powerful enough to do a full deep clean top to bottom and lightweight enough to use it everywhere. A+

This vacuum will lead to your divorce ( if unmarried it will lead to marriage or GF moving in).
First off, this is written by a man, so spare me your gender neutrality objections.

This vacuum is ridiculously good. We have a black Lab that is a king shedder. We vacuumed with the old upright and carpet looks clean. Take a pass with the DC59: in 16 linear feet, the canister had to be emptied. Dog hair, more dust than can be imagined, who knows what else. And then it dawned on me: we have been living in SQUALOR! My wife is a dirty disgusting pig who lives in filth and so, apparently, am I! I proceeded to vacuum the rest of the downstairs and emptied the canister no less than 10 times, covering MAYBE 500 square feet. I cannot continue to live with a woman who lives like this, and she can't live with me. Divorce to ensue.

If you're single, your GF will shortly move in once you buy this vacuum. If she already lives with you, nuptials are on the way. The reason: this vacuum is FUN! My wife stays home with the kids and we have an appropriate division of domestic duties. She vacuums. I have not vacuumed much in the last many years. She may never have to vacuum again. This thing is light, turns on a dime and is super powerful. Attachments for everything: hard floors, blinds, etc. converts easily to a handheld. Kind of feels like I'm wielding a light saber. Sounds like a mini jet engine, maybe I'm a dust-busting Top Gun pilot. TALK TO ME GOOSE!

Anyway, my point is I vacuumed the whole house and will do it again. And so will you. Your GF will see you as a paragon of cleanliness, an object of great desire, and a sure-fire hubby. I warned you.

Gotta go, it's charged again and my neighbors car needs to be vacuumed out.

This thing snorts more dirt than Keith Richards
I ordered the Dyson59 Animal from the Dyson website for $499.99 and it included the "Free Multi-Tasker kit.
Now I know what your thinking, for $500 bucks I can get a clothing optional private dance from an erotic dwarf from Detroit,
or two sessions with Mona the Brooklyn Dominatrix, who'll give you a discount if you visit before six Mon-Thurs, go figure.
But for as much of a run they give Dyson of their money, Mona and the Dwarf are no match for suction power of the Dyson.
Remember the o'l baseball through a garden hose thing? Well I'm pretty sure the Dyson could do that, though I would recommend against trying that, as you did pay $500 for the darn thing. But all kidding aside, the Dyson is a great product. It can certainly be a lot more inexpensive than what they are charging for it, but you are getting a very well designed, and a very well performing cordless vac.

The free kit includes a Hard Floor Tool and a curved attachment which you can use for top of cabinets, top of doors, ceiling fans, and pretty much anything you can't normally reach. Which ever floor tool you use, it pretty much can lay almost flat to the floor, which means that you can vacuum under couches, beds, and entertainment systems.

I own two dogs, a Yorkie which does not shed, but had to mention or he'll get an attitude, and a Golden Retriever who sheds like crazy, so I no longer own black clothing.
The Dyson does an exceptional job picking up the Golden's hair, yes you do have to empty it out quite often, but Dyson made that task very simple and convenient.

If you order it from the Dyson site itself you can set it up so that you are billed $83 monthly for six months, so that make it a little better to afford.

All in all the Dyson DC59 is a great product, it's light weight and fits in your had comfortably, and it's the best in it's class.
I hope this review made your buying decision a little easier.

UPDATE: March 27, 2014.

OK, so I've owned this vac for about Two months now and wanted to give you all an update.

The Dyson DC59 is still working and still giving Keith a run for his money.
So far after using this to vacuum on a weekly basis on two large area rugs and one runner, it's still working great and picks up a ton of hair off these rugs. Our main reason for purchasing this was because our Golden Retriever sheds a ton of hair, and the Dyson tackles it like a pro.

Note: There is a dog grooming tool that you can purchase for Dyson vacs which we did buy, but it'll work much better if you have a hose to attach it to like in the stand up models.
Also the tool itself is really not much better than any hand held brush you can buy at your local pet store, so if I had to do that again I would forgo buying the dog grooming tool.

For us, this vac is great for vacuuming area rugs and a quick once over our hardwood floors. It's also a great car vac.
We live in a 800 SQ Ft home, so it's really the perfect vac for us. If you have wall to wall carpeting, or live in a larger home, you are going to want a traditional vac, and the Dyson for small area jobs, as you'll find yourself emptying the vac quite often, but for us is not a deal breaker.

The Dyson DC59 is small, light, cordless, and can easily be installed behind a door as we did which was one of the very few places we had to store the vac. Having a small house means that you have limited storage, so the DC59 works perfect for us. All in all, I'm happy with my purchase and would probably buy it again if given the choice.

Makes quick cleaning work very easy
The only thing I do not like about this vacuum is that it has a short battery life. You can clean for about 15 minutes before you have to recharge it. That is enough time to clean a room or two, but not the whole house. So this vacuum is ideal for spot cleaning or cleaning a section of you house, but not the whole thing. It recharges pretty fast, so one can get to use it again fairly quickly though. I have to add, it is normal for a cordless vacuum to have a 10-15 minute battery life, so that isn't unusual for thing kind of vacuum.

But there are a lot more things I like about the vacuum than I do not. First, it is very light so you can really clean up fast (no need to worry about the cord or having to stop to plug it in somewhere else). It is so light that you can clean the stairs or hard to reach places with ease.

Additionally, the attachments are great. I really like the fact that the long attachment to clean the floor can quickly and easily be removed and a short attachment added so it resembles something like a weapon you would see in Star Wars. With this short attachment, you can get to work on dust that no one ever cleans. The attachment is also thin so it can reach in small places. I was able to clean under the refrigerator, on top of the light fixtures, clean the dust off the frame of the woodstove, cobwebs on the ceiling, vacuum out the dry bathtub of any hairs, and even the vents of the baseboard heating. Dyson claims this is the strongest cordless vacuum, which may be true. I was able to suck out a large plastic toy from under the refrigerator without trying. I did use the boost mode to clean the dust from the baseboard heating fins as the dust on them was not coming off easily. But the fact that it has a boost mode is impressive too.

Pushing on a trigger starts the vacuum. Once released, the vacuum stops. So there is no wasting of the battery by having it on even when you are not using it at the moment. This really is a plus!

Cleaning out the filter is easy enough, but can be a little messy. There is a little ridge that one pushes down to open the dust canister. It is easy enough to do with the side of your thumb, but I can see some women may have a problem if they use their fingertip and have longer fingernails. Once the canister if off, it can spill some dust about if one isn't too careful. I have used the vacuum to clean up the dust that happened to have spilled when emptying the dust canister on more than one occasion. If you are careful, it doesn't make any mess.

Kids are always making a mess and this is perfect for those quick clean-ups. It is also going to make cleaning the places that a normal vacuum can reach, but with a lot of effort so they are seldom done. Windowsills and the space behind the toilet are just as easy and quick to clean as the empty floor.

Even better than expected and blows away the DC35 previous model!
Let me make it clear, I have now owned 4 different Dyson vacuums from the canister floor vacuum to the handheld to the DC35 Stick now as of yesterday this model and I am never sorry I paid a lot. Dyson stands up to its reputation and stands by each of its products and these products blow away any competitor out there period. This items is no exception. I traded in my DC35 first generation stick vacuum for this one and I cannot believe how powerful this lightweight small unit is. It sticks to the floor it is so powerful a suction and what is different than first generation is that the attachments work and keep working. The DC35 rotor on the floor attachment would stop intermitently and clog up. What Dyson has improved upon is the ease of use, the weight of the unit and increased the power to make this the most versatile cordless stick vacuum on the market. Plus, what Dyson also does is make things so easy to clean and interchange, it is impossible to clog up or break. Granted I broke the battery on my DC 35 the first year, but with a 2 year warranty Dyson shipped me out a new unit no questions asked. I love this unit and the attachments are first class from the crevice cleaner to the brush to the small upholstery cleaner, it makes the vacuum worth the high price tag. Granted this unit cost more than some of the canister models, however, if you can find a deal like I did at Best Buy yesterday (20% off), you can save a bit of $$. If you are shopping for a new stick vacuum, do not hesitate and buy this unit. You will not be sorry and your house and car will be cleaner. I could not believe how much dirt came out of one pass of what appeared to be a clean carpet! Unbelievable! Dyson you have done it again!

Excellent vacuum for light cleaning
I have two Australian shepherds, so there is a lot of hair in this house. I was excited to see how this little machine works.

First, set up is a breeze. I was nervous since I'm not good with assembling things. But all you have to do is click in each piece. Its so simple. If only everything was this easy! I did have to let it charge for the recommended time. It moves easily against the hardwood floors and picks up hair and other odds n' ends that I have such as string and the top of a cheese package. In order to get the machine to run there is a trigger you use. The canister is small, but then again this isn't for heavy use either. It pops open and since the canister lid is on the bottom make sure you are over a trashcan.

I use this for a quick run around the house. But I also don't use it for every square inch of my house. I run it along the floor and when I see a dust bunny or a hairball I turn it on. No, the batter doesn't have a long life, but then again this isn't for major cleaning either.

I like the attachments and they work great. They are easy to change. It is also light weight and moves easily over the floor.

This machine works great. I really like it. I am a little put off by the price; and, to be fair, I'm not sure I would run out and buy one. It seems like a luxury item for a light cleaning.

Dyson Cordless Vacs Are In a Class All Their Own
Dyson is the Rolls Royce of vacuum cleaners, so my expectations were rather high when I unboxed this purple treasure. First off, you will be shocked at how small the box is. It will certainly be the smallest box you've ever seen a full sized vacuum in. Second, the assembly took no more than a few minutes. All you have to do is snap on the bottom part to the pole and attach the top part of the pole to the handheld motor and you're all set. The first thing you'll notice about this vacuum is how light it is, but that is only the beginning when it comes to the positives this vacuum possesses. The bottom portion maneuvers well, and the flexibility of not having a cord makes this vacuum perfect for cleaning underneath beds or on top of couches. Most importantly, this vacuum picks up everything. You won't believe your eyes when you look inside the bin to see how much dust this compact beauty was able to pick up even if you ran it over carpet that was just vacuumed with your trusty Hoover. The next great feature of this vacuum is how easy it is to do stairs due to the lightweight cordless nature of the machine. This vacuum is a must have for anyone, especially folks getting a bit up in the age who don't need to do any damage to their bodies lugging heavy vacuums up the steps. The price tag is substantial, but this vacuum is worth every penny. Sure, the battery will only last for 6 minutes on the highest setting, but for how easy this vacuum is to use, 6 minutes is plenty of time for most houses. If you have the money, treat yourself (and your back) to this great new offering from Dyson, you won't be disappointed.

Great model for removing allergens.
I'm not one for upgrading to the newest and shiniest models, and try to be selective with what I procure. Money, space, trust; these days it is hard to know what to pick up because the marketplace seems flooded with constantly outmoded items. Thankfully Dyson is a name I know and my history with them has been stellar. The last two vacuums I've owned were Dysons and they been really good to me for a while now. That said, they have issues with the one thing I think everyone has problems with.


Human hair clogs so many models, burning out belts or not coming up at all depending on your vacuum. Pet hair is worse in a lot of ways, getting everywhere and causing allergies to go haywire. I am personally allergic to in-door animals and have to constantly keep vigil, not because i own animals but because of people i visit or that visit. Family with animals that do not think of the sickness their furry friends instill is awful, and worse still with the holidays. Stray hairs riding on clothing, couches or drapes at their places; sometimes it is a nightmare. As long as the hair is policed up I do fine, but doing that has been a chore for older, bulkier models. The DC59 does really well with that though, keeping it pretty well straightened.

First, the DC59 is nice and light and is usable for many heights. I'm 6 feet, 6 inches and my wife in about a foot shorter, and this has led to issues in the past. The DC59 works for both of us though, which is great. There's no heavy lugging or hard-to-tote items; even in the pictures it looks easy to manage. I like the item's appearance too; the color and the strange engine design on the top compliment one another well.

The buttons on the model are straight-forward. You click one to turn it on and off, one to open and empty, one to clean, one to change heads. It has a few accessories that are nice, allowing you to effectively roll the carpet or do your curtains. I have been using it to hit my stairs, which I always loathed trying to clean in the past. The suctions is strong, and by that I mean really strong. It not only gets those hairs, but it gets dust my other model misses and things I wouldn't think it could. I've been using it to tidy up inside when I'm not using the bigger model because it does so well. It is distributed well though; with the proper head, I can clean my drapes without enacting some bizarre ritual to keep from pulling them down.

Charging is relatively easy. You can attach the base via a wall mount in your closet or wherever and return it when not in use. Even when you forget to charge it, it holds a charge pretty well. When it dies, it dies and that can be annoying, but I have not had any issue with that unless I've omitted charging after several uses. And not needing a cord - that's one of the nicest things about items like this.

If I had any issue at all, it would be the size of the model's container. It's big enough, but sometimes when I'm emptying the small ones i have issues and have to be extremely careful. Like i noted before, I'm allergic to the contents and the thought of having a little of that stray on my hands or accidentally breathing it in is petrifying. Larger hands, tiny items; thankfully the model has large buttons and remedies some of that phobic response. With a little pre-thinking, it isn't really much of a concern at all

I love the model for my needs and am contemplating buying one as a gift for family.



Technical data

  • 2 year parts & labor warranty when purchased from an authorized reseller
  • Sucks up as much dust as a conventional vacuum. Without the hassle of a cord.
  • 3x the suction power of any other cordless vacuum in use.
  • Powered by the Dyson digital motor V6
  • 2 Tier Radial Cyclonesvery floor type


Product Description

Balanced for floor to ceiling cleaning Extremely Versatile dyson dc59 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

DC59 is Dyson’s latest Digital Slim cordless vacuum cleaner. It’s powered by the Dyson digital motor V6, which spins up to 110,000 timesa minute – up to 3 times faster than conventional motors. This 350W motor has a higher wattage than its predecessor and contributes to the machine’s ability to produce powerful suction. DC59 is the most powerful cordless vacuum. 15 cyclones, arranged across two tiers, work in parallel to capture microscopic dust. Each cyclone has been re-engineered to increase airflow and generate high centrifugal forces. Dyson engineers put the same thought into developing floor tools as Dyson cyclones. DC59 comes with the latest motorized cleaner head, engineered to be lighter and improve debris pick-up. The newly configured brush bar consists of carbon fiber filaments to remove fine dust from hard floors and nylon bristle strips to remove ground-in dirt from carpets. The cleaner head is now also wider than its predecessors, the DC35 and DC44, providing greater surface coverage. DC59 Animal also comes with a Mini motorized tool for tough tasks such as removing hair and dirt from upholstery and confined spaces. It has a run-time enhancing trigger – on when you need it, off when you don’t. The trigger grip releases instantly, meaning battery power is only used for cleaning – allowing 26 minutes of cleaning time (6 minutes on boost). For fade-free power, DC59 uses a re-engineered nickel manganese cobalt battery, customized to deliver the level of power and battery life that the machine needs. It transmits 1.5 times more power than its predecessor.

DC59 Animal Technology

Dyson engineers find ways to make things work better. They improve existing technologies and invent new ones. The DC59 Animal cordless vacuum cleaner has three key Dyson technologies: the Dyson digital motor V6, 2 Tier Radial cyclones and carbon fiber cleaner head technology. The Dyson Digital Motor V6 DC59 is powered by the Dyson digital motor V6. This power-dense 350W motor spins at up to 110,000rpm – up to three times faster than conventional motors – and delivers 50% more power than its predecessor, the Dyson digital motor V2, used in DC44. This contributes to DC59’s ability to produce such powerful suction. 2 Tier Radial Cyclones Dyson has been continually refining cyclone vacuum technology since inventing it more than 20 years ago. DC59 has new 2 Tier Radial cyclones – an arrangement of 15 cyclones, working in parallel, across two tiers. Each cyclone has been re-engineered to increase airflow and generate high centrifugal forces, to capture fine dust. Airflow is channeled through the center of the cyclone assembly, maximizing suction power. Dirty air enters the outer cyclone and is spun around a vertical axis, generating centrifugal forces that fling larger debris and hair from the airflow into the bin. A shroud within the outer cyclone means it captures more large debris, allowing refinement of the inner cyclones to capture fine dust. The air then passes through the 15 inner cyclones working in parallel. Vortex fingers guide air from inner cyclones reducing turbulence and noise. Carbon Fiber Cleaner Head Technology DC59 Animal has the latest motorized cleaner head, with 100% more cleaner head power than the DC35 to drive bristles deeper into the carpet with more force. The newly configured brush bar consists of carbon fiber filaments to remove fine dust from hard floors and nylon bristle strips to remove ground-in dirt from carpets. A self-tightening mechanism keeps the brush bar stable and a dust capture channel prevents dirt from escaping back to the floor, increasing pick-up. The floor tool has been engineered to be lighter and wider compared to DC44, providing greater surface coverage. Its low profile cleaner head stays flat to the floor when the machine is fully reclined. And the neck has been slightly extended, making the machine taller and putting less strain on the user. For easier steering, it has improved V-Ball technology. With the V-Ball located closer to the head for an improved turning circle, the floor tool steers smoothly with no awkward moves.


Many other cordless vacuums remain switched on from the moment cleaning starts. Battery power is wasted between cleaning tasks. Dyson Digital Slim vacuums have a run-time enhancing trigger. Trigger grip releases instantly, meaning battery power is only used for cleaning. It allows 26 minutes of cleaning time (6 minutes on boost). On when you need it, off when you don’t. The new battery transmits 1.5 times more power than the battery in DC44 and is customized to provide fade-free power. There’s a Boost mode button on the back of the machine which, when activated, provides up to 6 minutes of increased suction power for more difficult tasks. DC59 Animal comes with a Mini motorised tool for tough tasks such as removing hair and dirt from upholstery and confined spaces. It also has combination tool which converts from a nozzle to a brush tool for dusting and a crevice tool for cleaning in tight gaps and narrow spaces. The DC59 has a detachable wand and tools for cleaning up top, down below and in-between. With the wand detached, the handheld vacuum can be used to clean stairs and inside a car or boat. And with its ergonomic design, DC59 fits naturally into the shape of the hand – with its center of gravity located towards the grip for easy handling. When not in use, DC59 slots into a docking station for charging. The station also holds the additional tools and attachments. The bin on a Dyson vacuum cleaner is transparent so you can see when it needs emptying – and just how much dust, dirt and pet hair your new Dyson vacuum has picked up. It is hygienic to empty – just push the button to release the dirt.

2 Year Parts & Labor Warranty

Your Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner is likely to take a few knocks and bashes during everyday use – but that’s nothing compared to what Dyson puts its machines through during testing and development. All Dyson Digital Slim cordless vacuum cleaners undergo a lengthy and rigorous testing program. That’s why DC59 Animal comes with a 2 year warranty – parts and labor.

What's In The Box?
  • DC59 cordless vacuum
  • Operating manual
  • Quick start guide
  • Mini motorized tool
  • Combination accessory tool
  • Crevice tool
  • NMC battery
  • Docking station with charger
  • Product registration card
  • 2 year warranty
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FeaturesDC34 Hand-heldDC35 Digital SlimDC44 AnimalDC58 HandheldDC59 Animal
Powered by Dyson Digital Motor v2
Powered by Dyson Digital Motor v6
Patented Root Cyclone technology
2 Tier Radial cyclone technology
Balanced for floor to ceiling cleaning
Includes motorized floor tool
Includes crevice tool & combination tool
Includes mini motorized tool for pet hair pick-up

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