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Great for Carpet, Tile, and Hardwood
This review is for the Dyson DC65 Animal (same vacuum/less accessories). I ordered the Animal Complete, but the product was mislabeled on OnlineShopDealer Marketplace. Now, on to the review...

I must admit that this is my first Dyson, and I have no regrets on the purchase. For this purchase, I researched online to see what typical customers of Dyson had to say about the products and most tend to love their Dyson. There are also several reviewers online that go through bagged vs bagless and why Dyson is a waste of money. Those opinions weighed heavily on whether or not I wanted to purchase a Dyson (especially since it was much more than I have ever paid for a vacuum previously). My previous vacuum was a Hoover Deluxe Elite Rewind. It did a decent job (I thought) at keeping the carpets clean, but once we moved into our home (over 50% tile/hardwood), it became an annoyance to have to sweep and vacuum.

Most of the reviews I saw online recommended Miele models and I do not doubt that they are amazing vacuums as well but something about Dyson drew me to them. When I saw a DC65 model on OnlineShopDealer for a much lower than retail price, I could not resist and bought it. I figured that since it is a brand new vacuum and was exclusive to the blue and gold store until March, I could always return the product if the seller was getting rid of a test model.

The box arrived with a few nicks and tears but everything on the inside was in perfect condition. Assembly was a cinch if you follow the instructions which are pictograms with numbers indicating the order of the step. Once assembled, I plugged it in and started testing. The previous weekend we had guests so we vacuumed and swept the house which only had time to accumulate about a weeks worth of dust/dirt/etc. I was amazed at how much the DC65 picked up in the first room alone. This room had hardwood floors and an area rug so I did not expect to have to empty the bin after vacuuming. This is not a complaint but more of an indication of how much was missed from sweeping and vacuuming previously. Next, I worked on two carpeted rooms and used the dusting attachment to clean up a dresser, changing table, and crib. Again, I could not believe how much was in the bin. After emptying for a second time, I decided to give it a shot on tile which is in the kitchen area. One thing to keep in mind is that while you have the option of turning off the beater bar, I turned it on and off to see if it would scratch the floors. No scratches and it actually can help get some of the stuck on stuff off sometimes. Anyways, after finishing the kitchen, I moved to the biggest carpeted area in the house and filled up the canister again. So, three full canisters after vacuuming most of the house which I definitely did not expect. The previous vacuum hardly ever had a filled canister after months of vacuuming. One of the things I noticed was that there was a fine dust in each of the bins and I am pretty sure that a majority of it was leftover carpet cleaner dust that I thought the old vacuum was picking up (in addition to the dirt and dust that accumulates no matter what).

Although I have rated this vacuum 5-stars, there are a few quirks that you may call cons but I really do not feel like they detriment the vacuum at all. The first thing is getting used to the way you maneuver the vacuum. I have read before that it does take some getting used to but becomes second nature after a few uses. The second is the way you lock the vacuum into a standing position or take it out of standing position. The best way I can describe locking the vacuum into standing position is that you have to push it forward and down until you see the two legs lock up and a somewhat clicking feeling happens. To get the vacuum out of standing mode, push straight down on the vacuum handle until the two legs slide down. Lastly, the vacuum is not a quiet vacuum but what would you expect when you have as much suction as these vacuums do?

Overall, I am highly impressed with the vacuum and look forward to many years of use. I will try and keep this review updated with any problems that may pop up from time to time. I definitely recommend this vacuum and can say that for most users, a Dyson DC65 will get the job done across multiple floor types.

No Carperimeter. --updated

Length:: 0:58 Mins

UPDATE: I've had this for several months, using it daily. Today I shaved my fluffy dog and there was hair EVERYWHERE. I used the smaller vacuum and it didn't really clean it up. Her hair is so fine and furry, not like hair so much as fuzz, so it sticks to everything. I pulled this out and was amazing. Then I noticed the collection tank was full. It surprised me that it still has so much power even with a tank full of crap. I am more impressed every time I use this.

Previous Review:

This is no lightweight, in any sense of the word. This vacuum weighs in at over 20 lbs according to my scale. It is very streamlined for the massive beast that it is. Also, I'm glad that the tools aren't "on board" and are rather stored in a very nicely made bag, akin to the cosmetics/essentials bag that came with my expensive luggage. There are a lot of attachments and on board would have made this not only uglier, but heavier...two things no one wants to be.

This vacuum goes easily from carpet to hardwood without any adjustments on your part. A spring loaded bar under the front carriage makes it adjust automatically to whatever floor it is on. That is ideal for me because I have bamboo, carpet and tile flooring,

Right up front, I have to admit that I am not a clean freak -- but honestly, I had no idea how filthy I really am. I do like things clean, but unless someone else is doing the cleaning, I don't freak out about it. I load the dishwasher once a day, wipe the counters, vacuum and clean the bathrooms once or twice a week and call it all good. When this vacuum arrived I had vacuumed the day before with my Hoover Wind Tunnel (which has now gone to live with another family). I didn't expect to see a lot of results only day one after my weekly/biweekly cleaning. MAN WAS I WRONG. I have two bedrooms that are carpeted and the rest of the place is bamboo floors, where you can easily see if there is dirt or hair. Anyway in my two rooms, housing only two relatively clean people who bathe daily, I filled TWO canisters with this vacuum. I had vacuumed the day before! There was enough of my hair in the canister to create a wig if I should need one. There was dog hair and most of all there was DIRT. The canisters weren't completely full...but full enough to make me dump them and start over. Had I really been living with all of that crap underfoot? When I think about the nasty dust mites that have been having a field day down there, I'm repulsed. I've owned a couple of Dysons in the past and have always been impressed. I believe this one may have ruined me for all other vacuums. I have owned a LOT of vacuums too. We move a lot and I never move a vacuum -- this one may have a ticket to ride however.

I'm not going to list all of the pieces parts and what they do. That's all in the specs. But the one thing I think you should know from someone too lazy to ever use half of the attachments, the carperimeter (that's what I call the filthy space between where the vacuum stops sucking and the wall) with this thing is ALMOST nonexistent. All vacuums say they have some kind of "edge cleaning" that really never works. This baby gets right up to the edge. The only place I now see that doesn't get vacuumed is less than a square inch in the corners, where the front of the vacuum prevents the edge cleaner from reaching it from any direction. As I ran this up along the walls, I was shocked by the popping and crackling of dirt that I've probably never even tried to take a hose to. It actually changed the color of the old carperimeter from a slightly dusty version to matching the rest of the carpet. And that popping sound is so satisfying when you're vacuuming. You know what I'm talking about.

Overall, this is a great vacuum. If you have kids or people with allergies, by all means get this. It is a bit largish for a small apartment. It is also a bit heavy for someone frail or elderly. But if you have the strength and the space, absolutely go for it.

I uploaded a short video so maybe you can see that there was some crap on the floor (put there intentionally) and some stuff along the edge of the wall and this vacuum grabs it, no sweat.

Is It Worth It?
So here's the thing: I've owned a lot of vacuums. A LOT. And until a couple of years ago, there was no contest: My Dyson DC25 Animal was by far the best vacuum I'd ever owned. It met an untimely demise when I unknowingly used it to suck up asbestos dust. After that, I owned two Hoover WindTunnels, and what I found was that Hoover was closing the gap... their newer model WindTunnels were really excellent vacuums. One of them, the Hoover WindTunnel Max Pet Plus, even added a long, retractable cord-- something I'd always wanted on my Dyson.

Where the WindTunnel still lagged behind was primarily in maneuverability-- it was heavier and harder to push around, versus the Dyson ball vacuums, which are a breeze. But I honestly felt worried about Dyson, because I wasn't sure that would be enough to save its dominance, considering the price difference.

Well, if these two brands aren't making the case for capitalism...! Both of them are making major strides. This DC65 is a great improvement over the DC25, which I frankly didn't think was possible. It was a near-perfect vacuum as it was. But this one seriously rocks.

Okay, the improvements:


They say it sucks up 25% more and I believe it. I had just vacuumed (and thought I'd done a fine job) when I ran the DC65 only because my daughter had spilled some candy. I thought I was just going to do a little spot clean-up, but instead started seeing the dust in the canister right away and decided to run it across the room. I couldn't believe how much it picked up.


It's even more maneuverable now. The DC25 and the DC65 weigh about the same (16 versus 17 pounds), but the added power to the brush bar makes this thing feel like it's self-propelled. It takes no effort whatsoever to push it around.


The suction now goes end to end across the head, which is a real pleasure when you're trying to get into corners, under cabinets, the bottom of couches, etc. It saves you from having to switch to the wand much of the time.


There are new and pretty cool attachments for stairs, ceiling fans, blinds, etc. You can't fit all the attachments on the vacuum at once, which is why it comes with a storage bag.


This one is 35 feet, whereas the DC25 was 24.6 feet. Sure helps if you're trying to vacuum a long space without having to unplug and replug.

The single thing they've changed that I *don't* like is the cap on top of the wand... it was a closed cap before, and now it's an open slotted cap. When you put the vacuum in the upright position, it automatically switches to power the wand... and because the cap is open, that means it just starts sucking whatever's in the air there. I don't like that that's usually my hand... so it tries to suck my hand in. Not a huge deal, but an annoyance.

Aside from that, the only other fault I can find is WHO THOUGHT A RED HANDLE WOULD GO WELL WITH A FUCHSIA CANISTER TOP? ;) I adore the fuchsia. The red really, really clashes with it. It's a gorgeous vacuum other than that. Even my 7-year-old says so.

So is this vacuum worth the price? Yes, I'd say it is. If you can swing it, this is the ultimate in vacuum luxury! It will make your job easier and quicker for years to come.

And a side note about assembly: The instructions included a link to watch an online video about assembly, but the link was broken. I just went to YouTube instead and typed in the model number. Voila. Not the greatest video, but still easy to figure out.

Dueling (Tri-ueling?) Dysons - a comparision of three units
A couple of years ago (after we got the d-o-g) I decided to buy myself a really nice vacuum. I researched and researched and finally decided on a Dyson. But which one? What were the differences? Should I upgrade between models? What were the benefits? Were they worth the price? It was really frustrating and time consuming to do all the research and in the end I just picked up a pretty standard unit that was on sale at the time*. Therefore, I jumped at the opportunity when I was given the chance to test out these two units and compare them to my more standard model. My thoughts are below and please feel free to contact me in the comments section for further questions or experimentation's!


Dyson DC65 Animal Upright (hereinafter DC 65")Dyson DC65 Animal Upright Vacuum Cleaner - My son, an engineering major put this together in about 5 minutes. He has "worked" with my DC25 for years and is pretty familiar with it. I watched him during the process and figure it would have likely taken me 20 minutes or so, most of that time would have been spent trying to pull the sucker out of the box.

Dyson DC65 Animal Complete (hereinafter "DC65 Animal") - See above, same general process, just more accessories to unpack.

Dyson DC 25 All Floors (hereinafter DC25) Dyson DC25 Ball All-Floors Upright Vacuum Cleaner- I don't remember this unit being much different from the other two.


DC65 - Over 30 feet of cord.

DC65 Animal - Over 30 feet of cord.

DC25 - Approx 23 feet of cord. I have a good sized house and this has been an issue for me, I have pulled the cord out of the socket when using more times than I care to think about.


Normally I don't give much thought to what my vacuum looks like as long as it works well but I have got to comment on this because, woo boy, there is a lot of look going on here!

DC65 - The cyclone part of this unit is metallic purple and there is this flat purple circle on top. The handle is a primary red color (nonmetallic) and the roller part of the brush is the same flat purple as the round bit on the cyclone with the bristle bit being primary red. It is pretty awful but nothing compared to . . .

DC65 Animal - THIS! I have many good things to say about this unit, and you will hear them but I never thought I would see the day when I seriously considered applying a coat of spray paint to my vacuum but I am now. This thing is simply atrocious, from the metallic pink painted cyclone to the flat purple center piece inset in aforementioned cyclones centerpiece to the primary red handle to the purple roller with the bright red bristles. It is so noticeably bad that my boys, who are remarkably clueless about this sort of thing, made note of how awful it looks. Really, it took some effort to put this awfulness together!

DC25 - Okay, when I bought this machine I thought it was kind of loud. Clearly I had no idea. It is pretty much just primary red (handle and bristles) and uniformly orange. The roller is even granite grey for crying out loud.


DC65 - No foot pedal, releases easily and begins brush rotation when lowered.
DC65 Animal - Same as above.
DC25 - Foot pedal release and then brush rotation when lowered.


DC65 - 19 lbs
DC65 Animal - 19 lbs
DC25 - 16.12 lbs


DC65 - Stair tool, Combination tool, Tangle-free Turbine tool, Soft dusting brush.
DC65 Animal - Stair tool, Combination accessory tool, Tangle-free Turbine tool, Multi-angle brush, Stiff bristle brush, soft dusting brush, Zorb, Tool storage bag
DC25 - Stair tool, combination tool.


DC65 - 5 year parts and labor
DC65 Animal - 5 year parts and labor
DC25 - 5 year parts and labor


Carpet -

I put down 4 different kinds of messes in a row for each of the vacuums. I tried to think of what I typically spent most of my time vacuuming up so I put down, a pile of fresh leaves, a dusting of flour, a couple of BB's (boys!) and a pile of crumbled up leaves. The carpet itself is in an area the dog loves to lay on and so was covered with pet hair too. I did one slow pass over the mess and assessed the results.

The results:

DC65 - The leaves were all picked up, as were the BB's, the dried leaves and the hair, a smear of flour was left behind.

DC65 Animal - It pretty much picked up the whole mess, there was a slight powder of flour left.

DC25 - It performed much like the DC65, leaving a smear of flour behind. I did note that this machine pulled at the carpet more than the other two.

Hardwood Floor -

I am in my kitchen all the time and so is the family, so for this test I put the leaves (dried and fresh), a few peppercorns and the flour. I made sure to get things in the seams between boards for good measure too. As with the first test, I did one slow pass over the area and assessed my results.

The results:

DC65 - It picked everything up except it left a small bit of flour in the seam between the wood planks.

DC65 Animal - It picked everything up.

DC25 - It picked everything up.

I then proceeded to use each machine on a large carpeted area and a large portion of the wood floor; here are some further thoughts:

DC65 - This machine propels itself nicely over carpeted surfaces. It seems to pick up most things easily. It does not have the propel feature when the brush is turned off for use on wood floors but it pushes easily and maneuvers nicely. I did notice that it misses some things that are crammed into corners and alongside the edges and it does not pick up well on irregular surfaces. (I use the stress mats on my kitchen floors where I stand because I work there for hours most days.) This unit has this weird suction thing going on over the top of the handle, when you bring the machine up to an upright position, there is a strong suction coming from that area.

DC65 Animal - This machine is a beast. It was the only one that got the flour on either floor up quite easily and it outperforms on the wood floors, picking up things easily from the corners and also the edges, it even sucked things up moving from floor to mat. Very impressive indeed! It also is self-propelled when using on carpet and both my son and I thought it moved a bit more easily across the floor than the DC65. (The DC25 is not self-propelled, so it far outperformed that machine in this area.) This machine has the same suction area on the top of the handle as the DC 65 when upright.

DC25 - This unit has always worked well for me and I thought it was outstanding until I tried out the DC65, particularly the Animal Complete. This unit is lighter in weight than the other two but the propulsion on the other units make them far easier to push and their ball base makes them easier to maneuver. Cleaning-wise it equals the DC65 but isn't on par with the DC65 Animal.

Hose: The hose on these machines are all similar and some people love their design while others hate them. I would highly recommend going to a store and trying one of these units out before buying them to see if you like the hose configuration. I can't say it is my favorite thing about these units, I find it kind of awkward. My eldest son just loves it but then he is 6'7 tall!

Accessories Functionality:

I am going to use these machines for some time and come back to fill this bit in, I want to get some idea of what is worth having and what is not. Plus I want to use the Zorb and see how much it gets up and how much stays gone. (Don't you love those reappearing stains you thought you got lifted up?)

Soft Dusting Brush - I used this for the first time today and have to say it is a hit! It is the usual soft bristled duster but has a soft inside to help capture and lift dust and also has two suction holes to suck it out. I cleaned a wicker trunk that I have never been able to clean to my satisfaction and also some pleated lamp shades that tend to pill up the dust and make a mess, along with dusting all my bedroom furniture and mirrors, the tool did a great job and did not leave behind the typical light layer of fine dust that had to be cleaned by had. This tool is standard on the DC65 Animal and the DC65.

Price: These units are expensive. They are also a solid investment with a solid warranty and my understanding is that Dyson is very good about standing behind their products. I have had my first Dyson going on 3 years now and have had zero issues with it. Prior to that, I got about 3 to 5 year out of my machines before they just were not performing up to expectations anymore. I don't see that happening with any of these units but will continue to use them and let you know if I have issue or hear from others who do.

Highly Recommended: All in all, I think any of these machines are an excellent investment and I would highly recommend any of them to you. (The DC65 Animal is the superstar here but then at that price it ought to be! )

*I paid about $120 less than the current price, I put a price watch on several dyson's on camelcamelcamel and this one went on sale first. I highly recommend setting price alerts on these units because it can really save you some $!

I think the engineers at Dyson finally got mad at getting beat by $200 vacuums on consumer reports.
I have owned about 5 or so vacuums. My most recent was a Dyson DC25. It has been a durable vacuum. I did have to replace the brush head once (more my fault). While durable it was not a good vacuum. From the first day it never cleaned carpet well and anyone who thought it did never had a good vacuum. It wasn't without its good points. It was designed well. Things just worked the way you thought they should. I kept it for so long because I got used to carpet cleaning the carpets more often. If you look at consumer reports the dyson always ranks poorly. I agree. They judge a vacuum on how it cleans and dysons used to not clean well.

The new DC65 I think will get a MUCH higher rating. Its easy to use. The tools are great, and it really cleans carpet. I vacuumed and carpet cleaned yesterday. The carpets were as clean as I could get them. They looked close to new. The DC65 came and I tried it out. I filled half or so of the bin with fine dust and other stuff... A lot of this probably came from the edges which as everyone else says this vacuum cleans very well. But the fine dust probably came from the bulk of the carpet. The vacuum is also much easier to maneuver than the DC25 though the suction can be so strong that it does not turn easily. A good problem to have. The DC25 also never had a problem picking up stray "big" objects that would stop the brush. It would simply push them around. The DC65 tries to suck up socks or anything else that gets near. I stopped the brush more times in one vacuuming than I had in years. Again good problem to have and mostly my fault. I am just used to not being able to pick-up anything. FYI this is not from dirty filters on the 25. I cleaned them often since new and it never had great suction.

Now not everything is perfect. The plastic seems significantly thinner. The dirt bin seems much more delicate than the 25. Infact the whole machine seems cheaper. The motors however I'm sure added significantly to the cost of construction. It is a heavy machine and so the metal must be in there. It is just not on the outside. Time will tell... It might be the 25 was way over designed on the plastic and way under designed for suction. I always thought there motto of never losing suction was kind of stupid because you need to have some to lose it. The DC 65 has a lot. I thought of a Meile but the cost of the bags and filters turned me off. I think the DC65 is the best vacuum for the money if it lasts more than 5 years. I also think consumer reports will find this vacuum does one important thing... It cleans.

One last thought... It was much quieter than I thought it would be. Its not whisper quiet but not the jet engine I thought it might be. I would buy this vacuum again, and plan a long relationship if it holds up. Its a whole new world a dyson vacuum that I like and that actually cleans.

Replacing multiple Orecks and a shop vac!!!
I live in a big old farmhouse, lots of pets, gravel drive. Various floor surfaces. Vacuum almost daily. I have been through at least 10 vacs in 20 years. While I liked my Orecks, they did not have hose / wand attachments, so I would need to drag out the shop vac for stairs, furniture, pet beds, windows, and baseboards. Today, I had enough of that business, and ran out an bought the most expensive Dyson. My daughter loves hers, a co-worker loves his - both have furry pets. So I thought I would try The Animal!

First of all - for the reviews that stated it was hard to assemble - Oh. My. Goodness! They are either being trolls, or should seriously not be allowed to own such a vacuum. It was easy to assemble, following the simple pictures. I had a harder time getting all the parts out of the box!

Having just vacuumed my entire house for the first time with my new Dyson here are my observations:
- Nice long cord
- Easy to maneuver
- Attachments are easy to pop on, and the hose / wand works even better than a shop vac! YAY!
- That spinning brush turbo attachment can be used with or without the wand attachment. In my opinion, this is reason enough to buy this vacuum cleaner. I used it on my carpeted stairs (the bane of my existence) , upholstered furniture, and dog beds. Wonderful.
- I guess I don't mind going back to a bagless - especially since the Oreck bags are so expensive. And it is gratifying to actually see the dirt in the clear container! It's easy to use / dispose of dirt. However, there still is a lot of fine dust / dirt that remains, so I can see how I will be washing all the parts on a regular basis, like with other bagless vacs. I've owned (Bissel, Hoover)

So far, so good. After only one day, no complaints. I know I will put it to good use - I'm glad it has a 5 year warranty.

Seems like an improvement over dc41 animal complete
Backstory. I bought the dc41 an. comp. a year ago and was totally dissatisfied with it. So much so that I thought there was worldwide mass delusion about Dyson! I have low berber carpets (one completely looped one in a mid tone brown and one with a small loop square pattern in cream) I also have a brown cat that has very long fuzzy hair and sheds in small clumps and a white cad that has very, very fine hair that sheds one at a time. So, when I got the dc41 I was surprised that I had to pass over the clump hairs several times because they "stuck" to the carpet. This was also true of normal crumb type stuff. I also noticed that the berber in particular didn't fluff up when I vacuumed. Of course, I got a lot of dirt and fine dust but not so much that I was in shock and awe over my spendy purchase.

I kept the thing because let's face it, a vacuum doesn't get more beautiful than this and since I have a 4 level house (tri-level+basement) I have to move the thing around a lot so it often gets left "out". I also figured I'd use it on the stairs placed at the bottom and not forget and do the stairs from the top - dropping and breaking a perfectly good but not expensive vacuum in the process. When you spend $600 you tend to remember those little things. I also seemed to replace vacuums every couple of years because they just wear out or its impossible to find filters. So, I thought Dyson might be built to last longer and if I can get 5 years out of it, it's probably paid for itself and looked good in the process.

So, I took the 41 back to the store that I purchased it from (with a 20% coupon and they kindly replaced it (though it was over the return threshold) with the 65 that the Dyson rep said would work much better on my type of carpet. Before doing so I ran the 41 pretty thoroughly over the whole house and got about a tank and a half of stuff (sounds bad I know but its a big house and Denver is dusty). Anyway, when I came home I did just the top floor again with the 65 and got enough additional stuff that I'm impressed, particularly since my archeological research shows that it is the fine single hairs of my white cat as well as additional fine dust. it also seemed to pick stuff up on a single passI. I also think (though this could be my own delusion) that my carpets seem fluffed a bit more (though this is not verified with measurements!) I used the power tool on the stairs and though I didn't expect much difference and didn't pick up much more (I'd emptied the previous container to check) it seems to be spinning at a faster rate (which makes sense because Dyson says they've improved airflow) and the carpet which gets really flattened here seems to fluff up more (though its still a problem with the traffic on stairs in general. It also seems that the ball is easier to maneuver (as if it's smoother) though this is not a big deal. I didn't vacuum a couple of area rugs that tend to shed themselves and I'm a bit concerned with what the more powerful brush will do to them (I may try it without spinning the brush.

Overall, not a huge improvement from Dyson, but I noticed a difference on my carpet which the Dyson rep said I should expect. Of course the real test is in a few days when I get to vacuum up a bunch of the clump cat hairs. If I'd had to pay for the exchange I don't think it'd be worth it but since I was able to move up with an even exchange I'm glad I bothered to do it.

BTW: Dyson likes to advertise they have the best suction of any vacuum. I have a little Hoover I got off OnlineShopDealer (top reviews at the time) which actually has a video of it suctioning to a wall. The thing suctions so much its hard to move across my low carpet and nearly impossible on some grass matting. It also sucks up the turkish wool rugs so much (even without the brush its impossible to use on them. Anyway, it doesn't seem to pick up as much as the Dyson so now its my basement vacuum). I say this because I understood it is airflow and not suction that is the best indicator of cleaning power and in my experience this seems to be true.

So, my white cat just crawled in my lap, ready for some petting, and copious shedding...Good luck with your decision.

My second Dyson, even stronger suction than the first!
I purchased a Dyson DC 14 Animal when it was first released approximately 10 years ago. Pieces finally started to break off of it just a few weeks ago causing it to finally lose suction. I was devastated! After 10 years of absolutely NO problems, of course I wouldn't consider any other brand, so I purchased the DC65 Animal Complete. I have 2 chilren, 2 cats, 2 rabbits, and a 90 lb dog in addition to my husband and myself, all living in a 2500 sq ft 2-story house. I considered the "compact" model, but with all that fur and dirt tracking in, I wanted the larger dust cup that is supplied with the full-size series. I have been so pleased! The suction on the DC65 is so strong that it almost feels like the vacuum is self-propelled when moving in the forward direction. The extra parts that it comes with work exceptionally well, and Dyson really is top notch as far as hose and cord length. I can vacuum my entire downstairs only needing to move my plug once because of the layout of my rooms. I couldn't be happier.

Better than a Dyson. Oh, wait.
I have been a die hard Dyson user for something like eight years and long ago decided it would be difficult, if not impossible for me to go back to a "regular" vacuum cleaner. But as my Dyson upright and I have aged together over the years, I have grown increasingly frustrated with the minor drawbacks of the early iterations of Dyson's uprights: the bulkiness of the head that limits where you can vacuum; the heaviness and the toe crushing stolidity of the vacuum head; the lack of side suction; the difficulty of using the attachments and getting the hose to spread and maneuvering in hard to reach areas while tied down to the stodgy base; the carpet/hard floor switch located at the bottom of the vacuum; the grinding and tearing when running the carpet head over frilled rug edges with the carpet beater beating. Sure you get used to these difficulties, because in the end, the Dyson cleaned your house better than anything else, but wouldn't you like something to be just a little bit better designed, just a little bit easier to use, and still get the house clean?

The DC65 Animal Complete is the ticket. It takes everything that the earlier Dysons were built on, tweaks them and adds to them, with the end result being a thoughtful, useful, easy to use, good looking, hardworking vacuum cleaner. The vacuum and its parts and accessories come very tightly and neatly packed in a box that is so small, you'll hardly believe there's a vacuum inside. The packaging job itself is a study in engineering. Once I had everything out, it seemed like it would be quite easy to put together. I decided to watch the assembly video, but it was not available on the Dyson site, so I just put it together using the quick start guide. Those who are new to Dyson products might have a hard time, but once you know how a Dyson is built, they are easy to assemble. I plugged her in, pushed the button and I was off and running.

I immediately knew why they call it an animal. It's a very powerful vacuum. With the rug beater running, you actually have to hold the vacuum back. It is that powerful. The edge cleaning mechanism works great and I could see areas that this vacuum's big brother had missed getting noticeably clean. I ran the head attachment over some rug tassels and they did not get tangled and did not cause the grinding like they did in the previous model. The cord is just a touch shorter than before, but still long enough to minimize the number of times it needs unplugging and replugging. The amount of dirt and fibers pulled up was enormous, even just one day after our iRobot 560 Roomba Vacuuming Robot, Black and Silver's normal daily run. If you have sturdy (real hardwood or tile) floors, you can run the head attachment right up to the edge of area rugs and off onto the floor, but for laminate or any kind of delicate flooring, your timing in turning off the head will be critical, because it's very powerful. I can't say for sure it would cause damage, but I think it might. The fact that all the important attachments are clear makes operating the vacuum much easier as well. The canister empties with one push.

Maneuvering the ball takes a little getting used to and a little more arm and wrist strength than just pushing back and forth and it also requires some balance. The best thing about the ball is when you roll it over your foot, it doesn't hurt. It just flexes up and protects your slippered toes from a painful, crushing encounter. Also, when the Animal is in the upright position, to start vacuuming, you just pull the handle down. The kickstand wheels retract and you're ready to vacuum. (Previous versions required you to unlock the head with your foot while pushing down on the handle.) This vacuum does have a slightly lower profile and shorter handle, so users over six feet will want to watch out for back strains. (I'm 5'11" and I felt some twinges in my lower back.) The attachments are the usual assortment of brushes and extenders, the two best being the upholstery pet hair attachment with the overlapping oval wheels (another engineering marvel) and the "nook and cranny" tool with the retractable/extendable brush. (Very clever!) A nice sturdy bag with coordinating slots and pouches for holding the attachments and a carabiner clip for hanging where convenient is included. The whole thing also comes with a bag of Dyson's carpet cleaner, Dyson Zorb Carpet Maintenance Powder(which I have previously used and reviewed - it's great). Some potential buyers may balk at the price, but my first Dyson is still running and doing fine. If the animal lasts as long, a year's worth of service is around $50-70, ultimately making them more than worth the investment. (The animal took about ten minutes off my normal vacuum time, so there's a time savings to be factored in as well.)

Am I excited to upgrade my Dyson upright to a newer, better, easier to use, cooler looking, more awesome vacuum cleaner, still made by Dyson? You bet I am! I'm even more excited about how much better and more fantastic my next Dyson is going to be. In the meantime, as far as it is possible to enjoy household chores, that is what I shall do, which is why I give this vacuum five stars.

it better be good right
$600 for a better be good right. Well in the last 9 years I have had 3 new vacuums. Sorry Hoover, Bissel and whatever the last dud was, I am now a true Dyson believer. This thing is amazing. And it comes w/so many accessories will I use them all? Word of caution, read the instructions when putting it together though or you'll be scratching your head as it's different than other vacuum construstion. Does it do a good job? We have 2 standard poodles that don't understand their breed is not susppose to shed. OMG...when I vacuumed the wood floors and area rugs I was embarrased...all the hair and carpet fibers - geesh! Next warranty: I purchased a new model DC65 and checked w/Dyson before I purchased it to be sure OnlineShopDealer was an authorized dealer. They responded back to me they were so unless you want an independent company warranty for an extra one or two years you really don't need it as this vac (new) comes w/a 5 year warranty. I registed it on line w/Dyson and the process was extremely simple.
so..great vacuum, does a GREAT job, and tons of accessories - what more could you ask for.!


Technical data

  • 5 year parts & labor warranty when purchased from an authorized reseller
  • Radial Root Cyclone technology
  • Reconfigured brush bar: 25% more power drives bristles deeper into carpets, removing more dirt.
  • Tangle-free Turbine tool: The only turbine tool that does not tangle. Counter-rotating heads with brushes remove hair and dirt from upholstery.
  • Includes extra tools and tool bag, soft dusting brush, multi-angle brush, Zorb and stiff bristle brush.


Product Description

Dyson dc65 Animal Complete Upright Vacuum Cleaner DC65 Animal Complete Cleans better than any other vacuum across carpets and hard floors* Manufacturer's Description

DC65 is the most powerful upright vacuum on a ball, with the strongest suction of any other vacuum*. It uses Radial Root Cyclone technology and a reconfigured brush bar to remove more dirt and dust from the home. The redesign of the brush bar means that the bristles have been made shorter and stiffer allowing deeper carpet penetration to remove more dirt, while maintaining superior performance on hard floors. The DC65 cleans better than any other vacuum across carpets and hard floors**. It achieves this through the combination of Radial Root Cyclone technology and a self adjusting cleaner head which seals in suction across carpets and hard floors. The latest Ball technology allows easy steering into difficult places. More key technologies are housed inside the ball, reducing components on the outside of the machine. Removing clutter from around the ball makes it even easier to steer under and around furniture. Other vacuums have a choice of settings for different floor types. This means that when moving from one floor type to another, suction power can be wasted. DC65 has an active base plate which self adjusts to create optimal contact with every floor type. This reduces air leaks and retains more suction power at the cleaner head. DC65 has the best all around pick-up of any Dyson vacuum.

Patented Dyson Technology

Dyson engineers are constantly testing and investigating, trying to find new ways to make things work better. They improve existing technologies and invent new ones. As they work, they file patent applications to protect their inventions from copycat manufacturers. That’s why the only place you’ll find Dyson technology is inside a Dyson machine. DC65 uses Radial Root Cyclone technology to maximize suction power. Improved airflow efficiency reduces turbulence and preserves air pressure, so more microscopic particles are extracted by the inner cyclones. Dyson engineers have further refined the cyclone inlets and vortex fingers in this machine to generate more suction through the machine – these refinements remove more dirt and dust from the home. Additionally, DC65 has the latest Ball technology; the vacuum’s key components have been engineered to fit inside the ball itself. This gives the machine a streamlined profile, allowing access to tight spaces and lowering its centre of gravity to make it lighter in the hand.

Reconfigured Brush Bar

The redesign of the brush bar – raising the ridge that the bristles sit on, means that the bristles have been made shorter and stiffer, allowing deeper carpet penetration to remove more dirt and less likely to scratch hard floors. Additionally, Dyson engineers have stripped back the design of the cleaner head so that the brush bar has end to end coverage. No more irritating dirty strips at the base of skirting boards and cabinets.

Self-adjusting cleaner head

The cleaner heads on most upright vacuums need to be manually adjusted for different floor types. If this isn’t done, a gap is created between the cleaner head and the floor – and suction is lost. DC65 has an active base-plate that self-adjusts across every floor type. It maintains close contact with the floor at all times, automatically raising and lowering. Suction isn’t wasted – it’s sealed in. It also has 25% more power than its predecessor to drive bristles deeper into carpets and release more ground-in dirt.

What's in the box?
  • DC65 Animal Multi floor vacuum
  • Operating Manual
  • Quickstart guide
  • Stair tool
  • Combination accessory tool
  • Tangle-free Turbine tool
  • Multi-angle brush
  • Stiff bristle brush
  • Zorb
  • Tool storage bag
  • Product registration card
  • 5-year warranty

*Suction tested against upright market to ASTM F558 at the cleaner head, dust- loaded as per IEC 60312-1. **Tested against upright market, dust-loaded, using ASTM F608, ASTM F2607, and IEC 60312-1 5.2, 5.9.

Compare ProductsView largerDC65 Multi FloorView largerDC65 AnimalDC65 Animal Complete
Cleans better than any other vacuum across carpets and hard floors**
25% more brush bar power
Engineered for pet hair pick-up
Includes Combination accessory tool and stair tool
Includes Soft dusting brush & Tangle-free Turbine tool
Includes Multi-angle brush, Stiff bristle brush, Zorb & Tool storage bag
Includes 5-year warranty, parts & labor

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