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EEEKit Accessories Starter Kit Plus for All GoPro HERO 4 3+ 3 2 Session LCD, Bike Clamp Car Mount, Selfie Pole, Head Chest Wrist Strap

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  • Kit covers your most essential GoPro mounting needs. Recommended for a variety of activities, including hiking, swimming, traveling, etc.
  • Floating Hand Grip is great for summer fun in the water.
  • Chest Harness and Head Strap allow easy hands-free recording.
  • Extension Pole is the most popular mount for recording everyday adventures.
  • Buy from sellers EEEKit or OnlineShopDealer to ensure authenticity and better service.


Shopping for GoPro accessories can be a chore if you are not sure exactly what you need. We have done the research and gathered the most essential mounts in this Starter Kit. In this kit, you will find 8 very popular mounts that GoPro users use for various activities.

Please note that EEEKit and are the only sellers on OnlineShopDealer that are authorized to sell products with the EEEKit name. Authentic EEEKit mounting kits will have the EEEKit Logo on its packaging, and several mounting parts will have the EEEKit logo on them as well.

WARNING: We do not recommend the accessories in this kit to be used during high-impact sports or activities.

This kit includes 1 x Extendable Monopod, 1 x Chest Harness, 1 x Head Strap, 1x Suction Cup Mount, 1 x Suction Pad, 1 x Floating Hand Grip, 1 x Roll Bar Mount, 1 x Clip Clamp Mount, 1 x Wrist Strap Mount, 2 x EEEKit Storage Pouch. The Extendable Pole Mount assembly consists of a Monopod and a Tripod Adapter. The Monopod by itself is designed to fit standard ¼ inch tripod threads. In order to mount a GoPro camera, securely screw the thumbscrew thread into the Tripod Adapter, then mount the GoPro camera housing or frame onto the Tripod Adapter with a GoPro mounting screw. NOTE: Do NOT use this item in water, it is not water-proof.

The Chest Mount assembly consists of a Chest Mount and a J-Hook Buckle. To mount a GoPro camera, first securely clip a J-Hook Buckle into the provided slot on the Chest Mount, then mount the GoPro camera housing or frame onto the J-Hook Buckle with a GoPro mounting screw. NOTE: please make sure the buckle is securely mounted into the chest plate and avoid situations in which the camera may make impact with other objects. Heavy impact may dislodge the buckle, causing camera damage or loss.

GoPro standard housings and frames can be directly mounted onto the Head Strap Mount using a mounting screw.

The Suction Cup Mount assembly consists of a Suction Cup Mount, a Suction Pad, and a Tripod Adapter. Note: The silicone suction cup is meant to be mounted onto flat, smooth, non-porous surfaces, such as glass and smooth metal. To mount this assembly on a dashboard, first securely glue the Suction Pad onto the dashboard, then mount the assembly on the Suction Pad. Warning: Do NOT use the Suction Cup Mount to mount your camera in potentially dangerous environments, such as the exterior of a moving motor vehicle.

GoPro standard housings can be directly mounted onto the Float Handle Grip using a mounting screw. 360° rotation Wrist mount is perfect for cycling, surfing, snorkeling, climbing and skiing. Adjust the recording angle and lock it by pushing the button. 360 degree rotation Clip Clamp Mount allows you to hang a GoPro on your Chest Strap in different places for recording .Bike Mount securely attaches camera housing to seat posts on your mountain bike, motorcycle or other similar bars on your vehicle.

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