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Epson WorkForce WF-3620 Wireless Color All-in-One Inkjet Printer with Scanner and Copier

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Actually better than our $800 laser multi-function in a lot of ways
We switched from inkjet to color laser several years ago for the reduced operating costs, speed, smudge-proof documents, and superior clarity. We've always been happy with the results from the various all-in-one color laser multifunction machines that we've gotten from HP and Brother for our various small offices.

Upon receiving and testing out this Epson Workforce machine, we are completely rethinking our allegiance to laser. Although not quite as fast as laser, this machine is superior in all other ways:

Print Quality. The prints from this machine look like professional quality photo-lab products. Even on regular paper, they absolutely blow away the output from the laser printers.

Connectivity. We always network our multi-function machines so that everyone in the office can use its features from their computers. This machine takes that level of connectively to smart phones and tablets. This might seem like a gimmicky feature, but we've already been surprised at how convenient it is and how often we use it. I was also surprised that it was so easy to set up.

Features. Fax, scan, copy, print, ADP, and duplex are the feature that we always get in our multi-function machines. This machine has all those same features yet costs a fraction of the price.

Power draw. With our laser printers, the lights flicker when it runs. They suck a lot of electricity. This machine not only doesn't cause the lights to flicker, but (according to the specs), only uses a fraction of the electricity of the power of laser.

The only advantage that our current laser machines have over this is the cartridge size and speed. The cartridges for this Workforce printer only last for about 1100 pages per cartridge, compared to the 3000 - 6000 pages you get per cartridge from laser. That isn't a big advantage, because the laser toners do cost three times as much, without even going into the upfront cost of the machine and the electricity costs. In terms of speed, our current laser printers are faster, but they also make faster versions of the WorkForce machines, that would be comparable in speed.

The bottom line is that I'm very impressed with this machine. We'll gradually be changing our offices back from laser to inkjet if the Epson Workforce Line continues to perform this well.

best for small office or class room

Length:: 2:02 Mins

This is a very user friendly and fast printer that's suitable for a small office. I have been using older WorkForce model and have been satisfied with the Epson printer. The only problem with the older one was that even though it was WIFI printer, it did not support Apple's AirPrint technology. Of course, there's a way to print wirelessly from my iPad and iPhones to my old WorkForce (via Epson's print app); I always wanted to be able to print directly from the menu icon (Airprint). Now, with this WF3620, AirPrint is finally supported.
Unboxing and getting this printer ready for work took less than 15 minutes, and I had no issue connecting to my office WIFI. This printer comes with a set of four color ink cartridges, manual, cd, and power cord. During the setup, I did not have to put the CD and my computer downloaded the necessary driver automatically, and that was easy as it can be.
Printing, as expected, was faster than my older Workforce. Both from my computer and from my iPad, wireless printing worked fabulously, and I loved how convenient it was. And just in case I don't use WIFI, there is even an ethernet port in addition to the regular usb port for connection.
Scanning and copying are easy and simple as well. I really liked the huge colored buttons on the front panel for easy access and user control. The touch screen control panel seemed rather small in my opinion, yet it's bright and very responsive.
Scanning and copying quality was excellent. The text on the paper was very clear and sharp; it was very satisfactory printing quality. Unless I use magnifying glass to compare to my older one, there's no way to tell the visible difference in document printing, scanning, and copying quality, but it feels clearer, and, also, I noticed this one was surely speedier.
Overall, this is a fabulous office All in One printer. It is easy and simple to operate and maintenance. The printing speed is one of the fastest I've ever seen in inkjet printers and the print quality is superb. Scanning and copying are the most used in my small office and both tasks are well digested over times. I have not used up any of the inks yet; I will soon find out if this printer is really 40% efficient than other ink jets as Epson claims. I do believe in new technologies they developed recently and hope it benefits consumers at the end of day.

Excellent performance for home or small office
I'm already a huge fan of the Epson WorkForce line of inkjet printers and the WF-3620 doesn't disappoint. It's an All-In-One, wireless color inkjet printer that is loaded with features that make it really shine.

Running through the top features, you'll find it copies, prints, faxes and scans, which you would expect from an All-In-One. However, this one can print wirelessly over your home network or via WiFi Direct, automatically prints double sided pages, has a 35 page auto document feeder for scanning or copying a number of pages at a time, a 250 sheet paper tray and an additional rear tray for special media like card stock or envelopes, a color LCD touchscreen and even a memory card slot!

Upon unboxing, you'll find that although the printer is not small, it weighs less than 22 pounds (without paper). So while I wouldn't classify it as a portable printer per se, the weight is manageable enough that you could take it with you on occasion. (I know because I did this recently.) Opened up for printing, the size is 17.7"W x 22"D x 9.6"H so it will take up some real estate on your desk or printer stand. Also, you will need a little more room behind the printer to clear the occasional paper jam (although I haven't had one yet).

There is a lot of blue packing tape and styrofoam on the printer which you will need to remove before first use. Check it carefully to be sure you removed it all. After that, plug the power cord into the printer and then into an electrical outlet and turn the printer on. Using the LCD touchscreen on the front, select your language, country, date and time. NOTE: Do NOT connect the printer to your computer at this time.

Next, install the ink included ink cartridges as instructed on the quick start guide. This takes a few minutes as they will automatically prime the print heads. Don't turn the printer off during this time.

Next, install the printer software and drivers. You can use the included CD or, if your device doesn't have an optical drive, you can download the latest software and drivers from Epson's website. This is always my first choice since I'm assured of the very latest drivers and updates. And while you are there, you can download the full Users Manual which is very detailed and helpful.

During the installation, you will select whether you want to set the printer up to work wirelessly on your wireless network, directly connected to your computer via a USB printer cable (NOT included) or as a wired network printer via an ethernet cable (also not included). If you choose a wireless set-up, you will need to know the name of your wireless network (SSID) and your password. My wireless installation went flawlessly and I was up and running within a couple of minutes.

A unique feature of this printer is the Direct WiFi capabilities. Direct WiFi means you can print wirelessly from your computer, tablet or smart phone without going through your internet connection. It's a lot like Bluetooth only way faster. This is fabulous for being able to be productive even when your internet is down or for allowing guests to print without having to join your wireless network.

It is AirPrint capable so you can print from your iOS devices like iPhones, iPads and iPods. It is also Google Cloud Print capable and you can even print from anywhere in the world using Epson Connect!

Epson's scan utility is very, very good and one of the main reasons for installing the software on every computer that will be using the printer. Scanning is fast and the resulting scans are superb.

Of course, the print quality and speed are what count most and I am delighted with both. Epson has a new print technology called PrecisionCore which really does produce laser quality results. The ink is essentially dry when the page comes out on all but the most densely printed pages. Of course, with any inkjet printer, premium inkjet paper produces the best results but the PrecisionCore technology is very apparent when using cheap copy paper. Even on cheap, crappy paper, text is crisp and clear.

Epson claims print speeds of 19 ppm for black and white and 10 ppm for color pages and I am getting speeds close to that. It's definitely quick.

The rear paper tray for special media only holds one envelope or sheet of card stock at a time so be aware that while it handles those things perfectly, you will need to feed them individually, one at a time.

One disappointment for me was that Epson includes what they labeled as Initial Print Cartridges. In other words, the included cartridges are not full size cartridges so you will run out much faster with this first set of cartridges. Epson used to include full size cartridges with their WorkForce printers, but this is a minor annoyance for me considering the reasonable price of this printer and all the exceptional features.

I think anyone looking for a color, all-in-one printer for their home or small office would be wise to consider the WF-3620. I thinks it's a great value with fantastic features.

I Am Not A Technical Person
I am a non-technical person; I break in a sweat with the mere thought of setting something up. So take a deep breath is what I did when it came to the Epson WF-3620 printer.

Heavy exhale. Epson makes it simple. The instructions come with both words and pictures. You might laugh, but the pictures confirmed what I thought I had read.

The only glitch that I did run into was the power cord. For some reason, I thought that it should have seated deeper and I kept trying to push it. Nope, just a little push - that is all that you need.

If you are using the Wi-Fi, everything you need is included. If you do not have Wi-Fi, you will need to purchase an “Ethernet” cord separately.

The onscreen display walks you through everything. There is an approximate six-minute delay as the machine calibrates and does all the internal workings, but I could not have been more pleased with the ease of set-up and the final moment of exaltation when the paper printed out congratulating me on my success.

Included with the printer are four Epson 252 color cartridges, instruction manual and an installation CD.

This all in one until will print, copy, scan and fax documents. Though it has the ability to print from your iPad, iPhone, tables and smartphones, I have not tried this yet since I am not that evolved. The machine does 2-sided printing and has a 35-page document feeder. The 3-inch touch screen walks you through all the steps. The paper tray holds half a ream of paper. There is a separate rear tray for envelopes or specialty paper. I am only doing office work and school reporting without heavy graphics and find the printing speed to be reasonable. The manufacturer claims that it is designed to be jam free, which is a definite bonus for home machines.

Designed for home or small business, you will have to have the space for it. It is slightly larger (approx. 18 x 22 x 10 and weighs a little over 20 pounds.

Love the machine in both style and function. Great job Epson.

Gorgeous print quality and it's easy to use, plays well with my mac
I'm enjoying the new Epson WF-3620 very much! It was a breeze to install on my mac computer. The print quality is impressive, and this model offers a lot of useful features, including some that I've never had on a printer. It's easy to use, too. The touchscreen control pad is easy to navigate, although it isn't very big. Other models have larger screens. It's sufficient, though. The unit is sturdy and well made. It's pretty heavy, so pick a spot to park it and leave it there.

I recommend downloading the full manual from Epson because it's easy to overlook some of the features that are not evident. The manual will help you make the most of your new printer.

The print quality is outstanding due to the new PrecisionCore print heads. They include 600 nozzles per inch. I printed the same image on this and another printer, using the highest quality settings, and the difference was noticeable. The colors were vivid and everything was very sharp I also printed some photos on photos paper, again with beautiful results. They printed quickly, too.

This model of printer includes Apple ready features that are handy. AirPrint lets you print directly from your iPhone or iPad. I used it with my iPhone and it worked flawlessly. I'm not sure that I'll need to do that very often, but it's a nice feature to have.

Scanning and copying were both a breeze. Scanning with my mac is easy because I can use Image Capture. This lets me do things such as restore colors or correct images by using a program that I'm already familiar with. Copying was also easy and the resulting documents were clear. It was very difficult to discern the copy from the original.

Overall, this is a gorgeous printer that offers beautiful results. I again suggest that you take a good look at the full manual so you can make the most of your new printer. My first printer, which I bought in the 90s, was an Epson and I've been a loyal fan of the brand ever since. I've never been disappointed in an Epson product. I don't think this printer would disappoint anyone, and it's a model that I would recommend to my family.

Absolutely Professional with the Highest Standards and Quality that you would expect, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
The Epson Workforce 3620 is a fabulous machine. It took me several months of research to finally decide which model to purchase, after much research and review I finally decided on the 3620 or the 3640. I finally realized that both machines are practically identically except that the 3640 has the capacity to load 500 sheets of paper in two different trays, while the 3620 with only one try can hold 250 sheets. They are both priced at the same level, so the decision of which to chose would come down to a individual choice, depending on your print usage.
I must admit that setting up the printer was a bit tedious and it took sometime to complete, my only disappointment so far is that the instructions and user guide needs to be vastly improved, its obvious that not much time and thought was put into creating a user friendly, easy to follow instructions guide or manual, the minor details were not properly explained and that in itself creates more confusion and time constraints in setting up the printer. For example in Step 2 "Turn on and configure", the first few prompts on the touch screen were easy to follow but when you get to entering the date feature, I got stuck because there is no feature for you to select indicating that you are done, all I was left with is a blinking light on the last number in the year, there is no "OK" or "ENTER" button that allows you to continue with the Time prompt, it just leaves you hanging, then no matter what key you press, I was just not able to complete the date and time. So I had to call tech support and even the technician I spoke to was not able to quickly offer any solution, until he placed me on hold to get advise from his supervisor, then he finally had me select the but with the Arrow, which is actually the return button, so it appears that this is return button performs the function of "OK" or " ENTER" allowing you to continue with the installation, it was only then that I was able to continue to entering the Date. It would have been so much easier if this minor but important detail was noted somewhere in the manual. Other than this somewhat minor glitch, the rest of the steps went smoothly, but it did slow down my momentum as I tried to find a solution on line, I went to Epson website and spent many hours just trying to find a answer. I was not able to find any discussion or solution so that was when I decided to call tech support.

I would still highly recommend this printer over any of the competitors, the print quality is excellent and the color copies are very professional. You also have the ability to send and receive fax so with this printer you have the ability to run your complete home office

Great Printer! Easy Set Up.
I received this Epson WorkForce WF-3620 today. I set it up on my network & on my desktop computer & two laptop computers. The setup was easy with no problems & went relatively fast. I did have to manually configure my network however. The automatic set up was unsuccessful. The manual setup was easy & went well. I have my router password protected so that may have been the reason for having to do the setup manually.
Once the printer was set up it operated with no problems at all from all computers over our WF-FI network. The menu system is very easy to understand. I love the display window/touch screen & find it very responsive & easy to use. The printer is fast & the print quality very good. I also like the SD card & MS slots. I tried a few color copies & they came out perfectly. I have not tried the fax yet but will soon. Ink cartridges are easy to install & I will closely monitor ink usage since we do a lot of printing. Since I have just received this printer I can not report much more at this time.
I would highly recommend this printer based on easy my easy set up & first days use. A very nice looking printer as well.

What a WINNER! Bravo, Epson! Major improvement in user interface, ease of use, and FAST!!!!
Wow, what a printer! I love the new PrecisionCore print head technology!

This printer is much easier to use - the new touch screen is pretty simple, lots fewer button presses than with my Epson WF-7520/ In fact, I didn't even bother to read the "quick setup guide" because the LCD led me through the process. I had to chuckle for the 6-minute initialization cycle: all of the chugging, whirring, clicking. for 6 minutes! Wow, there is a lot of mechanics inside!

The control panel is MUCH simpler than my WF-7520 - they have come a long way in making it easier to use! While my WF-7520 may have a few more features (not sure), the panel complexity is enough to give you pause. ON the other hand, the WF-3620 has a very clean, simple design. Love, that, Epson!

It also supports wifi, ethernet, and usb connections. I have not tested all of them (since I don't need all of them), but I can say it works GREAT for wi-fi from my iOS devices. It also worked flawlessly from my Mac Pro via wi-fi.

I really love the touch screen! So much easier!!!!

Now the surprising part was how much FASTER it was than my WF-7520. This I assume is due to the PrecisionCore technology with new DuraBright Ultra ink. I printed a page with color graphics and text, two sided: 3620 was about 20 seconds, while the 7520 was nearly 40. Wow! I tried text-only email, and it was 14 seconds on the 3620 vs. 36 on the 7520. This really surprised me.

If you look at their specs, the difference in speed is not that much. So what gives? One theory is that because the 7520 handles up to 13 x 19 paper, everything is bigger, and thus, paper paths are longer. But it seemed to me that the printing time was considerably different, also. As far as print quality, text sharpness, I could not tell any difference, even with a magnifying glass. But then, my eyesight ain't so hot. It is certainly excellent in both cases. They claim significantly less cost and power over the standard laser. Certainly, I never us my laser unless I need high volume color because it draws so much juice.

If you are looking for a fast, compact printer that allows direct print from your iOS devices (don't know about Android), can directly connect to your PC via USB, or be shared on your Ethernet, and does copy, print, scan, fax, double-sided, with auto-doc feed, this is a great printer!

You can also feed envelopes or other special paper in a slot in the back, so even though this only has 1 tray, this makes it work almost like a 2-tray printer, like my 7520. There are other models with larger trays (this one holds 250 sheets), but I did not see one with multiple trays - I may have missed that. There are even faster ones - they claim twice as fast for color than this one. For example, the Pro 4630 claims this, but of course it is $299 list vs. $169. On second look, the 4640 has 2 trays, but it is also $399... Well, you get to choose one that meets your needs.

Overall, I simply LOVE Epson printers! I also have an older image printer from Epson that I have used for several years. Of course the newer ones are spectacular, and maybe I will buy one... :)

You will LOVE the versatility, speed, reliability, two-sided, etc etc touch screen of this printer!

UPDATE: I tested the copy function - it works great! Plain paper copies are very hard to tell apart from original (original was rumpled, so that was a dead giveaway). Color copy from a glossy to plain paper came out great, too, but of course if I had put in glossy paper, I bet it would have been hard to tell apart, as well.

The sheet feeder works very quickly for multi-page document copy. Or, lift the top and place a single sheet to copy on the glass.

I could not figure out how to do double-sided copies, so my next step is to download the online User's Guide. I notice that many manufacturers are no longer printing big user guides, but rather offering them as PDF downloads. My recent camera purchase was like that - I could not figure out how to use some of the advanced features until I downloaded the user's guide.

WOW, 347 pages! Easy to navigate by clicking on what you want in the index. SO... I discover "borderless" copies are for images... and thus, 2 sided option does not appear in settings. OK, makes sense. It offers lots of options, including 2 to 2 sided, 1 to 2 sided, 2 to 1 sided, and of course 1 to 1 sided. it also offers several qualities, can remove shadows and punch holes (!!). It does everything. But the controls are cleverly integrated into the touch screen system, making it amazingly easy to operate, unless you do something like I did - select a mode I didn't understand (borderless) and then wonder why I could not activate 2 sided... Oh well, nothing's perfect. I would have either dimmed out 2-sided, or if someone selected it in Borderless mode, put up a message "not available in Borderless Image Mode" or something like that.

I had a similar problem with my new digital camera. Great menu system, but I did not realize that items might appear and disappear from the menu based on other modes. Thus, I could not, for the life of me, figure out how to access certain modes. So, I discovered the online manual, also 300+ pages, and found out that menu items will appear magically when you change shooting mode. Now that I understand that, all is cool. Same approach used here on the 3620, rather than dimmed out or error messages. But once you get it, you will probably not forget...

UI (User Interface) is hard to get right. Apple is a genius about that. Epson has come a long way with this product. But there is always room for improvement in the user interface.

Conclusion, a fantastic bargain at $169!

A really great all-in-one
This is an impressive printer. It really does have everything. Unpacking it is a bit of a process and getting it all set up and working can take a bit. But once you get there, you have a powerful and useful machine at your disposal.

Complete all-in-one. Seriously. More than any other "all-in-one" I've seen or used. It will feed scan or bed scan, print, fax, etc. You can print from and SDMI card or USB, all of which you can easily navigate from the touchscreen panel. The most important feature (for me) is the wireless connection, allowing me to print from any device, including my phone. (Epson has an app, but you can also connect via Google.)

Epson has several similar models, but this is the standard-format, so you are limited to standard 8.5" paper sizes. The paper tray is a little awkward and even a bit flimsy...the cover for it seems to fall off every time I use it. And the arms for holding papers after they print seems kind of awkward too, but you have to use it or your papers will fall on the floor.

There are four separate ink cartridges. I know others have pointed out that this ink is expensive, but I'm glad that there are three separate color (plus one black) cartridges, so you can just replace the one that's actually low. For example, if you're low on red, you just replace the red, not a whole "color" cartridge. The quality is good, but I was actually surprised that photos (granted, printed on regular paper) weren't as clear as I had hoped they would be.

So maybe there are a few quirky things about this printer, but it is absolutely fantastic. It's very versatile. Recommended.

I love this printer. So many QOL features!
I am a college student and the main reason I got this was to save on ink, paper, and time. I do not use the faxing feature at all, just notifying anyone that may be reading this for a fax review. Setup was extremely easy and also was the firmware update. Registration and Google Print setup were fast and simple. Now that the basics are out of the way, let me say some specific points:

1. I LOVE THE AUTOMATIC DOUBLE PRINTING! It saves so much paper! I have it set under my printing preferences to automatically double print so I don't even have to think about it. No more are the days of running to the printer, putting the paper back in, then running back to the computer and clicking "Continue"!

2. I LOVE BEING ABLE TO COPY WITHOUT HAVING TO LIFT HALF THE MACHINE UP! I am upgrading from an older model that I used to have to lift up half the machine in order to put a piece of paper on the glass to copy. NO MORE! AND, IT'S AUTOMATIC DOUBLE COPYING TOO! I used to have to copy 1 paper TWICE just to get a double-sided copy!

3. I LOVE THE QUIET MODE! If you don't know about this feature it's under printing preferences! IT'S SO QUIET. I have a roommate and sometimes we have different studying schedules. Now, if one of us is printing in our small apartment, the other can sleep peacefully!

That is the extent of my review, I haven't tried printing from a memory card yet or faxing. I also have only owned this printer for 2 weeks so reliability should not be factored in my review. I will update once more time goes by!


Technical data

  • Get Performance Beyond Laser with the WorkForce WF-3620, powered by PrecisionCore
  • Save time - Professional-quality prints with speeds of 19 ISO ppm (black) and 10 ISO ppm (color)
  • Save up to 40 percent lower printing cost vs. color laser
  • Print anywhere, anytime - from iPad, iPhone, tablets and smartphones; includes wireless and Wi-Fi Direct
  • Do more - auto 2-sided print, copy, scan and fax; plus 35-page Auto Document Feeder


Product Description

epson WorkForce WF-3620 Inkjet Multifunction Printer - Color - Photo Print - Desktop C11CD19201 All-in-One Multifunction Printers

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