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simdevanma Oven Gloves Heat Resistant Cooking Mitts-BBQ Grilling Big Green Egg- Fireplace Accessories and Welding,Cut Resistant and Forearm Protection with High Performance Heat Resistance

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Customer Reviews

this product is good for grilling or frying
Well, for starters I thought this product was oven mittens. But mind you, this product is good for grilling or frying, which can also be used for oven mittens. I love how it cover a good length of your arm to prevent from getting burned and getting those bad scars. And then best thing about this is, unlike most gloves, it's very hard to grip things anymore, this is still pretty easy to grip things.

My husband said it was very comfortable inside, got a foot grip on the utensils ...

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Fabulous! We just had a BBQ at our backyard and because our 6 burner gets extremely hot, I came across this heat resistant grilling gloves just for that purpose. My husband said it was very comfortable inside, got a foot grip on the utensils and did not feel the burning heat while cooking.

Works superb!
I usually wear size M. But I can wear this one so does my husband. Very flexible material very comfortable and it doesn't works very good! I can put my hand on the hot heated pan with out feeling it at all!


  • Made of high quality materials, these grill gloves absorb even the slightest hint of heat, so that even the hottest object feels like it came straight out of the fridge,100% high performance and can withstand 932°F( MAXIMUM).
  • A nice fit that only gets better with frequent use. Handling a piping hot cast iron skillet or even turning food on a gas grill using these is a breeze.
  • Use as Oven Mitts, BBQ Grilling, Fireplace or Wood Burning Stove or Welding Gloves. Can even be used as Hot Pads to protect your counter tops or tables.
  • Made with CE-Level 3 Cut Resistant Fiber so you can keep working with knives or sharp utensils while holding hot pots and pans or welding with hot metals.
  • Enjoy the best customer service,1 years free No-Hassle replacement guarantee!


Simdevanma gloves protect your hands from smoking hot cooking surfaces and kitchenware with premium heat-resistant, silicone cooking gloves.

1, it can withstand extreme high temperatures up to 482℉ and had been accredited by CE, and it is perfect for grilling, baking, cooking, welding or handling other hot items indoor or outdoor

2, Pro outer layer & polyester-cotton yarn weaving inner layer, super high-temperature resistant and strong sweat-absorbent, it is not only for heat insulation, but also can be used to keep warm in winter

3,Gloves are made of the highest heat resistant materials available with 100% Kevlar/Aramid/Nomex/Silicone and can withstand 932°F.

4,Oven Gloves covers past your wrist due to 10 cm wrist length.

5,BENEFITS The outer layer of glove does not catch fire & does not melt when exposed to an open flame Lightweight allows your hands & fingers to move freely, minimize fatigue Silicone strips on palm & back of hand, anti-skid, good for holding large bowl with soup Ambidextrous right handed & left handed Great for Fireplace Logs, Car Repair, Welding, Light-bulb Changesand More!

6,Enjoy The Best Customer Service, 100% 1 Year Free No-Hassle Lifetime Replacement So Click Add to Cart Button Today & when you do consider getting two ,one for you & one for your very best friend.

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