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InnoGear Swim Gloves Aquatic Fitness Water Resistance Training Aqua Fit Webbed Gloves (Medium)

Customer Reviews

Excellent, well-made swim glove!
These are of excellent quality and they gave me quite an arm workout when I used them today. They are very well-made and run true to size.
I wasn't sure how they would fit, so I ordered size L, but could maybe have ordered size M. They are still a little loose, but fit very well at the velcro wrist closure. So maybe that means that they run big in the palm and back of palm area as compared with at the wrist closure. I am a female and I have short fingers and probably medium-sized hands. My fingers barely extend beyond the ends of the gloves. All this being said, they still offered excellent resistance in the water.
Update - March 31, 2017:
I have two pairs of these and I am ordering another pair because I really like them. That being said, after much pool use, the gloves have faded, the Velcro does not always stick so the gloves get floppy and one glove has a small run in the nylon. Overall still a great buy and a really asset for working out in the water.

Nice resistance in the pool and great quality
Great quality and they give you nice resistance in the water. I would buy again.


  • Neoprene gloves for water resistance training
  • Helps tone and strengthen muscles
  • Webbed fingers. Adjustable wrist closure
  • Get increased propulsion through the water
  • Fingers out design



The Swim Gloves provide increased resistance in water for greater toning and strengthening of muscles and cardiovascular exercise for your heart and lungs. Made from neoprene, the gloves feature webbed fingers and adjustable wrist closure. Help you to get smoother movement in water for a more comfortable upper body workout and increased propulsion through the water.


- Color: Blue.
- Material: Neoprene and Lycra;
- Four way stretches lycra back;
- Sewed with water resistence thread;
- Adjustable elastic velcro at wrist;
- Well suited to surfing and body boarding;
- Good elasticity for freedom of movement;
- Fantastic in water aerobics classes and resistance programs

Package included

1 Pair 100% Brand New Neoprene gloves

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