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Goalpha Sports Action Camera, Waterproof, Full HD 1080P, Mini DV DVR w/ 1.5" High Definition Screen

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Customer Reviews

Great things come in small packages!
After searching high and low for a low-cost, high-functioning yet waterproof digital camera, I stumbled upno the goalpha. I'm not sure why this brand isn't more well known like it's competitor, but it really should be!

First of all, I like the look and ease of use on this one better than any of the other waterproof "GO" cameras I've taken a look at. While the Go Pro probably works just fine and looks just fine to the professionals, as a casual user of the camera, I like a small, but aesthetically pleasing camera. This one is cute, works well, and is easy to learn how to use.

It comes with a wide variety of accessories (I've only used a few so far, but they're easy to attach/detach and I like that I didn't have to pay extra!) and is heavily protected against water or dirt damage. I'm looking forward to taking it on a few trips and spending more time with it underwater. I think my kids would get a kick out of using it as well, since it's the best kind of "point and shoot"!

All in all a great purchase in a small package. Price point isn't expensive and it's a solidly made camera.

Serious Fun!
This is an awesome little waterproof camera that holds up to the elements. I like to dive and snorkel and do other outdoor activities above water too. This camera takes excellent pictures underwater of all the beautiful fish and coral and other surroundings in living color. The camera works flawlessly and is small enough that it doesn't otherwise get in the way during my diving. It is easy to use and has proven to be quite a durable product. I can also use the mounting accessories so I can use it when I go biking or skiing too and record all the scenery and action. It is an excellent value for the money for its durability, HD quality video, the fact that it is waterproof and all the accessories that make it more functional too. It is so convenient to be able to just plug it into the TV after using it and see the images or video right away! This product is a fusion of technology and durability at its best!

Just today one of the kids dropped the camera into the garbage and about 5 cups of milk was dumped in ...
This camera was given to me as a Christmas gift. I was looking for a way to let the kids in my classroom take pictures of each other and not worry about messing up one of my more expensive cameras pr breaking a cheap camera. This camera works wonders with the 3-5 year olds in my class and I never have to worry about them messing it up. It has survived the sand table multiple times, the water table and even painting activities where the camera was completely painted by one of the children. I simply just dropped it into a bucket of water to clean it up. Just today one of the kids dropped the camera into the garbage and about 5 cups of milk was dumped in on top of it as well as around 2 pounds of Chicken casserole. It took some interesting pictures in the garbage but it is still working.

High marks for the Goalpha Sports Action Camera!
I am an aspiring photographer but sometimes I just want something that I don't need to fiddle with but still be able to shoot some video. I love being able to change resolutions so that I can shoot longer videos. The HD is crystal clear too unlike other cameras I have tried. I take it with me as I am hiking to be able to capture wildlife as it happens without having to setup for it. I also use this camera for getting multiple angle shots that wind up being almost as good as my Nikon shots too! Overall I am very impressed with the functionality and capabilities of the Sports Action Camera by Goalpha. Next on my list is to shoot some underwater video! I can't wait!

Perfect for Remembering All Your Adventures!
If you love adventure and want to remember every exhilarating moment of it again and again, the GoAlpha camera is just the camera you need to preserve your active lifestyle! This sleek and compact camera has it all. Wondering why I think it’s so great? Take a look at a few of my favorite features.

1. HD quality. If I record something, I want a high quality video I can look back at and relive my adventures…not grainy, subpar footage. The HD quality means the video quality never disappoints.
2. Waterproof. This wonder camera is fully sealed can go as deep as 10 meters underwater and keep going. I’m not a scuba diver or snorkeler, but if you are, this is for you (and even if you aren’t, it’s a great feature to have for any waterside adventures!)
3. Includes it All. The GoAlpha comes with everything I need! A remote, different mounts, a head strap, cables, a carrying case and so much more!
4. Rugged. Don’t let the impressive technology of this camera fool you—it’s completely rugged for any adventure you may take it on. High tech and high quality? Yes, please!
5. Simple. Finally, the last thing I want when I am living out adventures is to have to mess with a bunch of complicated controls. With the GoAlpha, I never have to worry about such things.

Finally, if you are looking for a gift for the person on the go in your life, this makes a great gift!

Love love love it!!
My friend and I recently took a trip to a couple islands in the Caribbean. I wanted a camera that was waterproof, small, and durable to take with me in my backpack. This one was perfect and based on all the good reviews, I ordered it.

The shipping was very fast and I was so happy to see this camera in person when it arrived. It was the perfect size! I didn’t even realize that it came with a carrying case and different mounts. A great bonus!

On our trip, I was able to take this camera everywhere—scuba diving, hiking in the rainforests, on the beach, in rainy weather, etc. It really is waterproof and the picture quality blew me away. All my photos were super crisp and the videos were spectacular.

I would definitely recommend this little gadget to all! A great investment and the quality for the money is even better. I just bought another one for my brother, and will continue to use mine on all my future trips.

Very high def
I am very happy with this camcorder. It is great for action shots and underwater. It's very high def. it's portable and reasonably priced. It's definitely worth the money. Highly recommended for anyone who likes shooting underwater or sports footage. My favorite things about it are that it's waterproof and it's rotatable and the fact that it shoots in 1080.

Great Camera with a Diversity of Mounts
The GoAlpha Sports Action Camera is exactly what I needed. I love canoeing/kayaking on the local rivers. Last fall while on a canoe trip, we completely dumped our canoe and filled it with water! Needless to say, my conventional point and shoot camera was ruined.

So I was thrilled to find this replacement camera. It is waterproof up to 10m and compact enough to be easily tucked away. I am very pleased with the high quality photos that it produces and especially like the panoramas! Included in the box is a diversity of mounts, including a helmet mount and a surfing holder. Paddleboards are catching on here as an alternate method to traverse the river. I will be taking a class soon and I think the surfing holder will be perfect to capture my learning curve!

Best sports camera for the buck and delivers nice clear pictures/videos as well.
Was really excited to use this for when I went out to Jet ski and snowboarding. It takes really stellar video and captures pictures well too. After all the videos and pictures were done for the day, I just plugged in a HDMI cord from my TV so we can show everyone the stuff a lot easier. It's waterproof so I didn't have to worry about breaking it when jet skiing. The pictures and videos were real clear and displayed in HD the whole time.

For a camera that is $100, you're not going to find anything remotely close for the quality that this camera can deliver. I've accidentally dropped it a few times and it still is going. I think the next adventure I am going to take this on is when I go ski diving next. Overall, I'm very satisfied with this camera.

Good Times!
Hello everyone!!!! I purchased a GoPro about 4 years ago for Skateboarding and to be honest didn't like the quality all that much and handling the camera was also tough. I decided to give a GoAlpha a try for Skateboarding with all of my friends and it works amazingly! The quality is top notch and I can hook it directly to my television after I film and watch it on the big screen.< The buttons are big and easy to utilize unlike the GoPro and all in all is a top notch product. I took this on vacation to the Adirondacks and tried it out underwater, it looked amazing. I absolutely love this camera and plan on buying my wife and friends it for Christmas. A fantastic and affordable gift that works great anywhere anytime. Try this out everyone! Amazing!


  • 1.5-inch high definition screen that display and replays the fascinating videos recorded
  • Support 10m waterproof housing, ideal for diving, skiing, drifting, surfing, etc
  • Professional Quality Camera - Get into the details with high-definition video,super view video mode captures the world's most immersive wide angle perspective
  • With HDMI cable HD output,make your pictures more clear and bigger appears on the TV


The GoAlpha will revolutionize the way you experience your outdoor activities. With a wide array of video resolutions you will be able to capture video with breath taking depth, and color. Not only does this Full HD 1080P Waterproof camcorder come with amazing top of the line specs, but also it comes in a fully sealed housing which allows it to capture images underwater or on the tops of snowcapped mountains without fear of damaging the camera! From Waterskiing, to Paragliding this unique device will allow you to share your life's greatest and most exciting moments with the world. With its sleek compact design you will completely forget that you even have the GoAlpha on your person so you can indulge fully in the experience on hand while, at the same time, record the memories.

You can take the GoAlpha up to 10 meters underwater and capture images of unparalleled beauty. Once you put away the snorkel, and just want to have fun in the surf, the GoAlpha won't hold you back. With its vast array of attachments you will not have to worry about this camera falling off your board/ski/person.

The sky does not limit this camera, and allows you to taking breath taking panoramic videos and photos of the surrounding landscape as you descend slowly or quickly to the earth's surface. Whether you are paragliding slowly, looking for hot air to ascend in, or just looking for the ultimate thrill that is skydiving, the GoAlpha can handle it all! Its housing will protect the camera from unforeseen precipitation and high-speed debris, making sure that your camera will remain unscathed.

Life is full of crazy unexpected moments, and with the GoAlpha you won't miss a single one of them. With all the features to make each adrenaline filled moment stand out! With the GoAlpha your action sports experience will never be the same.

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