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Harmon B - Aluminum Wow Wow Trumpet Mute

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Customer Reviews

Buzzy - yes; free blowing - no
This mute has been the topic of many arguements between my trumpet playing friends and I. Some think this in the best "harmon style" mute available. Others, like me, think this mute leaves much to be desired. Certainly it provides the characteristic buzzy or wah-wah sound desired by a Harmon mute. However, the resitance and back-pressure caused by this mute cannot be ingnored. Personally, I prefer using the Jo-Ral Bubble Mute.Jo Ral TPT-2A Aluminum Trumpet Bubble Mute. The Jo-Ral model is more free blowing and seems to have better pitch tendencies (like being more in tune!). In addition, I personally like the cork better on the Jo-Ral mute as it feels more secure in my trumpet. For the small difference in price, I would definitely recommend the Jo-Ral Bubble mute. If budgets are a concern, the Harmon brand mute would suffice. If possible, try them both out to see for yourself. It might even help prevent some arguements in the trumpet section!

Purchased for my daughter
Used in jazz band. She is pleased with it. Harmon is a well-respected brand for such equipment. Her previous (non-Harmon) mute fell apart.

The greatest sound when playing on a mic
As long as I play a trumpet I will always keep a Harmon mute. The greatest sound when playing on a mic. I was first introduced by one of Many masters of american music Miles Davis,Known for playing with the mute. The second mute I love to play is a Jo-Rahl copper mute. A much richer sound. Thanks onlineshopdealer and great low price. I wanna be a fan club member.


  • B model Wow-Wow|All aluminum Great for jazz and concert band


From one of the leading brands in wow-wow trumpet mutes, this mute has been used for years by some of the leading players.

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