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Merry Christmas to me!
So just to start this off i tend to read all reviews before i buy something because I'm simply tired of being disappointed in products today. There were a few very helpful pros and cons reviews about this product that i really liked.

For those saying this item it too heavy it works fine for me but I'm used to dealing with carpet cleaners that weigh a ton. Is it heavier then a swifter or mop and broom? Well for me it weighs the same as a decent vacuum. The issues with the tanks and not filling it up in the bathroom sink? i just fill it in the tub or kitchen. Problem solved.

We currently have 3 big young dogs and a backyard full of dirt. Its winter and its been sorta muddy here. So they dogs get their feet cleaned with wipes every time they go in and out when its muddy out. There is dirt regardless let me tell you. I have tried everything to get my hard wood floors clean. We used to have bark in our back yard but it basically turned into mulch and got everywhere. Now when i clean no matter what i use to clean my floors i always still feel this layer of fine dust that i cant fully get off my floors even after sweeping, using the wet swifter, and moping. We live in a small house and it takes me hours to clean and i sweep 2-3 a day regardless. Just a tad bit of background to let you know how bad its been.

So back to the floor cleaner is it loud? sure moderately but that doesn't really bother me. Its quick easy and to be honest with you this thing works great first time over my floors and i went over half then dried, Went over the other half and dried (using the dry option on the cleaner). Hard spots: there's a little button on the top of the handle that worked well for me. If your floor is still a little wet just keep drying over it but I've had no suction issues with mine at all dries perfectly well for me. After i used it i was still unsure. Walking on my floors felt amazing they felt clean. After used the hoover i did the wet swifter test. Because i used t go through 3 of the pads in just the living room every other day. That's how dirty my floor gets even though i sweep at least twice a day. I use the swifter pads that have the little magic eraser strip on it. These things actually pick up a lot of stuff. Went over my floor after using the hoover thinking to myself okay its gonna come back and be filthy i know it. Nothing ever seems to clean these floors. HAH boy was i wrong!! it came back clean!!! i was so excited and i have decided this is the best Christmas present ever! I haven't tried any other floor cleaners mind you so i cannot compare but i can say for ME this things is awesome! it might have its cons depending on who you are but the pros greatly out weigh them. But in my world I've tried tons of things and for me this is it!

Hints: Makes sure you sweep/vacuum first. Use the dry function!

A REAL floor cleaner...Bye Bye Steamer

Our place has a nice large 1,000sqft+ main room that has a high grade(thick) laminate. We use the Hoover TwinTank Disinfecting Steam Mop - WH20200 which at first we thought was great... but over time the floor started building up a residue and we then started to try and mop even more. I would now give the steamer a 2 star since all it really does it push the dirt around. :( The residue made it very easy to cause markings all over the floor such as footprints. Along came this baby...

So my first go with this new Floormate has CHANGED everything.

- Cleans, scrubs, and removes the dirty water
- Lightweight
- Looks good!
- Minimal solution required as well as recommended by hoover
- Leaves no streaks
- ACTUALLY WORKS with an end result of a clean floor.

- Takes a little longer to complete a full clean since you need to clean, then go over it again to suck up all the water.
- Would have like the cord to be slightly longer
- Edges and corners are hard to clean, specifically sucking the water back up and leaving some streaks (might need to just get used to it)
- Sometimes hard to see it is even cleaning

So the first thing we noticed after we did our floor was the FEEL of it on our bare feet. It feels like a brand new floor. I can not remember the last time it was like this.
The second thing we noticed was NO STREAKS on the floor. There was definitely some spot water left even after the FloorMate was in "dry" mode so I was surprised to see no streaks. I am thinking because the water was actually CLEAN water and the floor was now CLEAN so no streaks. The Steamer ALWAYS left a streak if any water was trying to evaporate.

I plan to add to this review, but right now this IS IT. Time to throw away that steamer.

Time to go back to walking on the floor barefoot!

Update 11/7/2013.
Still going strong and still using it every week. Other updates:

- I am now using very little to sometimes no cleaner product. I really cant tell the difference when using it and not using it and therefore will only use the cleaner once a month.
- Floors are still streakless and look great every time it is used.
- It still takes longer to complete the floor since i basically go over each section two times, once to clean it, then switch the switch to dry and go over it. But of course it is worth every extra minute with the results.

Almost purchased Floormate Spinscrub (older model) but decided on the Floormate Deluxe despite negative reviews
When I first moved into my little 800 sq ft condo with textured tile (non-slip) throughout it looked as if the floors hadn't been cleaned in years. The landlord promised to have the tiles professionally cleaned before move-in but his idea of "professionally" clean was apparently just a regular mopping. My daughter suggested getting the Floormate Spinscrub (older model) as she has used one many times and loves it. After reading many negative comments for the new Hoover Floormate Deluxe, I almost purchased the older module but decided to give the Deluxe a try.

The floors were so bad, I ended up using half of the included Hoover floor cleaner and it took over 4 hrs to clean. I can't even begin to tell you how disgusting the water looked. Many other reviews say how the water is water was solid black. The first cleaning got up a ton but they still didn't pass the white sock test. I decided to clean the floors again the next day and was finally happy to see grey water instead of black!

I gave it a week and just cleaned the floors again. This time, I noticed that the suction was very weak and didn't seem to be cleaning as it did the first two times. I took everything apart to find the issue. When taking the squeegee off, I saw tons of gunk blocking where the water is sucked up near the brushes. I also found some hair and more gunk built up on the black round connection under the dirty water reservoir. After cleaning everything (including the tile brush) it began cleaning as it should. The water is still grey but best of all...the floors pass the white sock test! The poor performance was not an issue with Floormate Deluxe but instead proved it was doing it's job. I can't believe that I am actually looking forward to cleaning again.

During this process, I ran out of the floor cleaner that had been included. I mixed 1/4 cup of Mr Clean all purpose with 1 gallon of hot water. While it doesn't smell as nice as Hoovers floor cleaner it still worked nicely. On the third cleaning it took about 1.5 hrs total and I used 1.5 gallons of the mr clean mixture.

List of things discovered through trial and error

1. Clean small areas at a time
2. Go slow! This is not a vacuum cleaner
3. Make sure and use the "dry" function even if your tiles dry fast. You don't want to leave any dirty water behind.
4. Take off the squeegee and brushes to clean on a regular basis
5. Let the tanks dry completely before storing to prevent moldy yucky smells (especially if you live in florida)
6. The length of the cord was fine in my little place
7. Mix the floor cleaning solution in a gallon jug. It is much easier to pour and removes the pain of trying to fill up the clean reservoir in a small bathroom sink. 1 gallon = (almost) 3 clean water reservoirs.

TL;DR If your floor is really bad, it is going to take a few cleanings to see great results. Make sure to take off the squeegee and brush and clean regularly for optimum performance. Don't pay rent upfront on a dirty rental until the landlord cleans it first.

My Aching Knees LOVE This Machine
For years I have scrubbed my kitchen, bathroom and basement floors the old fashioned way. On my hands and knees with old rags and ammonia water. I've seen advertisements for Swiffers and WetJets but never bothered to get one. Considering I only mopped my floors every year or so I didn't really think I needed them. Once I got the Hoover FloorMate Deluxe Hard Floor Cleaner and used it on my floors I realized just how filthy my floors really were! I had to go over them two and sometimes three times before the water was clear.

This was an easy product to set up and while it was a bit awkward at first I quickly got the hang of it and was cleaning my floors like a pro. I would recommend reading the manual all the way through before doing anything. That's what I did and the whole process moved along nicely. I took it to my dad's house yesterday and did all his floors, too. He has a cleaning lady and he was surprised to find how dirty his recently "cleaned" floors were. He wants me to bring it back so the cleaning ladies can use it next time they come. I am really glad I got this wonderful product. I have used Hoover exclusively on my carpets for many years. Now I will use Hoover on my hard floors exclusively as well. Very satisfied.

Beats the mop and bucket by a mile!
I love this machine! I have about 1,500 square feet of ceramic tile. Previously I had to perform 2 separate operations to clean. First vacuum up all the loose material. Second, use the mop and wringer bucket to perform the final cleaning. I still think it's beneficial to vacuum prior to using this machine. There's always some dog hair on the floors around here. As a floor scrubber, this unit works very well. I had a different floor scrubber years age that eventually broke and was discarded. This machine works better than the old one ever did. It has 2 separate tanks, one for clean water, and one for dirty. My only real issue with this device is the size of the tanks that hold the liquid. If you have more than about 200 square feet of surface you are cleaning, you will be filling and emptying the tanks. That's a minor hassle and the result obtained is worth the effort. The scrubbing action is very thorough and even gets the grout lines fairly clean.

Works like a charm
I've owned 2 floormates before receiving this one. I absolutely LOVE this model. I own two carpet shampooers and a Shark steam mop and I've tried/owned ALL of the cleaning machines out there. The Hoover floormate is the very best for hardwood floors, laminate floors and ceramic tile.

I have uneven edges on my tile floor and always have to clean the floor by getting on my hands and knees with a bucket and scrub brush. Not anymore with this machine. I have only used it once, so far, but intend to wash my floors much more often after my first experience with this machine. It is simple to operate and maneuver.

It's Pretty, Hardworking and Efficient (I married it)
First, this little baby works hard for the money. I was very skeptical because my last Hardwood cleaner did nothing but mess my floor up and forced me to hire professionals. This is the perfect DIY cleaner. This Hoover FloorMate Deluxe does/has the following: 360 clean, the spin-scrub tech gently washes and scrubs hard floors, the dual tank system keeps clean and dirty water separate so you never put dirty water back on the floor, the wash, scrub & dry system makes it super easy to switch between them, the brush/detailed cleaning comes with two specially designed brushes that cover sealed hardwood floors and tile & grout. This little baby is not to heavy for us middle-agers and works like a charm. Go get you one and save on professional cleaners who don't care about your hardwood floors.

This is an amazing machine. It made my old farmhouse wood floors look so much better, and they turned out CLEANER than they have been in years. We live in a rural area where floors take a beating from the occasional muddy boots, sand, and dogs. I am no longer able to hand scrub my floors, and I had almost given up hope of ever having them clean again until this machine came along. I have approx. 2400 sq. ft. of wood, some tile, and a very small amount of vinyl flooring. It did an exceptional job on all surfaces without changing brushes. I faithfully drained and rinsed out the water containers each time I added the fresh water and cleaner. Yes, it is heavier, but it is a solid machine that works well, and doesn't give you the feeling of lightweight cheap plastic. I did not have any problems with the cord length as I found myself doing sections at a time, and I would also pause to replenish the water/cleaner. I was able to fill the containers in my kitchen sink, utility sink, and bathtub. It had been two years since my floors were cleaned thoroughly, but I did not have to go over the floors twice. I vacuumed carefully before I washed the floors. Everyone in our family was astounded and pleased with the results. Thank you Hoover!

Great Machine!
We recently bought the new Hoover FloorMate Deluxe and are so glad we did. My husband and I used it for the first time today. We're senior citizens and found it very easy to use. We were amazed at the dirty water that came off of a floor that I had washed on my hands and knees. Washing the hardwood and tile floors in our over 2200 square foot home has been a back breaker and made cleaning the floors a major chore. I'm still amazed at how easy the floormate deluxe made washing the floors and the great job it did. Now if Hoover just had a smaller version I could use on the stairs, I'd be first in line to buy it.

Love it!
Most of our floors are tile and we will soon be replacing the carpet in our bedroom with laminate flooring. Over the years, I've used many methods to clean the floors, but this one is by far the best.
No more dipping into already soiled water to clean the next area.
For someone not used to using this type of cleaner, it takes a little practice to use it efficiently, but the effort is worth it.
The floors are actually clean with minimal effort using this machine.


Technical data

  • SpinScrub Brushes, counter-rotating brushes gently wash and scrub hard floors from all angles
  • Dual Tank Technology, keeps clean and dirty water separate so you never put dirty water back on the floor
  • 1.5 Quart Tank Capacity, reduces the number of trips to the sink while cleaning more surface area
  • 11.5 inch nozzle provides a combined squeegee and suction to quickly dry
  • 20 foot cord
  • Spin Scrub Brushes, counter-rotating brushes gently wash and scrub hard floors from all angles

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