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MAMBLE Inflatable Lounger Sofa Portable Sofa Bed Air Sofa for Travelling, Camping, Beach, Park Orange

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It's smaller but size is good enough for me
The sofa is incredible. It's an alternative version of the air lounger. It's smaller but size is good enough for me.
It took a while to inflate it the first time, I did sweat, to be honest. But once I figured out it's pretty easy. It's suitable for camping, beach etc. I don't have to bring the beach chair any more! Once thing to keep in mind, get away from camp fire.

Very Nice
This is a nice inflatable lounger sofa it is perfect for floating in the lake or just to lounge on while at the park. It will easily fit 2 adults laying down or 3 sitting on it and it is very comfy. Only issue I have had with it is that it doesn't hold air very well regardless of how many times I roll it down before securing the buckle...Regardless you can easily fill it back up with air and it's good again!

Super easy.
At first I really doubt I could inflate this without any tools, pumps,etc. But it turns out I did it and it is super easy. You just need a little bit wind and run(actually only need to walk fast). The trick is just to roll the opening, roll, roll, until you see it inflates then fasten it. That it! It is fun and easy to carry.


  • EASY TO INFLATE DESIGN: Our Inflatable Air Lounger is easy to inflate and get you relaxing in no time.No need to carry around bulky and heavy beanbags, beach chairs, stretchers or air mattress.Just grab a few scoops of air in each tube and roll the opening till it's taut and snap the buckle closed?Our inflatable couch bed is lightweight and easily folds into the free carrier bag. The effortless design makes your trips out at the pool, beach and camping easy.
  • THICK, DURABLE, COMFORTABLE AND IT FLOATS ON WATER:Our inflatable sofa beds are lightweight and durable, flame retardant, dirt and water proof, it's easy for you to clean and it can be used on most surfaces. Our unique design is like a headrest compared to others products.Our air bed and air sofa are better than a foam pool float, pool lounger or inflatable raft so you can leisure up in aquatic fun. Work on your tan as you gently bob on the water on your new pool lounge float.
  • INFLATABLE LOUNGE Come with CARRY BAG?Folding Air Bed reaches full inflation and firmness in under 1 minute, no air pump needed, just swing the lightweight bag to fill it with air. The extra carry bag made from nylon is perfect for storage when the lay bag is not in use and for easy transport while traveling. Enhance your summer andlive the Lofa Life get this air hammock today.
  • DESIGN & WORKMANSHIP: Materials are lightweight, flame retardant, dirt and water repellent, easy to clean and can be used on most surfaces. The double layer design is the same as Kaisr, LayBag and others. This inflatable bag stays inflated for 3-6 hours and holds up to 420 lbs. as an air lounger, air couch, and air hammock. We include a water bottle holder and storage pouch. Our sewn in D-ring and included 5ft of string allow you to tiedown on windy days.
  • MAMBLE has been working hard to create an air lounger that will easily inflate using just you and the wind that is also waterproof and floats, it's great for both adults and kids!


The item of the season has been created for your ultimate relaxation anywhere and everywhere. The inflatable couch that is filled with air in just seconds is extremely comfortable and can be described as a clever combination of an inflatable couch with the very simple filling-technique used on dry-bags. No external pump needed! Therefore it can be inflated and deflated within seconds and stored in a small carrying-bag giving you the opportunity to carry your Lofa anywhere you want without losing time. This makes TheLofa the perfect product for all outdoor activities such as festivals, camping, beaching and travelling. Because of its durable, nylon fabric, it can be used under the hardest conditions. This is the perfect product for YOU this season. THIS IS YOUR COMFORT ZONE.

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