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UP2 by Jawbone Activity + Sleep Tracker, Black Diamond, Classic Flat Strap

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  • One size fits most
  • Easily track your activities and your sleep automatically
  • Get personalized guidance from Smart Coach
  • Smart Alarm silently wakes you at the optimal time in your sleep cycle
  • Syncs wirelessly plus 10 days battery life


Our UP2  band is the fitness tracker that fits your style. It’s thin, sleek, comes in a variety colors and has the best fitness app for your iPhone  and Android. And with up to 10 days of battery life you’ll need to recharge before your band.


What is UP? What does it do?
UP is not just an activity tracker—it’s a revolutionary, integrated system that incorporates advanced hardware, sophisticated algorithms and data science to better understand your behaviors and habits. Through an in-depth analysis of your eating, activity and sleep patterns, UP is able to intelligently help you make better choices and achieve your goals smarter and faster.

How does UP track my movement and activities?
The UP2 tracker uses an accelerometer and powerful algorithms to passively track and quantify your activities, distance, calories, active time, and idle time. The UP App also allows you to log a variety of different workout types, so you get credit and estimated caloric burn for non-step-based activities.

How does UP track my sleep?
The UP2 tracker uses an accelerometer to detect sleep quality and duration. Your band automatically detects when you fall asleep and wake so you do not need to switch modes.

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