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Mosquito Killer Lamp, RockBirds Electric Mosquito Killer Trap- LED Silent Night Light Non-Chemical Harmless & Healthy- Dual Modes- Suit for Home / Office

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  • INTELLIGENT MOSQUITO TRAP- This trap works by attracting the bugs by a high quality BLB bulb with the best luring efficiency to flying insects
  • SAFE AND HEALTHY- It is safe for humans and pets, it is no smell, safety and environmental protection, which prevents mosquito, insect bites your family
  • DUAL MODES- It have two modes-manual and automatic: Just press the button and change it when in darkness,no electric shock
  • EASY TO USE- Instantaneous operation, just switch on power, you can get a continuous and uninterrupted service, sleeping well all the nights; rotating the trap box, you can release the dead mosquito
  • SILENT NIGHT LIGHT- The intensity of it is about 40 decibels, which will not disturb your sleep and the nice-looking light let your clam down and relax to get ready to sleep


Product Description

Do you still hate being bitten by the mosquitoes?
Are you still worried about your family bitten by the mosquitoes?
The RockBirds Mosquito Killer is a better choice.
It keeps you away from mosquito harassment.
It makes your life more comfortable.
It's so cool!

How to use:
Close the windows and doors, and keep the room dark before you use this mosquito killer.
Determine the place for it. It can stand on a table or plain place.
Connect it to an adapter, computer, or any device with a USB port. And turn it on.
Discard the dead bodies in the collection tray.

Execution standard: GB 4706.1-2005
Product model: JW-1384
Input voltage: DC5.0V/1000MA
Rated power:5W(MAX)
Power factor:0.55
Applicable area: 20㎡

Please keep an eye on the kids when this light is working. There's no danger of an electric shock, but the fan may hurt kids' little fingers.
A person can be more attractive to mosquitoes. Please turn on this light a while before you go to sleep, and keep it alone in the bedroom to trap mosquitoes.
Do NOT open the collection tray frequently. This mosquito killer works as trap the mosquitoes, collect them in the tray, and make them to die of starvation.

Package contents:
Mosquito killer lamp *1
User manual *1
Accessories: USB Cable + power Adapter

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