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Help for the dirtiest family in the world!
I think I read every review on OnlineShopDealer and WalMart before I bought this sucker yesterday! The problem with most bagless vacs seems to be that the dust filters clog up quickly and greatly reduce the suction force available. Further, I priced those filters at WalMart yesterday and the range seems to be $8-$18- surely I will save enough over the lifetime of this vacuum to compensate.

The fact that the box advertised the mighty power of "never loses suction" plus the 5 year warranty convinced me to spend the extra $$. This is engineered more like a shop vac, in that it bypasses the air filters on the intake, thus preserving suction.

Good stuff: 1. the filters are washable, and they've included an extra set so you have something to use while the originals are drying. 2. the "never loses suction" promise is true. Just pay attention to that max fill line on the dust cup. I'm guessing you could break the vacuum if you didn't empty it faithfully, but what the heck- it's darn easy and quick to do. 3. you are given the ability to choose whether or not the beater brush is on- and you can switch modes while the unit is in operation. 4. small head means you can get into all those weird tight places where your dirty family dropped slop. 5. a cord holder clip on the handle of the vac so you don't have to hold it.

My actual performance review: 1.) carpet- no height adjustment here, but don't worry, you won't need it- one less decision to agonize over. (That was a joke.) My main vacuum is a 30 year old, 5000 lb. Kirby- and after using this shark, the carpet looked newer than it had in years. Lots of nasty slop in the dust cup after. Got those linty things that were stubbornly clinging to the carpet despite repeated vacuuming. 2.) bare tile floor- normally, you can't use a vac with beater brushes in the head, because the brushes kick the debris back out the back of the vacuum at your feet- and with the shark, you don't have to because you can turn the brushes off. But wait- there's more! Because we live in Florida, yesterday it was 80 degrees out with lots of humidity (even though it's Dec. 13 as I write this), so would you believe, some of that dirt was clinging to the tiles because of the humidity, I guess. Now, I really have to praise the design of this vac- every time I got to a place with stuck-on dirt, I just turned the brushes back on- without having to turn off the vac or even put the vac back into the upright position. 3.) Of course I emptied the dust cup- even the kids will be able to do it, it's simple. And amazingly enough, even though the dust cup was frighteningly filthy, the filters looked pristine. (They have a screen in the loop, too.)

Pet hair- since my 12 year old is in training to be a crazy cat lady, we have a bunch of long haired cats. Not a problem, although if you have a long haired dog, I recommend getting the magical brush attachment for upholstery. (The pet brush doesn't come with the cheaper WalMart version- just the short crevice tool and a tiny cleaning brush.)

Not perfect: 1.) cord is not auto-retractable, so plan on spending a minute winding it up when you're done. 2.) there are holes in the crevice tool and brush, so to get optimal suckage when you're using them, place your thumb and forefinger over the holes.

And finally, I was so freaked out by the negative comments on even the BEST vacuums OnlineShopDealer had to offer, I was thinking there's no way I would spend more than $50, but consider this: No bags or filters to buy, and a 5 year guarantee- when a company offers that, they're telling me they have a lot of confidence in the longevity and quality of their product. Would you believe, I actually prayed about this before I went into the store?

Will update if it turns out this vacuum sucks in the negative sense.

Exceeded My Expectations
I bought the Navigator yesterday from Bed, Bath and Beyond. I really am impressed with the performance and results. I have been putting in a lot of research into finding a vacuum that met my families needs.

I own a Eureeka "The Boss" and have had it for over three years. It just doesn't pick up deep, ground in dirt. Plus it really is a pain to go to the store and pick-up bags and make sure your getting the correct one's. That was my case against getting an Oreck.

Well I brought the navigator home and I have been converted. I like many others vegged out on the infomercial. They make the vacuum sound like it's going to save the world from dust and dirt. They also focus on how they were able to copy the features of the Dyson for less money. I felt if they had to copy a vacuum you might as well get the original.

Well after having spent the last week vacuuming my carpet with my old Eureeka twice, then using a Hoover steam vac carpet cleaner, which actually pulled up junk my Eureeka didn't and it's not even a real vacuum. After the carpet had dried I went over my carpet again with my Eureeka again to make sure the carpets were clean enough for my 3 year old.

So now last night I get the navigator home and put it together ( which was extremely easy) and I carefully review the directions. I had never owned a bagless so I wanted to make sure I wasn't going to do anything that harmed the lifetime filters. Not much to it actually. Just wash the two sponge (forgot the official names) filters every three months, they give you spares while the originals are drying, and replace the thin sponge filter every twelve months. Easy enough.

Now for the vacuuming. I went over the same exact spots in our living room I had done with the steam vac and the Eureeka. I couldn't believe the amount of caked up dirt/dust clumps sucked into the Navigator dust bin. I was really disgusting. It was like that old insulation material that they used to use in attics. It was nasty. But that illustrated how powerfull this vacuum is. It really does get stuff the other vacuums don't. Dirt and dust you can't even see. I really mean this. I was blown away.

Now granted I had just spent about $160 on this vacuum so I wanted it to work. I am biased towards making it work. But the dust bin doesn't lie. That's another plus about bagless vacuums you get to actually see what's in your carpets. Not pretty but eye opening.

How this vacuum exceeded my expectations was the noise level. Now there is no vacuum that is whisper quiet. However compared to my Eureeka and the steam vac, and other vacuums I and my parents had owned in the past this Navigator was quieter then any other vacuum I have had experience with. I have never turned on a Dyson only played with manuevering it in the store. But I was able to vacuum after 10:00pm in a town home with neighbors on both sides.

Another great feature is how compact this vacuum is. Now it's not particullary light. You are not going to lift it with your pinky as you can with some vaccums(the Garry and Oreck). But I am able to haul it upstairs ( we have three levels so we are always going up and down stairs). Storing it in the closet is a breeze because it's so small. And as I said my wife and son and I live in a town house so there is limited space.

Now here is my only gripe. This is is not unique to the Navigator. Any bagless vacuum is an absolute terror when it comes to emptying what you've sucked up. Sure it's easy with the quick emptying dust bin's but unless you wrap a bag around the bin that dust is going to shoot back into the air. YOU MUST EMPTY ANY BAGLESS VACUUM OUTSIDE. That is just the only way you can insure not to contaminate the air inside your house with the same stuff your just sucked up. This is where bagged vacuums with sealing solutions like the Oreck, some hoovers, and the Garry have the advantage. But again you have to pay for bags the entire life of the vacuum and bag vacuums lose suction the more that you vacuum. Remember dirt and dust just doesn't automatically find the bottom of the bag. It takes the path of least resistance with most of the time is sticking to the top of the bag or near the opening which will clog the whole quickly which will impede the suction power. That is one of the reasons why I am able to pick up things with my navigator that I can't pick up with my Eureeka. If they could ever create a clear bag, no lose of suction vacuum I will be the first in line.

So to sum this up, I don't work for Shark and I don't get a bonus for referring this vacuum. I just love it's performance compared to my previous vacuums. I went with this over the Dyson because I just don't believe that I should have to spend over $300 - $500 on a vacuum. If this vacuum holds up over time then I will have save a considerable amount of money upfront and over time. It's just a winner all around. It has a 5 year warranty and above all that at Bed, Bath and Beyond there return policy is unlimited. As long as you have the reciept and original packaging you can bring a product back 3 months from now, 6 months from now, or 6 years from now. Plus I used those 20% coupons I always get in the mail from them and chopped off $40.

I really love this vacuum and so far recommend it. If you have any additional questions about it please feel free to email me at [...]. I know that if you spend as much time as I did researching vacuums you will want to know exactly what you are getting. I didn't even have time to tell you about the included tools. Of course I haven't used them yet since I just got the vacuum yesterday.

Real happy so far
I just got my NV22 vacuum yesterday and wanted to report on my general sense of happiness with the product so far. The main reason why I'm happy is that I spent a very long time vacuuming my bedroom the day before with my old vacuum, but when I brought this one home and went over it again, I ended up with A LOT of dust and dog hair in the dust receptacle. I couldn't believe it. All that stuff was simply left behind by my old vacuum. That was the proof in the pudding for me.

Other reactions:
- putting it together after taking it out of the box was a snap.
- I loooove the long hose for off floor cleaning. I was able to do my walls and even ceiling without having to move or pick up the vacuum.
- The wheels are really great.. I have a lot of hardwood flooring, and I like how they glide on it. With my old one, it almost felt like they could scratch the floors, but these are rubberized and glide really smoothly.
- it's easy to maneuver. I know that's the big claim that Dyson has with their ball thing, but I played with that in the store a few times and each time found it more cumbersome that I would have hoped. With this vacuum, I feel a great self propelled pull when I turn the brush on, and while it's off, the wheels and lightness of it allow me to glide it about really easily.
- The disposal of debris was really easy and not as messy as other vacuums (from the reviews I've read before buying this one). I followed the directions and put the whole thing in a bag, then pressed a button and the trap door released at the bottom of the bin. This seemed much easier than the Eureka models I was playing with in the store, which required quite forceful twisting, where I had to have the bin at my chest to finally get it to open. I imagine that would have resulted in a lot of dust in my face, if I was doing it for real. So, none of this was an issue here and that's good.
-The whole unit is narrow/compact, which makes it fit into my rather small utility storage area. (This was an important issue for me since so many other vacs are so big!.. almost like the SUVs of vacuums)
- I like the suction power. It's 12 amps, like the large vacuums, and it is guaranteed to not lose suction like the Dyson, but the price tag is much more attractive.
- it's much more quieter than my old vacuum. Maybe we can finally help our dog recuperate from her vac-phobia?

Little surprises:
- The bottom part of the vac is really small, which surprised me. But it's a plus for me... it's lighter and fits better into my storage area.
- There is no way to control the height of the vac (as in for high versus low carpets and bare floor). But that's fine too.. it's actually designed to work at this one height, so switching between floors and carpets is easier. (btw. I am REALLY enjoying vacuuming my floors with it.. really smooth and gets everything, doesn't push stuff around like my old upright)
-The dust brush attachment is not my favorite, my old vac had one where the bristles were much longer, letting you scrub stuff to really get pet hair out... this one has shorter hair that bends easily and doesn't scrub as much. But I believe the NV22L that onlineshopdealer is offering will come with a special pet hair brush, so that shouldn't be an issue. I bought the cheaper NV22 version in Walmart that doesn't come with those bells and whistles.
- The weight is 15 pounds, which to me, is not as lightweight as I would have expected based on some other models (which are closer to 10 pounds), but it's still much lighter than the other big vacs, and since the off floor tube is so long, I don't have to lift it very much anyway, so it's not a problem.

Overall I'm super happy with it so far. I'll try to report back if my opinion of the product wavers over time. But, with a 1 year money back guarantee and a 5 year warranty, it sounds like I'll be able to remedy the situation if something comes up.


UPDATE <12/02/2010>

Hi everyone, just wanted to give an update as to how the vacuum is holding up after over a year of use. So far so good. Nothing has broken, I've been able to clear out the compartments as the instructions suggest every few months. I continue to be super happy with how the long extending hose. I do notice that it seems to be getting a little stretched out and hangs a little looser on the back, but it is nothing that has been annoying. Suction continues to be good... though I'm not doing any comparisons with new vacuums, LOL. But overall I'm still happy.

Pure amazement!
I own a Kirby G4 and for all the years I have had it, I thought it was doing a good job. I have a very furry German Shepherd that tracks in dirt and sheds all year long. I have noticed that my carpets aren't really getting clean anymore and I have spent numerous hours using my Kirby's shampoo features and even have them professionally cleaned every year. I saw the infommercial for the Shark Navigator and thought I should try it, but was very skeptical. I went through my house with my Kirby, and then followed up with the Shark Navigator. I was amazed at the dirt it pulled out and how fluffy my carpets look! I had to stop the vacuum and emtpy the cannister more than a few times because it was loaded with dog fur and fine dust. I am so upset at the money and time I have wasted using the Kirby. I am going to tell everyone to get the Shark Navigator. I had to take pictures of the "stuff" I got out of the carpets to show everyone - I don't think they will believe me.

This vacuum REALLY sucks
Well, after a lot of research and years of salivating over the Dyson Animal vacuum, I decided that $200 was a lot more reasonable than $530 for a vacuum and 15 pounds was a lot easier to move around than 24 pounds, so I purchased the Shark Navigator this afternoon. It onlly took about 5 minutes from the time I opened the box to the time the unit was ready for use. Now, I vacuumed my ENTIRE house yesterday with our old Oreck XL but wanted to try out the new toy...oh my goodness...I can't believe all that stuff was left behind. There was SO much dirt and dust that my old vacuum just missed. The hose is long enough that the stairs shouldn't be much of a hassle, and the pet hair attatchment works fabulously! It does great on tile as well. Like I said, this vacuum is new to me today, but as of right now, I could not be happier with it.

UNBELIEVABLE - My unending love for my Dyson Animal is over!
I was inspired by my Dyson Animal for the few years that it has been keeping my home really clean. The DYSON and a steam cleaner for bare floors was an unbeatable combination.
For this Christmas I forgot to bring my Dyson to our second home, so I finally decided to look for something else. A smaller unit for the second home, that would keep my beloved Dyson from getting banged up in the trunk traveling between the two homes.

At BB&B I planned to buy a cheap canister but nothing looked worth buying and they cost more that I wanted to pay. Then the price, weight, and size of this Euro-Pro Shark got my attention. It cost just a few dollars more than I had prepared to spend with 20% off coupon.

When I came home I immediately checked reviews of this vacuum and was stunned to find that it may is a competitor or could even surpass Dyson in sales.

So I put it together with ease and I could not believe how well it "sucked". How light and easy it was to move around. It practically propers forward on dense carpeting. I have a dense Tibetian wool area rug and it was amazing how it sucked ALL the salt out of a dried up spot (I pour salt over spilled liquids to draw up the moisture - never rub it on expensive rugs) - it even took the salt out which was imbedded in this nearly solid surface wool rug. The vac also worked great on more delicate hand knotted rugs, bare floors and tight spots, and it reached a lot futher under a bed that my Dyson could.

I love the long crevice tool. It is easy to use it as a canister vac. I felt the Dyson was not that straight forward - a bit tricky.

So Dyson - thank you for all your help - but you will be staying at the second home in the future and my Eoro-Pro is just better - slimmer and more agile. I never thought I would fall in love again with a vacuum!! Unbelievable engineering to pack all this into a slender pretty little machine.

Of course there are a few cons - like most uprights cord winding is not automatic. The dust container max level is much smaller than Dyson's but we don't have that much dirt in the house. My cup did not fill vacuuming 2800 sqft of wood floors and area rugs. Did I tell you yet how much I love this Euro-Pro? So much that I am inspired to lose that nagging 15 lbs of baby fat to keep up with my new slim best cleaning pal. I just can't tell you how impressed I am. I thought no one would ever knock Dyson off their #1 spot. But this clever design is IT- it beats my Dyson as a vacuum in almost all aspects.

It looks like it is well made, comparable to Dyson ny the looks of it. I did not check the warranty yet but for the low cost (about one third of a comparable new Dyson) I would not get upset if it broke in 4-5 years.
Dydson started to re-engineer the dull old concept of vacuum cleaners. Hoover turned down Dyson's offer to sell the company to Hoover. I love it! I hate Hoovers! Each Hoover was a pain for 1-2 years and then had to be tossed into garbage.

I LOVE TO VACUUM AGAIN! LOVE IT! I am really hard to be impressed by anything but I wrote this because there are not enough good news out there. Here world ismade better one vacuum at a time!!! I can't believe I was lucky enough to pick this one without any research - I was in a hurry to vacuum before Christmas Eve and I had reviewed the canister vacs only.

best vacuum
For years I have been buying one vacuum after the other, not wanting to pay for the higher-priced models and hoping that one of the typical name brands that we have here in America would finally live up to its promises. Of course, I could have probably afforded the better models at the end of the day if I tallied up what I have spent on the other less expensive brands. The Sharp Navigator Bagless Upright has so far lived up to its promises. It has great suction, useful tools and an easy pop-off container for dirt. The only minor complaint is that you have to empty the container frequently because it is small,and although it is not terrifically heavy, it is not lightweight either, so consider that aspect if you really need a lighter weight vacuum to use in a two-story home. Other than that, I love it and highly recommend this product. As soon as you turn it on, you can feel (and hear) the sound of a well-made appliance.

Shark over Dyson any day
The attachment hose on my Dyson got a hole in it somehow so I was looking for a vacuum to replace it. I thought about getting another Dyson but I didn't want to pay another 500+ for a vacuum, if I could find one comparable for less money. After researching all morning, I decided to buy the Shark Navigator and I couldn't be happier. Here are the things that I like about this vacuum:

1)Easy to put together (took me 5 minutes or less)
2)Suctioning power is excellent (I can't believe the amount of hair and dust that was being left behind by my Dyson)
3)Works beautifully on all floor types. It doesn't blow the dirt around on my hardwood floors.
4)A lot quieter than other vacuums I have used
5)It's smaller design makes it easier to vacuum under furniture, cabinets, chairs, etc. Not to mention it makes it a little lighter to carry upstairs.

So far there is nothing that I don't like about this vacuum. Anyone who has ever owned a bagless system knows that it can be a little messy if not done right, but as long as you follow the directions it's no biggie. I'll take a bagless over replacing vacuum bags any day.

I would highly recommend this vacuum to anyone. In fact, I am going to have one shipped to my mom...I'm that impressed with it!!

Love this vacuum!
I had to comment after buying this vacuum. I read all the reviews and decided to try it. I'm replacing an Oreck, so size and weight are very important. But I also wanted something powerful. I was ready to get a Bissell Healty Home Vac (after reading the reviews) until I saw it in the store. It is huge. Our walmart had one of these left ($160) and I'm in love with my new vacuum. Does that sound bad? The suction is amazing, the attachments are so easy to use. My stairs have never looked better. I love the 2 settings for hard floors and carpets, very easy to switch between. Not as light as my Oreck, but probably as close as I'm going to get. It is very easy to get between things and under things, I'm vacuuming where I haven't vacuumed in a long time! And my carpets and stairs look so fluffy. Emptying the dust cup is very easy, I just use a plastic shopping bag and put it around the dust cup. I guess I can't say enough good things about this vacuum. You will not be disappointed.

Love this more than my Oreck
I bought this from OnlineShopDealer after watching the infomercial a few times. I wanted to replace the little green Eureka that I got to keep down stairs Eureka 431BXZ Optima Lightweight Upright Vacuum Cleaner (I have cats and the filter on it clogged up with the hair and was a mess to clean and really noisy). I figured I'd continue to use my Oreck to do the 'deep cleaning'.
Well I have been pleasantly surprised at the great job the Shark Navigator does on the carpets. The filter does not get clogged, it picks up more dirt, dust, pet hair than I ever imagined it would. It is easy to use and, unlike my Oreck, has handy attachments for cleaning in crevices (without bending) and getting pet hair off the furniture. It is also great to use in the kitchen. The crevice tool is 24" long and gets inbetween and behind things easily.
Emptying the dirt cup is a breeze and nothing gets clogged or yucky. It is definately worth the money - especially if you have pets. And, I do not have any need to lug my Oreck downstairs - the Shark does a better job.


Technical data

  • Never Loses Suction Technology
  • Lightweight and Easy to Maneuver
  • Premium Pet Hair Cleaning Tools with Pet Power Brush
  • Easy Access Extended Reach Wand
  • Large Capacity, Bottom Empty Dust Cup


Product Description

Shark Navigator (NV22L)

This Never Loses Suction upright vacuum is lightweight and easy to maneuver at only 15 lbs.

Premium Pet Tools and Extended Reach

Powerful tools, including the pet hair power brush, quickly and easily lift pet hair and other ground-in dirt and debris from carpeted stairs, upholstery, and other surfaces. A built in extension wand coupled with a deluxe stretch hose provide an extended reach for above floor cleaning.

What's in the box?

Comes with a 5.5 Crevice Tool, 24 Crevice Tool, Dusting Brush, Pet Hair Power Brush

Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum (NV22L)
  • Power- 1200 Watts
  • Surface Cleaning Types- Carpet, Bare Floors
  • Swivel Steering- No
  • Cord Length- 30 ft
  • Cleaning Path- 9.25
  • Product Weight- 16.8 lbs
  • Filtration- Electrete filters
  • Suction Control- Yes

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