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neon nights Glow in the Dark | Luminescent | Phosphorescent | Self-Luminous Paint - Set of 8 by neon nights

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  • JAW DROPPING GLOWING COLORS: Creating dazzling and mesmerizing effects with the strongest glowing paint on the market. Our enhanced manufacturing processes guarantee super bright colors with the minimum quantity possible
  • PREFERRED BY PROFESSIONALS, PERFECT FOR AMATEURS: Our super glow in the dark paint and powder products are trusted by professionals in many industries for a reason. We are proud to have over 1,000,000 registered satisfied customers!
  • LONG LASTING GLOWING FORMULA, APPLY ON ANY SURFACE: A premium paint, made with innovative processes that stands out from the competition, it will produce vibrant illuminations that will last and recharge each day, for indoor or outdoor use, on walls, paper, or other materials
  • COMPLETELY NON TOXIC, NEON EFFECTS IN DAYLIGHT: Create amazing effects when the lights go out in the safest way possible! What is more, it will produce neon effects in broad daylight!
  • GIVE YOUR EYES SOMETHING TO STARE OFF: Tag up your walls with something beyond the normal graffiti style. Our paint will glow brighter than any other similar product at night when exposed to UV light, giving off a trippy effect that will stay illuminated and is a must have feature for any party


neon nights Glow in the Dark Paint

Want to add some extra glow to your next night-time event? Then look no further than this Glow in the Dark Paint from Germany's Best Selling creator of UV and Glow in the Dark paints and pigments, neon nights!
Join the neon nights family which already consists of more than 100,000 satisfied customers!

This superior product can be used on walls, floors, and other decorations.
Strong pigmentation means this paint can be easily seen in daylight and glows brightly in darkness after being charged.
A perfect addition to add accents to your next party, festival, garden accessories, or even theatrical set design! Ideal for special effects! Also great for kids parties; children love seeing their artwork come to life in the dark!

Ensure to stir the product thoroughly before use as glowing pigments may settle to the bottom of the container.
Use of a white primer is also highly recommended; numerous coats (at least two) of the luminous paint can be used to reach the desired effect.
For a fast and intensive charge, use a bright, direct light source; we highly recommend black light UV-tubes or energy saving black light bulbs.
For outdoor use, we also recommend a white primer undercoat, as well as a clear finishing topcoat.

We explicitly advise not to use this paint on skin or fabrics.
neon nights have developed specific formulations for both the skin and fabrics, these can be found by clicking on the Sold by neon nights link above.

Glow in the Dark paints can never reach the same glow intensity when compared with UV or Black Light Paints.

Complete set (8 containers) of neon nights Glow in the Dark Paint in the colours: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet, Pink, and White.
Each can contains 0.7 fl oz / 20 ml

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