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TotalPond Large Nozzle Kit

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Customer Reviews

Does the Job
Use it with the Total Pond 500 GPH Founntain Pump. I actually purchased 2 set because I needed more tubes to make the fountain higheer

Used it in my fountain
Very flexible set of nozzles. I especially liked the fluted one, but it's possible to switch them for variety. You may need an in-line valve to control flow from your pump.

Nice addition to my 36 gallon pond
Offers some variety on the bell & sprinkler fountain heads with some differing adaptors to fit to your ponds specifications.,


  • Included: Trumpet nozzle, Water bell nozzle, Foam jet nozzle, Three-tier nozzle, Nozzle extension, Tube connector
  • Compatible with models: MD11300, MD11500, DD11210, DD11330, DD11560, DDUV800, LLUV1050
  • Adds oxygen to water for a healthy, thriving aquatic environment


Aerate your pond with the TotalPond large Nozzle Kit which includes different nozzle options;including the trumpet;water bell;foam jet;and three tier water effects. The overall size of the water display is determined by the power of the pump.

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