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Coast Athletic Famous Foam Pool Noodles, 4 Piece

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Customer Reviews

Not large enough
These noodles were shorter and skinnier than what I expected, I should have paid closer attention to the specifications. I bought them along with mesh chairs that require pool noodles to float, but these noodles were too small. For average sized adults, using two noodles at the same time worked better.

Five Stars
They were great. I cut them up and used them for inserts to keep my boots organized.

no more lost pillows
I purchased this instead of a mattress wedge.
I have a new bed that has no bedframe. Nor have I decided on a headboard. So the difference in space between wall and mattress can vary. May need to add one more noodle, or lose one. I live in an apartment building, and two weeks later anothedrt resikdent asked if i use it in my bathtub. cute


  • Measures 58" by 2.25 " (the center hole is between 1/2" and 3/4" diameter)
  • Assorted bright colors, as the colors you receive may vary from the picture and are chosen at random
  • Great for a variety of pool games
  • Closed cell design resist wear


Made from buoyant, lightweight polyethylene. Closed-cell design makes them highly resistant to wear. Includes 4 noodles in a random colors. Pool noodles are for play only and should not be considered to be or used as a lifesaving device. Bright colors are resistant to fading even after extended outdoor use and long periods of time exposed to direct sunlight. Pool noodles are hollow in the center and are flexible, the can easily be bent into any shape and will naturally return their original straight position. The pool noodles measure approximately 52 inches in length and are 2.5 inches in diameter. The colors you receive may vary from the picture and are chosen at random. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate specific color request at this time. This item is manufactured and sold exclusively by coast Athletic. Coast Athletic is a leading supplier of sports, recreation and physical education equipment fro school, camps, institutions and organization as well as individual users. This and all other Coast Athletic products can be purchased in bulk/wholesale quantities for a discounted cost. Also contact us for a catalog with our full line of sports, recreation and physical education products. We have dozens of unique products in our aquatics/pool category.

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