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Ankway Large Ice Cube Trays Silicone Set of 2 Reusable BPA Free Silicone Ice Cube Molds Square Shapes & Sphere Round Ice Mold for Whiskey Drinks and Cocktails

Customer Reviews

Perfect for cocktails!
One of my biggest gripes when making a good cocktail is that the ice is never big enough. If you have a lot of ice, it tends to melt and dissipate faster. So...I really wanted some large ice cubes! These trays are awesome. The silicon lets you easily get the ice cubes out once frozen, and the cubes are BIG and an excellent size.

My negroni was delicious - and it didn't taste watered down! Pouring it over a big block of ice got the drink cold, and then it stayed cold--without getting diluted--as I drank it.

Recommended, 100%. Great ice trays!!

The square mold is great. Sphere one is OK.
I enjoy a good drink on the rocks. The problem normal ice is that it has a smaller surface area and melts quicker. Using these ice cubes, your drinks stay colder longer, and they do not get watered down as quickly. While I really like the square blocks of ice, I don't really care for the sphere shaped mold. I've found it rather hard to use. I'll probably just toss that one in the trash. The square one on the other hand is great!

Great product! Totally worth the price
Great product! Totally worth the price! It is a very sturdy quality. The trays are made of 100% silicone so you just need to push it from the bottom and the ice comes off so easily. Even though it is made of silicone, when you fill up the trays with water, they do not bend unlike other soft plastic trays. The ice lasts longer than the ice from usual ice trays as they are of a pretty decent size.

One of the trays comes in a round shape so you can get fancy balls of ice, which you can even make popsicle treats if you stick a stick through the holes which are already there.


  • DURABLE & SAFE --- Ankway large ice cube trays with lid is made from BPA free and FDA approved silicone. Nice making ice cube and balls for whiskey drinks and cocktails.
  • FLEXIBLE LARGE ICE CUBE TRAYS --- Push the bottom of the ice cube molds, then the ice cubes and balls pop out easily.
  • EASY TO CLEAN --- Non-stick design and dishwasher safe ice cube trays, silicone material is very easy to clean.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE --- This shapes ice cube trays no only for ice cube and balls making, but also can freezing juice, wine, sauce, baby food or creating frozen treats.
  • WHAT WILL YOU GET --- Set of 2 (1 sphere ice mold & 1 square ice mold ) silicone ice cube trays with 12 months warranty


ankway silicone large ice cube trays, brings you home-made ball & cube ice, which will cool your life!

* BPA Free, Food-Grade silicone
* Simple making process
* Durable
* Well-formed
* Non-slip
* Multiple shapes
* Releases the ice clean and easy
* Dishwasher Safe

Ice Cube Trays Dimensions :
sphere ice mold (7 X 4.7 X 1.9inches)
square ice cube mold (6.5 X 4.5 X 2inches)

Not only make large ice cube tray for whiskey drinks but also try freezing broth, juices, stock, baby food, and much more. Each cube slides out
without a fight. Popular with family, restaurants, bars and so on.

*Do not take the ice out as soon as out of the freezer. Just let silicone bottom dip in the water for a
while, it will make it more easier to be taken out.
*Do not store ice cube trays with lids in freezer, once the cube are made, remove them from tray and put them in an
airtight container preventing freezer odor.

*1pc silicone ice ball mold
*1pc silicione ice cube trays

Ankway provide good quality and best service for flexible large silicone ice trays. If you have any questions,
please do not hesitate to contact us by email about this ice cube molds and we will do our best to solve the problems for you.

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