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Roller Derby Firestar Girl's Roller Skate, Size- Jr 3

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Rollerskating Fan
I personally wanted to purchase the roller derby city lites skates for my daughter during the Christmas Holiday's because they were different from the other skates. I enjoy the fact that they lite up and that they were a little different from what most kids would wear but they were sold out. I am kind of glad that they were because she was still excited to have these skates than the other skates because purple is her favorite color and she didn't have to worry about replacing the wheels once the light became defected. Overall, a excellent pairs of skates and good quality. I recommend to purchase one size up from your normal size. Wondeful!

not for a speed demon
I bought these as a FIRST pair of skates for my 9 year old. She loves them and has worn them almost daily for 3 months. They have taken a beating. She rides indoors, on cement, on paver stone, in the street, in the grass, walks through sand boxes, and goes up and down stairs walking on the stoppers. The wheels and bumber are holding up well. The toes are deeply scuffed, but the seams are holding fast and there are no holes. One of the liners recently came out and had a hole worn through at the toe. When new, the bearings were slower than expected which was fine at first. Now, with more experience, she has started to complain about the bearings. Her other complaints are: it takes too much time to get in/out of the skates with the extra ankle support (to me, the added support is a plus), and other kids have 'cooler' looking skates. Thankfully, her recent complaints haven't kept her from enjoying the skates. I plan to buy new bearings eventually, but will not be buying skates without ankle support or replacing these early for 'cooler' looking ones. Perhaps when she outgrows them, I will get a more expensive 'cooler' pair which have all the features I want as well. All in all, I think these are a safe, sturdy, and attractive pair of skates for the price.

Daughter loves these
Instead of buying adjustable skates we got these a few sizes big and just wear extra socks and have fun in our basement and driveway. They work great.

Girls Roller Derby Firestar Skates
I bought these for my 7 year old daughter and she loves them. She has never skated and wanted to learn so she chose these. I found them easy for her to learn in and fit perfectly. She was able to get them on/off by herself with no difficulties. I would recommend these to anyone.

Very nice skates!
These are lighter than rink rental skates and easier for my daughter to handle. Definitely took some of the frustration out of the learning process. I wasn't sure about sizing so I ordered a 2 ... My daughter wears a 13/1 shoe. She has a good bit of room, but an extra lAyer of heavy socks and making sure the boot of the skate is tied well and it is fine. Pleased with the purchase.

love them
my 5 year old granddaughter uses them at the rink. She couldnt skate at all until she started uses these skates. Now she can go around the rink by herself without holding on to the wall. Please note that it seems skates run small in size. I bought her a size I thought she would grow into and they fit her.

Roller Derby Firestar Girl's Roller
These are fantastic for a girl's first pair of skates - great price for the skate you are getting. My 4 year old has been slowly learning to skate at the local skating rink over the past few months, and each time we go I cringe when she puts on the nasty looking beat-up rental skates. I had to study roller skate sizing a bit to understand how the sizing works for kids - she wears a size 10 toddler shoe, so I ordered a size 1 skate. These size 1 skates are a little big on her, but between the laces and the velcro tab around the ankle her foot is snug in the skate and not sliding around so she can skate just fine, and she'll be able to wear them at least through one more shoe size before she outgrows them. The wheels roll nice and smooth, they are not incredibly heavy like the rental skates, and they just look really cute, very 'girly.'

There was a bit of a faint chemical smell to the skates when I first took them out of the box, but that has faded since they've been sitting out in the open air. The only little thing I don't like is how easily the laces can get stuck in the velcro strap when the strap is open, which will quickly ruin the laces - but I'm glad that velcro strap is there as it helps keep the skate secure around the ankle, so I make sure to help her on and off with her skates and make sure the strap stays closed when they are taken off.

Overall a great beginner's skate - very happy with them!

roller city
Finding a good pair of skates for a girl was quite a chore There are more skates out there for women then girls. We didn't want professional skates and we didn't want single line skates. I looked for wheels that were rounded on the edge so they wouldn't be such a stiff ride. These skates are great. This was my 8 year old granddaughter's first pair of skates and they were easy for her to control once she was on her own, which didn't take long. One thing I highly recommend is getting the full set of protective gear, the ones with the open fingered gloves, what a scrape saver that was because if she fell, which was quite often at first, she hit the knee pads and caught herself with her hands and elbows so every time and got right back up without a tear or hesitation to keep going. They are also good quality. They ride nice, easy to control.

I bought two pairs of these for my 9 year old and 6 year old daughters. I read prior reviews and they do fit small. Get 1 or 2 sizes above what their shoe size is!!!
They LOVE them and wear them around the house all day! I cant wait to get these things on the roller rink!

Great skates!
Bought these for my 8 year olds bday and she loved them. She just got into size 2 shoes so I bought the size 3 and it was perfect. A little room to grow yet in them too. She says they are very comfortable and even wore them to her skating bday party on the first day and no complaints!
Great price too!


Technical data

  • Sport shoe design with Velcro & lace closure boot
  • Lightweight patented torsion beam frame
  • 54mm Urethane wheels
  • 608Z Excellerator bearings


Product Description

Perfect for kids on the roll. The Roller Derby Firestar roller skate offers performance and comfort with a patented Torsion beam frame.

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