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iRobot Roomba 780 Vacuum Cleaning Robot for Pets and Allergies

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wow.. it cleans better than my upright and with no effort on my part
Update August 8,2012.... I have to say I am more and more in love with this unit then ever. After months of use.. it just gets BETTER.. I love that I can schedule the cleaning cycle.. and away she goes.. I look forward to hearing her chime that lets me know she is starting off on her job for the day.. in the months of use she has only got herself into 2 situations that she couldn't easily get out of .. but she notified me and waited for a rescue. As a result of my praise, 2 friends have purchased and they are just as much in love with their little assitant as I am.... Good Job Roomba.. you put a smile on my FACE everytime I hear your ' voice'.........................

I was a little concerned that this would be another high priced gizmo's that has lots of promise but gives a small amt of performance .but I was wrong..
Right out of the box it worked.. ( I love that it comes partially charged as we all want to SEE IT DO ITS THING )

First lets describe that is comes fully assembled.. and is packed with extra parts.. I was concerned when I opened it that I had to assemble but Iroomba just sent along some extras to make my ownership of Roomba more pleasant.
... It comes w 2 virtual walls/ lighthouses and a remote control ( no batteries included)..
A DVD w the owners manual and ref to the videos that are ONLINE but not on the DVD
Charging station and a large chargers connection
A few cleaning tools for the brushes and 2 extra hepa filters.

Well I could hardly wait to try it out.. It didn't take much to get her going, Simply add in the date and time on the top of the unit press the big GREEN button that says CLEAN and away she goes... Well I didn't' want to wait for the virtual wall trial as I didn't have enough C batteries, so I just put her in the middle of my large living room/ dining room and away she went.. over and around and UNDER furniture that hadn't' seen the sight of a vacuum in ages.... then after doing those 2 she went down the long hallway and into one of the bedrooms and UNDER the BED she went.. cleaning and humming away.. after that was clean she moved on to the bathroom and then left and went back to her DOCKING STATION... Now to be fair I had just vacuumed that whole area less than 24 hrs ago... and WOW the amt of DIRT she found was amazing..
Cleaning the bid is as simple as pulling out the little tray and opening the bin and dumping it.. I checked for captured hair or strings but all had been safely sucked into the dust bin.

Now one thing I didn't realize and you need to know is the docking station needs to be on a smooth surface NOT carpet..That presents a problem for me so I will have to find a site that works that meets that requirement.
I don't find the sound of the Roomba annoying at all.. sounds like a Fan that is blowing so I wouldn't even notice this if it ran during the night time hours. It worked well on my tile floors cleaning not only the floor but the throw carpets as well.. WHEEEEE... I have white tile in the kitchen and baths and every little drip or drop of crumb is clearly visible This will be such a treat to have ROOMBA clean up after me ...
So for my first trial of this little ROBOT:

Pros: she does what she is sold to do clean my floors with little input from ME
Fully assembled and pre-charged on arrival
2 virtual walls to make management of cleaning a simple task and targets the rooms I want clean
Cleaning and emptying of the dirt bin is a simple process and since I do the same with my upright bagless I see not more effort needed
I can LEAVE THE CLEANING TO ROOMBA.. and schedule her to clean up after ME .. what a treat that is

Cons: There is a learning curve to get the system set up .. This would not work well with people that are not interested in managing a high tech product
I suspect the roomba battery to be on the pricey side so that needs to be part of the consideration when purchasing this item
A sm amount of humming noise may disturb some people but on the whole it is not loud
Price point would be a stumbling block for many but consider the price of housekeeping service this can either eliminate or decease you need for that amount of service

In conclusion I find this is a luxury item for some but for others it will be a MUST HAVE... time is money and many of us work long hours and have little enough time to tend to really important things in our lives like family and friends . If this Roomba gives you a few more hours a week( which it will ) to spend with them it is well worth the money to bring little Roomba home to tend to you and you home. Everyone will be happy for it.

The little robot that could
I am a first time Roomba user. I am a neat freak, but i'm also pretty controlling so I like to do things myself. I have a Dyson Ball vacuum that I am extremely happy with. I would vacuum the whole house around once a week.
However, that wasn't really feeling like enough. I have a 60 lb English Bulldog (Brutus) and he sheds and slobbers. When he walks away from the food bowl, extra pieces of food fall from his flappy jowls. After he takes a drink of water, he leaves a trail of drips. When he watches people eat food, he drools Pavlovian style.
My house is about 1200 square feet, all concrete and tile floors with rugs in each room. Brutus loves the rugs. He sheds on them so much that I would NEVER sit down on a rug, or anywhere on the floor really.
So the Roomba comes in. I had read the other reviews and I knew that I had to charge it fully before its first use. While it was charging, I vacuumed the whole place w/ the Dyson. The canister was pretty full, as usual. I have it programmed to run at 8am the next morning. Because other reviews mentioned it being loud, I set it to work during the day while everyone was gone. SET IT and FORGET IT!
When I got home that day, I couldn't find it. It had gotten stuck under a shelf that was just high enough to almost fit under, but then it couldn't back out. This has only happened the first day, so maybe it is smart enough to not do that again? I was surprised on the first day to find the canister FULL! Where did it find all that dirt?
It has run once a day for the last week now. Every day it has picked up more dirt, lint, fuzz, and Brutus hair than I thought was possible! I don't know how I lived without it.

- SET IT and FORGET IT: programmable to run at specified times daily. You can set a different time (or none at all) for each day of the week, independent of the others.
- SMART: I am amazed at how this thing learns the room and gets every inch. The 780 includes two lighthouses which divide off the rooms. It doesn't move on to the second room until it has completely cleaned the first. These work incredibly well.
- POWERFUL: I don't know how well this would work on carpets, but it works extremely well on rugs. Even a shaggy-style rug.
- ADAPTABLE: It automatically adapts to changes in the floor level, raising itself up to go over an obstacle or to clean a rug. I have left various things in the floor - power cords, laundry, various clutter - and it has no problem going over or around everything.
- RELATIVELY QUIET: It is actually not as loud as other reviews made me think it would be. I have let it run on while I was at home and it didn't really bother me that much, especially once it finished with the room I was in and moved to the next one.

- You do have to empty the bin manually. I empty it daily. This isn't really much of a con, it takes 30 seconds to do and I'm generally so fascinated by how much dirt it picks up that I look forward to emptying it. Just a habit you'll have to build.
- Sometimes it can get stuck under things. It is generally good at pulling out (better than I am) but it is something that I think you should plan to avoid. However, when this has happened, it didn't run itself dead trying to get out. It gave up and waited for me to take it back to the charging base.
- It only vacuums the floors. iRobot, how about a robot duster, robot toilet scrubber, or robot laundry folder? Come on, it's 2012!

Very happy with the Roomba
The Roomba 780 comes with an irobot Roomba, a home base, two virtual walls/lighthouses, an Aerovac Series 2 bin, 2 extra hepa filters, an extra bristle brush, an extra rubber brush, an extra side brush, a remote control, and a DVD showing how to use the Roomba. The Roomba 780 gets rid of 98% of dirt, dust, and other debris and you can program it to clean on a schedule that is convenient for you (even when you're not home!).

I love the convenience of the Roomba 780 and it does an excellent job of cleaning the floor. Yes, a vacuum does a more thorough job, but with two cats I was vacuuming every day - now I can vacuum every day with the Roomba if I want to and use my time to do other things. It is very easy to setup and use - just charge the battery overnight and you're good to go (the battery was partially charged when I got it but I charged it overnight to be on the safe side). I use it to clean two rooms at a time - for example my living room and dining room and it takes a little over an hour to do both rooms. It picks up a lot of stuff, including things like grass and dirt that inevitably gets tracked into the house. I did do some prep work - moving some things like chairs out of the way - but I had no issues with the Roomba getting tangled in anything. When the Roomba is done it neatly docks itself so it can start recharging.

While I love my Roomba there is one thing I don't like. The dust bin fills up very quickly - when it is full an icon shows on the Roomba. This is fine, but it is the only sign that the bin is full and unless you constantly watch the Roomba you won't know the bin is full. The Roomba has plenty of other audio warnings - why not one for the full bin? To me this also makes the scheduling feature a bit of a waste. The scheduling works fine, but I'm not sure how thorough a job the Roomba does once the dust bin is full so I'm not comfortable scheduling it to work when I'm not there to empty the bin.

The dustbin aside, I am very happy with my Roomba and will use it often.

Well I will be the first person to say this is the best thing we ever purchased
I have done some extensive research on this little guy....I must say I was hesitant on this purchase.
After some talking my wife into it. She agreed lets try it out.
When I got this little guy named "TOTO". We thought what will he do that we cant..
Well I will be the first person to say this is the best thing we ever purchased.
My wife and I love this little thing.
It really really cleans the hell out of the whole house.
You actually see it picking up crap in the house..It leaves the marks we all love on the carpet and cleans hard wood like any DYSON.
We have a cleaning crew every few weeks to come out and clean but this little guy cleans in between.
We have him setup on a schedule.
My in laws and parents and friends all got one after seeing ours.

It's my robot housekeeper
When I was given the opportunity to give this little vacuum robot a try I was skeptical that it would clean the floors very well. I've been using this little vacuum for about two months now and I'm pretty pleased with it. By no means is this little vac as powerful as an upright vacuum, but it certainly does a good job of keeping the floors neat and tidy.

Set up for the vac is pretty simple. Just charge it before the first use and hit the clean button to send the little robot on it's way. It takes our robot about two hours to clean the main level of the house. We have a dog who sheds like crazy and this little vac does a great job of keeping dog hair dust bunnies from collecting on our hard surface floors.

Setting the vac to clean on a schedule is very easy. The touch screen is easy to navigate, and making changes to the schedule is simple.

The collection container for this vac is small, but if I run it every day and empty the waste collection bin after each run, I don't have any issues with the bin filling up mid-cleaning. Only when the vac hasn't run for a day do I have an issue with the bin filling up before the robot is done cleaning.

I've had very few issues with the vacuum getting stuck or things or sucking up things it shouldn't. If you leave something out with long strings, it can get caught up in the brushes for the vac. We've had a few instances where the vac has wound it self up on toys with pull cords. When this happens the vac simply stops. Unwinding it is easy enough.

The robot comes with a couple of tools for cleaning the brushes and cutting loose any hair that may wind itself around them. It can take a little bit of time to free brushes, but I found it easier than cleaning the brushes of my upright vacs.

Overall, I'm very happy with the roomba. It's eliminated the need for me to pull out the vacuum each day. As a mom with a young baby I appreciate that this little robot saves me about twenty minutes of housework each day. That's twenty minutes that I can spend with my baby instead of cleaning.

I (heart) my Roomba
When we bought a new house with the majority of the downstairs being hard wood floors, I knew we needed to invest in a product that would keep those dark hard woods clean. I'm not a clean freak and don't want to spend my life mopping and cleaning floors all day.

I was torn between the Roomba and the Mint. I did a lot of research on both and thought that Roomba would be the better product for my needs. The Mint doesn't have a vacuum, but rather acts more as a wet mop for one's floors. The Roomba sweeps and vacuums, but does not wet mop the floor.

After much deliberation, we decided to go with the Roomba 780. I have fallen in love with my Roomba and know that I won't be able to live without it. I program it to run every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and it goes through every square inch of our downstairs (our house is over 3200 square feet, and the downstairs is probably at least half of that square footage), and keeps our floors showroom quality clean. It does its thing, covering every nook and cranny, and then docks itself to recharge when it is done. I never see any crumbs, hair, dog hairs etc on our dark hard wood floors. This model also has a rotating brush that cleans our baseboards and around the legs of all of our furniture. It travels seamlessly between the carpeted den area, two various rugs, and the wood floors of the rest of the downstairs. I only have to empty the dust bin maybe once a week; this takes less than a minute. I have had the Roomba for about four months, and I have never had to clean the Hepa air filter, or brush attachments.

About once a week, I will also take Roomba upstairs and have it vacuum the carpeted areas, though the dust bin does fill up much more quickly when it tackles carpeted areas. I do have to empty the bin several times when we let it do its thing upstairs.

Overall, Roomba 780 is an expensive product that is well worth the price tag.

Phenomenal cosmic powers, itty-bitty living space.
I highly recommend this item *IF* you have time to read the manual and understand that it requires some intelligence, understanding, and maybe a bit of prescience on your part as the consumer. This is not a toy for a lazy housekeeper. There are, for instance, setup procedures, cleaning and maintenance procedures, and error messages you must interpret.

First, it's going to cost you 2 AA and 4 C batteries for the remote and lighthouse units, and you have to charge it in the base overnight before you use it the first time.

Second, I highly recommend you buy a second battery (about $35) and, though it comes with spares, buy additional filters and brushes so you'll always have spares. You don't ever want to be caught without spares.

Third, you have to clean this thing frequently. The Roomba 780's "phenomenal cosmic powers" are mismatched with an itty-bitty dust bin which I have to empty - not once every three uses, but three times per use. Also, I am shocked at just how much stuff gets wrapped around the brushes and axles. The brushes, the brush bushings, the front wheel, and that rotating star brush all have to come off and be thoroughly cleaned and the brush well blown out. The two little filters that live inside the bin have to be blown out with a can of compressed air, too, and the bin sensors and cliff sensors wiped off.

And no, my house is not especially filthy.

If you neglect these things, you will have a very unsatisfactory experience with your new, high tech, extremely expensive, autonomous cat-chaser. Ask me how I know. Go ahead, ask. I'm still giving it five stars.

Update - Remember *BEFORE* you buy a Roomba:

1. This is not a vacuum. It does not suck like a vacuum - it sweeps stuff off the surface.

2. An older 500- or 600-series Roomba works pretty much the same as a newer 700-series Roomba, but the parts are not interchangeable.

3. In time, your pets will get used to it.

4. Clean the Roomba after EVERY USE, no matter what the manual says. Pull the hepa filters out and blow them clean, and make sure the brush is as clean as you can get it. Pay particular attention to the bushings and the ends of the brush.

5. Buy a spare battery and lots of spare hepa filters when you buy your Roomba.

6. Learn to take it apart and don't be afraid to take the bottom cover off and clean the insides with your Dust Buster or a can of pressurized air.

7. Unless you're incredibly lazy, you will never use the remote control.

8. A closed door works as well as a lighthouse/invisible wall and doesn't take batteries.

9. The Roomba does not like electrical cords. Also, it can get wedged under a low couch.

10. Your wife, who just hates to vacuum, will love you forever.

Awesome vacuum! Stop thinking and get one!
I got my Roomba for about a week now, and all I think is WHY I haven't bought it before. My apartment is spotless now!
Even if I sweeped every day like the robot is scheduled to do without any complains - and I couldn't find the time and will to do it - I wouldn't be able to clean so perfectly. I can walk barefoot all day long and my feet stay clean!
In an apartment with two short haired cats and two long haired adults, you could always see some dust/hair bunnies around. Not anymore. I'm in love with the robot!

He is yet to get struck, even with my HDMI and ethernet cables crossing my living room floor (from the computer to the TV). The Roomba sometimes tangles itself, but can always get out on his own.
My floor is entirely tile, except for a bathroom rug. It goes on and off the rug without any problems as well.

My apartment is about 80m2 (~861sq ft), i divided it in two with one lighthouse and made a virtual wall to avoid him going to the balcony (which is frequently wet because of the rain). It takes about 1h30/2h to go through the whole floor and return by its own to the base. The battery hasn't drained mid work (which was one of my concerns), not even on the first clean, when the magnifier icon (the one that indicates that it found a lot of dirt laying around and get on spot cleaning) was on almost every time!

The maintenance cleaning is quick, and it's getting quicker every day, since there is a lot less dirt and hair to collect and I'm getting the hang of it. Everyday when I come home I go to the base, where he is resting, empty his bin on the trash, and pass the included cleaning tools on the brushes. Takes like 3 min to do it all.

The noise is nowhere near a regular vacuum (or at least not any that i have heard!). So much quieter. I can watch TV on the same room, just maybe tilting the volume up a little, and when it goes to the bedroom, i almost can't hear from the living room (and, as I said, the apartment isn't that big).

I've yet to find one bad thing about it. The price is big, really, but it's worthy every penny.

How loud is loud?
How loud is loud?
New house. Hardwood floor in open living area - about 750 sf of kitchen, dining, living. The land is sandy, and thought frequent vacuuming might help preserve the finish. Hence, research spurred us to purchase Roomba 780 a month or so ago.

Most of the other comments cover the basics - the structure, how it works, cleaning, etc. I concur with all of these. It does its job well. It is convenient to take apart, though I don't yet have much experience with cleaning brushes and so on. The couple of times I have, it went well. The flap door to dump the debris feels maybe a touch flimsy, but with reasonable care, I don't forsee a problem. Dust filters easy to get in & out.

I like how it somehow usually senses a piece of furniture and slows down before `bumping.' It usually covers the room pretty well. Sometimes there is a particular string, leaf, or piece of trash that I've watched for to see if it gets it. It usually does. As most say, you'll need another type vacuum to get into unusual places this one can't, to get stubborn items, and for deep cleaning carpet. But for day to day cleaning, this works well, and thus reduces the 'human' vacuuming load 90% or more.

I put it on our screened in porch once to clean off the pollen. It was interesting because one could see the tracks and therefore the pattern it followed. I don't understand it sometimes - it seems to be going along just fine, then, for no apparent reason, turn and go somewhere else. But eventually, it covers it all. Was nice!

On 3 or 4 grain patterns on our hardwood floor, it appears to think they are particularly dirty and goes into its intense cleaning mode whereby it reverses and makes multiple passes before moving on. ;-) Amusing; otherwise, no big deal.

One topic of discussion is the loudness level. Thought I'd share my measurements with a sound meter.
My Roomba 780 is 60 to 65 dB when standing right over it and holding sound meter about waist level as one would to read it. Sound drops quickly after moving away - at 5 feet or so it is similar to what it is across room at 20 feet or so - about 55 to 58 dB.

For some comparisons:
Roomba: 55-65 dB
Faucet running water 3 ft from faucet - 68 dB
Hair dryer 5 ft away - 80 dB
Cordless drill 3 ft away - 70 dB
Bathroom fan 5 ft overhead - 48 dB
Toilet flush 6 ft away - 65 dB

You definitely hear it, but it is not annoying to me. You may change your voice a bit when it is nearby, but when its across the room, no problem.

No pets, so no comment there.

Our carpet shows Roomba's path in the nap. Not a big deal for us, but maybe not so good for others. My mom has a Roomba, and her carpet does not show its tracks. So, for those for whom that is important, take note. It probably would be the same with any vacuum, but one could control it.

Scheduler is easy to set; and works fine. Click on Day 'till you have the day you want. Click on Hour 'till you have that; and same for minute (in 15 min increments). I've set mine at different times. It works flawlessly.

Glad we bought it. I have no comparison with other brand similar items. It's a keeper for us - from now on, we'll always have one or a comparable if the competition gets as good for less $.

Found my new BFF!
We recently replaced our living room carpet with laminate. We have two cats and a dog. Pet hair was everywhere and whipping out my Dyson every day was a chose. Sweeping only aerates the cat dander. I'm allergic to cats. I knew this when I got them, but they're for my family, not for me. However, the living room had become allergy city for me. I couldn't sit in the room for 10 minutes without sneezing. So, that's why I purchased the iRobot 780 with the HEPA filters.

On its first voyage in our living room, I sat there and my throat started itching. By the time it was done, which wasn't really that long (I can't remember because my husband and I were so fascinated we watched it like a fish in a fishbowl, in awe and amazement), my throat no longer itched and I had not sneezed even once. IT WORKED THAT WELL AND THAT FAST!

In a nutshell, this has made my life a million times better because it keeps my living room dander-free.

I let it clean everywhere on the first floor, including the "cat room" which is a spare room. Even after using my Dyson in the cat room, Ackbar ("It's a Trap"), as we lovingly call our iRobot, went into the cat room and picked up what my Dyson didn't. The bin got full after a while, but it's so easy to empty, and after replacing the bin, it continued on its merry way.

I have noticed twice where Ackbar the iRobot seems to have gotten "lost" in an area it wasn't familiar with, and couldn't make its way back to the dock. That's okay, because that's happened only two times since we've used it and I've used it twice a day in some cases since we got it.

The lighthouses are great, but I've only used them for virtual walls, and I purchased two additional virtual walls because of the way our hour is laid out - sometimes I don't want Ackbar to wander into the kitchen, or I want it to simply focus on one area.

All in all, we love our iRobot. Ackbar is my new BFF and I have recommended this model to all of my friends with pets, especially those with floors that are not carpeted. I would still recommend it on carpet, but those with non carpeted floors know just how quickly they become dirty, and you can SEE a huge difference. With carpet, you can tell where it has been, and you know what has been cleaned.

So yes, if you are thinking about buying this - DO IT! NOW! You will never regret a single penny spent on this magical instrument!


Technical data

  • It uses a new advanced cleaning head which provides superior performance for picking up pet hair, dirt, dust and more
  • Dual HEPA filters trap dust, allergens and tiny particulates leaving behind fresh, clean air
  • Included Virtual Wall Lighthouses for enhanced room to room navigation
  • The robot can be scheduled to perform up to seven cleaning sessions per week, even when you are not home
  • It uses sophisticated power management software that results in 50% longer battery life than previous Roomba generations


Product Description

Vacuum Cleaning Robot for Pets and Allergies

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