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Siconi Collection 1.8" Meaow Sticky Pads, Black (3-Pack)

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Customer Reviews

These are cute but don't stick to anything
I thought this would solve my problem - how to hang temporary items in my office without damaging the items or the wall. The video on the siconi website was persuasive and I ordered these as well as the "birdie strip." These arrived and I have tried to stick them to walls and to my computer but they have no stickiness. I washed them with soap and water. No luck. They can stick to glass, but that's not what I wanted. I was able to cancel my order for the "birdie strip" before it shipped. Cute idea, but they do not work.

Not much more than a decoration?!
Very cute. Used one so far. One side to laptop (adhere pretty well so far and it has been 2 weeks, though I had not attempted to remove it yet) and the other side exposed to stick notes or a portable mouse when walking to meetings. The side that is exposed quickly list the "stickiness" after a day. Now it's just a decoration on my laptop.

fun and functional
I placed a piggy on the bottom of my computer monitor. He holds notes for me until I can get to them. I also left a Piggy on my door so other people can leave notes for me there. These are so incredibly cute, fun and functional. I recommend them highly.


  • Measure- 1.8" x 0.1" x 2.1"
  • Composed of eco-friendly material-silicone
  • Animal figures and remove easily and liven up any dull environment
  • The product is sticky from both sides
  • Fun and colourful alternative to push pins


Use Sticky Animos on vertical and slant surfaces to hold back coins, bills, notes, and other light objects. These are a bunch of animal figures that sticky and remove easily and liven up any dull environment. These are a fun and colourful alternative to push pins.

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