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Offer added on Tuesday 13th of March 2018

Big Ant Car Trash Bag Car Trash Bag for Little Leak Proof – Car Garbage Bag with Lid and Storage Pockets

Customer Reviews

Trash bag, snack bag, hild anything bag
What can you really say about a car trash bag? Well if its this one, Everything. First it has a strap that goes around a headrest. I put it around my passenger seat and its the perfect spot for me to throw things away. I like that it's not on the floor too, those kind get stepped on and crunched under feet. Its waterproof. You can add an ice pack to it and put drinks and snacks in there on the way and trash in it on the way home. Has a net bag on the side for water bottles and a pocket in the very front to put a map or driving instructions, napkins. I have to confess I use it more for a snack and drink bag than I do a trash bag. Very well made. Will last a long time.

Great versatile container
Best car storage container. I have bought 4 containers, and none met my needs. I wanted one that could hand off shifter, be upright, with pockets AND be waterproof, AND take 4 gal trash bags. This is the one for me. Like it so much, bought 2 more for my truck and one for my son's Subaru

Useful litter bag
Purchased three to give to my daughters. I took them out of the plastic bag and aired them outside for a couple of days because the plastic smell was very strong. They look very durable and will keep gum wrappers, facial tissues and empty water bottles a place until emptied. My daughter put an empty paper lunch bag inside so she can just remove it when full and replace it.


  • ★KEEP YOUR CAR CLEAN-The Big Ant car trash bag has 2.5 us gal capacity waterproof interior,leak proof trash bag can helps keep your car clean & tidy. The trash bag is handy and convenient way to stay organized while traveling or vacationing.Which can keep your car clean, organized and free of trash.
  • ★ADJUSTABLE STRAPS-The strap can strap to 38cm, which is long enough to fit around anything in my car like your headrest. With the adjustable strap and the snap for the adjustment, this car garbage can be the one you own.Size:9.25"x5.5"x9.65"
  • ★SPACE SAVING STORAGE AND ORGANIZATION-Three are three exterior pockets. Front pocket organizer can hold tissues, wipe, sun screen and car accessories. And two mesh side pockets can store water bottles and wipe containers.
  • ★DURABLE LEAK PROOF POLYESTER-car garbage bag is constructed with a high quality durable materials and leak-proof waterproof design.,leak proof garbage bag is constructed out of rugged pack cloth that it can provide maximum strength, durability,and longevity.
  • ★MULTIPURPOSE VERSATILITY-This Car trash can is not only a trash can but can also be used as a storage bag for toys, drinks or important documents.Our travel trash can is that it also doubles as a travel cooler. The thermal insulated waterproof liner holds ice to keep drink and snacks cold for hours in the car or picnicking.


Are you tired of constantly cleaning your car?
Don't worry!Big Ant car trash bag solving your problem.

Our trash bag for car can keep your vehicle cleaner and looking nicer with a discrete car trash can that holds trash, liquids and recyclables.
Big Ant car trash bag is a fully leak proof vehicle trash bag with extra storage for tissues containers to keep cars and their passengers clean and tidy.
So this trash bins are handy and convenient when you need to throw rubbish on a trip.

★ With release buckle and adjustable strap, the garbage bag is easy to set on the seat.
★ With side mesh pockets to keep you driving essentials always at your arm's reach.
★ leak proof trash can fit anywhere in your car, back seat, front seat, flat on the floor or where ever else you need it.
★ Thick waterproof liner is durable and leakproof, you can wash it casually. Other inferior liner will make your car interior stained and dirty.

If you do not want to use it as a garbage bag,you can use it as a cooler bag or a back seat organizer.
You can fill it with ice and cool some drinks or as a car seat storage bag for toys, drinks or important documentsin it.
Our car trash bag can also be placed behind the center console, or hang it from the passage headrest facing the backseat.
There are endless ways to use this car trash bag.

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