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UPRIGHT Posture Trainer

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  • Your PERSONAL posture TRAINER: Attaches to lower back and gently vibrates every time you slouch
  • The only technology that has the ability to really learn YOUR back.Our technology knows how to change with you and is designed to work for you.
  • Comes with a PERSONAL training program based on your profile.Train only 15 minutes to 1 hour a day and follow your training program in the Upright App - Both iOS and Android
  • Designed and built with doctors and trainers. Refer to page 6 and 16 in the user manual below for adhesives and sweaty back


UPRIGHT is a wearable that trains you to sit and stand upright. It comfortably attaches to your lower back and vibrates when you slouch. Training with UPRIGHT will allow you to achieve a posture that you can be proud of. Whether your goal is to look taller, radiate confidence, or be more productive, start and finish each day upright.

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