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Length:: 3:11 Mins

This is impressive software! Not only does it allow you to do an amazing amount of editing and adding special effects to existing videos it also lets you create screen-capture videos of what is on your computer monitor. The short video I've included was done with this software.

I'm used to working with video software, primarily Camtasia Studio($299), so it didn't take too long to figure out the basics of this program. However, there are a lot of special effects and techniques that can be used so I was happy to find that Corel has an online site with both video and written tutorials on how to use this software. One feature I want to try next is the "stop motion animation."

If you are looking for a relatively inexpensive program that has a lot of advanced features (they claim there are "hundreds of stunning visual effects") this would be a program to consider purchasing. It allows you to import a wide variety of digital media, capture video, and output the videos in a wide range of formats. It also includes a complete disk burning program.

The software can be installed in either 32 or 64-bit! I'm using it on a 64-bit Windows 7 computer.

Lacks the Add-ons Found in Video Studio Ultimate X7, But Very Adequate
If you are primarily interested in making movies from your video and still pictures, this is a cheaper alternative than Video Studio Ultimate X7. I had no problems installing the 64 bit option on my computer running Windows 7. Once installed, it does take time to load, but so do all the other video programs I'm familiar with.

If you're a beginner, the software comes with a PDF Users manual and tutorials. The tutorials are written, but I like that because I can leave the window up and refer to it when trying to figure out how to use a new feature.

The video interface is fairly standard. It's clean and easy to use. I discovered a little draw program on the Tools menu, Painting Creator. It allows you to make doodles, or more serious pictures to add to your movies. It works well and is fun to use. If you have a tablet, you can use it to create your drawings.

There is also a new program on the disc, FastFlick X7. This program walks you through the steps to make a simple video. It's great for beginners, or if you just want to made a quick video with a couple of clips and/or some photos.

I like this program. It's easy to use even if you have little experience with making movies and the instructions are easy to follow.

Affordable, Simple, Intuitive, NO glitches with Windows 8.1!
Affordable, Simple, Intuitive, NO glitches with Windows 8.1!

That could some up this entire review. I have spend over $400.00+ on several video editing programs from now defunct Pinnacle and all the rest. Each offers something a little different. THIS offers all I actually really need and makes it all so simple, renders my movies in a very quick time period and lets me output them in any way I choose to make transfer easy. To ANY source, the transfer is seamless and doesn't take the entire day to figure out or wait for.

Installation on my 3 laptops, ALL Windows 8.1, 64 bit were flawless. Took some time but I have used this now extensively and have had zero issues. I can't count how many problems I have had with almost everything I own running Windows 8.1.....Once I finally got everything (well almost everything) working in Windows 8, along came 8.1 and everything from sound drivers, wireless drivers, video drivers YOU name has been a full on war. So I am SO grateful for this streamlined, clean interface that hits NO speed bumps along my way. I give this 5 full stars even at full list price with all thing considered ESPECIALLY it's performance.

#1 reason to upgrade to X7 is the 64-bit processing -- 2x to 9x faster than X6!!!!
Corel has really done it this year. We see the most significant update since years with X7 and many more useful add-ons. Here's what's new for Ultimate X7. *** At the end of the review I'll compare X7 Ultimate to X7 Pro ***

UPDATE #1 - 64-Bit processing. This is huge! All previous versions were 32-bit, meaning that the new 64-bit X7 can process videos at twice the power. To get a grasp on this concept, think of your computer processor as being a tube that can either be 32 or 64 inches wide. When you have the smaller 32 inch size, less information can flow through and the tube is more likely to full and "bottleneck". Bottlenecks are when the maximum information is flowing through the tube. This causes other processing to slow down and your system to load slower because each process has to wait for the others to finish before it can begin. If you 64 inch wide tubes, then there is 2x as much room for information to pass through before the computer bottlenecks and slows down.

Some people online ran some speed tests and they found that the new VideoStudio X7 beats last year's VideoStudio X6 by rendering up to 68 percent faster for HD multitrack projects with hardware acceleration, up to 153 percent for 4K projects, and up to 854 percent with smart rendering (processing only the changed regions of the video. This is nearly twice to more than twice as fast as last year for standard rendering and nearly 9 times as fast for smart rendering (less processing done on each video when rendering, more carryover from original video clip). These are amazing gains!

Since Windows 7, most computers are running 64-bit Windows. Now Corel is running at 64-bit as well. This is the greatest improvement - beyond all the add-ons and plug-ins. This is a true core software update. This is alone is enough to want any user of Corel VIdeoStudio (any version) to upgrade to X7. Thanks Corel!

UPDATE #2 New HD add-ons and effects. Since the software is now 64-bit, Corel has given us higher resolution (1920 x 1080) HD templates, backgrounds, and color patterns.

UPDATE #3 - FastFlick. This feature is aimed at the beginner video user or people wanting to spend less time making videos. FastFlick is a one-click processing feature that adds may effects, themes, transitions, etc onto a single video, series of video clips or series of photos...immediately processing it and rendering it as a brand new stylized video. Basically, select your own videos or photos, then select the FastFlick theme you want, click start and come back to a completed final video that is ready to upload and watch.

UPDATE #4 - Cleaner Layout. This is a minor change, but still important enough to list. They cleaned up the layout / video editing screen to give us more space, less clutter. The look is not closer to Corel Paintshop, making it easier for a person to use both softwares.

UPDATE #5 - Discovery Center Video Tutorials. This feature I really like. There are so many features to VideoStudio X7 that discovering them all on your own is very unlikely. The video tutorials in the Discovery Center (access by a little blue button at the top right toolbar) guide a person through many of the great features and quickly teach anyone how to use the software. I personally love video tutorials over written tutorials (which Corel also includes as PDFs, accessible through the main menu as well). Watching the process is better than reading about it.

So here you have it - the top 5 new updates for Corel VideoStudio X7!


VideoStudio Pro X7 vs. VideoStudio Ultimate X7

These two versions are basically the same except that Ultimate X7 gives you 7 special effects apps that are not in the Pro version. All of these are very high quality, helping you to create more professional looking videos. Other than that, the software is identical..

1) NewBlue FX ColorFast - Color correction tools to improve the look of the video (either more realistic color corrections or more abstract - you control it).

2) NewBlue FX Motion Effects - Over 100 preset motion effects to create some very creative looks.

3) Boris Graffiti 6 - A large collection of titles and graphics.

4) proDAD Mercalli SE - Video stabilization plus advanced features that create the shaky camera effects that are very popular in today's videos.

5) proDAD VitaScene LE - Even more transitions, filters and film-style effects.

6) proDAD Handscript Animation - Handwriting effects that animate as the video plays - such as signing a signature. Great for titles.

7) proDAD RotoPen - Rotoscope style animated effects for maps, graphics and photos. Rotoscope is where the video turns into a sketchpad or animated cartoon look.

So this is a lot of great features to get for only $20. Get Ultimate.


The long story short. 3 years ago (with Corel VideoStudio X5) I switched over from using Adobe Premiere Elements and I haven't looked back. I use the Corel VideoStudio software about once every week or two for 3-4 hours, plus periods of daily use when I have larger projects. I like to get the newest version each year because Corel is always adding more plug-ins, effects, filters, etc. The bottom line is Corel VideoStudio is the best bang for your buck and a flawless performer. I feel it blows away Adobe Premiere Elements and the other $100-ish video software.

I wanted a feature rich direct and lean program that offered me the tools to do simple as well as complex projects.
Corel seems to have given me just that.
I purchased new equipment and as are many artists today I am using a high end digital slr to do both still and video footage.
I purchased Corel" programs in the following form factors:
Corel Pro x6 ultimate
Corel Aftershot Pro
corel fusion PDF
Now thanks to Vine I have their Video Studio Pro x7.

I am happy to have an along the board set of pro level programs.
The first thing about the Video studio I noticed is how clean and easy to install itis. I am still using Windows 7 pro so I am also u sing 32 bit as well. I was impressed immediately with the workplace.
Everything is laid out in an intelligent and easy to navigate way. THe basic functions are as intuitive as a potentially complex program like this can be. What I mean is that a beginner can make something to be proud of and a jpro can doodle and pull off some interesting and great work. It is ultimately in the hands of the user and this kind of software needs time and patience to yield all the promises on the box.
What really caught my eye was all the HD and #d as well as Dolby sound.
I wanted a program to get my passion about sound supported.
It is too early to say how well any of this will pan out but right out of the box it is looking good. It is also backed up with tutorials and on line book and information and I have found the same back-up invaluable with the other programs so this should be well supported as well.

I will be getting a new computer in the coming months and will use the 64 bit platform then until now I am on cloud no 7 with the features and ease of use of this though I have some knowledge of these kinds of programs and hitting future buyers with a long-winded description of every little technie goodie belies the point that this is a bargain that is in no way a cheap or light weight program.
It even handles those silly little sports cams that everyone is wearing while out exercising now.
So go for and be patient and put the time and work and above all the imagination into it. I find that I can learn any program if I have a project I am passionate about and that I want to see fully realized such as the one on animals I am now working on.
Yes, I would recommend this product, and I will repost when I get more experience with this and find the glitches and flaws and what software doesn't have them.

Simply Amazing!
Hello, I am a new YouTuber. I needed a good video editor that had a lot of features, and didn't cost an arm and a leg.
I can't say enough good things about this product! It is seriously amazing. It may not be as advanced as some more expensive video editors, but for the price, you can't beat it!
It is relatively easy to use; especially when compared to other video editors.
The timeline is very organized. Each track (whether it is audio, video, or music) has its own unique color to help you stay organized while editing. It also makes the experience more visually pleasing.
Another thing that I love, is that this editor comes with a screen capture software!
Altogether, with the ease of use, features, and price, this is a video editor I HIGHLY recommend!

A Comprehensive Set Of Tools At A Great Price
I found Corel VideoStudio Pro X7 relatively easy to learn and use, and I had no issues with installation either. My last version of this software was version X3, and I certainly did find this version to be quite a bit faster, and the user interface to be quite a bit better. This latest version boasts several performance improvements over previous versions, and it also has an even longer list of editing tools. Corel VideoStudio Pro X7 is an efficient and comprehensive video editing program that has more than enough features and video editing capabilities for the average user.

Now, while this version does have a lot of video editing tools and features, for only about twenty dollars more you can get Corel VideoStudio Ultimate X7. In my opinion, given the nominal price difference, the Ultimate X7 version is certainly the way to go. VideoStudio Ultimate X7 offers quite a few significant performance improvements and extra features/capabilities over this version, so it's well worth the few extra bucks.

Now, like I said, my last version of the software was version X3, and while all the improvements to this latest version are really terrific, what makes this newest version a winner is the fact that it's still very affordable. Corel VideoStudio Pro X7 is a great set of tools at a great price. A bargain really. You get a lot of bang for your video editing buck. It contains all the tools you need to make really great videos. I recommend this latest version highly.

For the Price this Great!
Really love this product. I have it running on a i5 64 bit Windows 7 laptop and runs like a charm. The royalty free music is a great perk and makes the package feel more complete without having to jump around and search for legitimate music to use in the projects. The output is clean and the tools intuitive. I purposely didn't read the directions until after I worked with the program for a day. I was able to complete most functions I wanted to. The ability to export to Blu-ray or DVD is nice although most of my output is digital now.

Don't expect to rip copy protected media or edit secure source data but for home use it allows for great videos, slideshows, etc. Very good value for the money.

Well, ok, Corel VideoStudio Ultimate X7 may be a slightly better version, though that's debatable. Yes, it has a few more features than the Pro X7, but unless you're a diehard videophile I don't think you need the extra options. You can buy both for about the same price. But no matter which version you go with, both are much better than the X4 version and a little better than the X5 version. Whether making videos is just a hobby for you or you're seriously in to it, then either is an excellent choice.

The Pro X7 is easy to install and even easier to use. That saying, so easy even a caveman can do it, applies here. Very fair price for this version, too! The difference between the Pro and Ultimate editions is that you get a 64-bit Special FX packages with the Ultimate. There are many templates and plenty of features and effects to choose from either version. No, this isn't the best video editing software you can buy. Personally, I think Pinnacle Studio 16 Ultimate is a little better for about the same price. But there's a catch.

It's no where near as easy to use as this VideoStudio Pro X7. In other words, it's going to take you a while to get the hang of the Pinnacle Studio version, but once you do there's much more depth for editing. Still, Pro X7 is a sound choice for beginners or veterans and hobbyist or videophiles because of it's ease of use and capabilities(somewhat limited). Pro or Ultimate: The choice is yours. Both are great with one having slightly more options. I'll say this to close the review: I use the X7 more than the Pinnacle Studio, even though I'm fairly familiar with the Pinnacle because of ease of navigation/use.

Simple, light and really effective
I have used many programs in the past and presently I am using Premiere 6, but I just love VideoStudio pro x7. It makes things so simple and easy. What matters more to me is not how difficult something is, but how effectively it gets the job done. Keep up the good work Corel.


Technical data

  • A faster and easier way to work with video
  • Creative video for everyone
  • Amazing quality on any screen
  • Enjoy the faster, easier way to make great-looking videos and slideshows.
  • Edit in Full HD and render more tracks in less time with dramatically improved multitrack performance.


Product Description

VideoStudio Pro X7 Live Life. Make Movies.

Enjoy the faster, easier way to make great-looking videos and slideshows. Corel VideoStudio Pro X7 offers new time-saving 64-bit power, faster 4K and HD render times, fresh creative content and the new movie-making mode, FastFlick. Immerse yourself in the creativity of streamlined workspaces, including the improved multi-track timeline. Create a huge range of video projects, from action-cam and personal videos, to slideshows, video blogs, screen recordings, stop motion animation, and much more. Whether creating for YouTube or DVD, business or pleasure, VideoStudio Pro X7 makes it simple and fun to bring your video vision to any screen.

Built for Action - The #1 Video Editor for Action Video

If your camera is strapped, clamped, or duct-taped to anything, VideoStudio Pro X7 is your top choice in video-editing software. Easily and quickly trim and cut long sequences, add slow motion or time-lapse effects, correct color and lighting issues, rotate video, apply anti-shake, or quickly clean up other common action-related video issues. VideoStudio Pro X7 gives you all the vital components to quickly get your action video off your camera and onto the web—letting you get back to the adventures you love.

High Performance Multi-Track Editing and Visual Effects

Open up a world of creative possibilities with 64-bit power, optimization for multi-core processing, and 21 customizable multimedia tracks. Create on-screen titles, graphics and motion-tracked effects. Easily copy and paste attributes and effects between clips and animations. Composite your videos, photos, and graphics to create striking professional-grade movies, and enjoy industry-leading speed and stability. Render faster than ever before with optimization for 4th generation Intel Core processors and the Smart Rendering feature.

Upscale to Ultra HD (4K) A Comprehensive Video-Editing Workshop

From family slideshows to the kind of professional quality videos you want for your business, VideoStudio Pro X7 has you covered with all the tools you need to make your video productions better, faster, and more fun. Work with stunning HD and Ultra HD (4K) videos. Create impressive stop motion and time-lapse animations, add motion tracked effects, record your screen, or add special effects. Export your video in multiple formats to be seen and shared anywhere.

Fastflick - slideshows in minutes Stunning Slideshows

Leave simple slideware behind and take advantage of the beautiful effects, transitions, and HD capabilities of VideoStudio Pro X7. Combine photos with video, music, voice overs, special effects, transitions, and custom graphics. Plus, with the new FastFlick feature, you can create stunning slideshows in a matter of minutes.

Fast and easy screen recording Show the World “How to” with fast and Easy Screen recording

VideoStudio Pro X7 gives you all the tools you need to quickly and easily make high-impact educational or informative videos. Built-in screen recording can deliver HD quality at up to 30 seconds per frame, letting you capture game-play or other motion-rich applications with the accuracy and quality you’re looking for. Whether you’re training, selling, teaching, or just showing off, VideoStudio Pro X7 gives you the tools to record, edit, and share your recordings with professional polish in one easy and affordable package.

Create videos for the web Create Video for the Web, DVD, Blu-ray Disc, and Your Mobile Device

Capture and edit the perfect online video for YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, or Flickr. Share anywhere with the ability to create videos for the web, desktop, Blu-ray, DVD, and mobile devices. Batch convert video to today’s most popular formats. Save AVCHD 2.0 files to an SD card or output your 3D files to MVC format for instant viewing on compatible devices. No matter which screen you’re editing for, VideoStudio Pro X7 has you covered.

Powerful motion tracking Creative Tools to Make Video Editing Fun

With stop motion animation, Time-lapse photography and Variable Speed tools, you can add a whole new level of fun and creative possibilities to your video-editing experience. Updated support for Canon DSLRs means your stop motion projects can be captured in near-cinema quality. Support for 50/60p video makes it easy to create incredible slow-motion sequences. And the high-powered time-lapse tool makes it simple and fast to assemble and render high-megapixel image sequences into amazing quality time-lapse movies. With so many creative editing options at your disposal, VideoStudio Pro X7 is more than video production – it’s a complete video playground.

System Requirements

Intel Core Duo 1.83-GHz Processor or AMD Dual Core 2.0 GHz Processor (Intel Core i5 or i7 Processor, or AMD Phenom II X6 or X8 Processor recommended). Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP with latest service packs installed (32-bit or 64-bit editions). 2 GB of RAM (4 GB of RAM or higher and 1 GB of VRAM or higher recommended). 1024 × 768 screen resolution. Windows-compatible sound card. Windows-compatible DVD-ROM for program installation / Windows-compatible DVD burner for DVD output (Windows-compatible Blu-ray Disc Burner for Blu-ray Disc and DVD output recommended).

For editing of 3D and Full HD video, Corel recommends an Intel Core i7 or AMD Phenom II X8 processor with a Windows 7 or Windows 8 64-bit operating system and minimum 4 GB of RAM. For editing of 4K video, a 4th generation Intel Core i7 processor is highly recommended.

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