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AUDEW Car Covers Waterproof /Windproof/Dustproof/Scratch Resistant Car Cover Sun Outdoor UV Protection Full Car Cover For SUV Car 204''

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Fits perfect.

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I ordered the XL 204 for my 71 Nova and it fits great. I like the material as my last cover was not waterproof like this one. My old one froze to the car since it was not waterproof and it ripped several places getting it off. Since this one is waterproof I will not have that problem. This also has straps on the front and the back that clip together and pull tight. It is much better than my old one that just had loops and you have to find rope to tie it down. This makes it much easier to take it on and off. The straps in the front and back prevent the cover from blowing off, as they are in the correct place to prevent it from happening. My old car does not have big mirrors so I don't really need the big mirror pockets, but if you have them it they should work well.

Thin and no grommets on sides
I got this for my 1993 Chrysler Lebaron convertible.
The cover is very thin as a sheet of paper. There were not any grommets on the sides so you could run a cord under the car to keep the cover from flapping in the wind.
I had to use bungee cords around the front, back and sides of the car to keep it secure to the car as you can see in the pictures.
We will see how it holds up and will upgrade or downgrade the review accordingly.


  • -Heavy duty PE&cotton fabric for all-weather protection.
  • - High density materials, can effectively block dust in the interior space of the car and car inside the machine.
  • - Waterproof design, to effectively prevent rainwater from entering the body, the body to keep the car clean.
  • - Silver reflecting high-sensitivity performance, effectively block the ultraviolet radiation from the sun, and the car's surface and radiation inside, they delay the aging in front of the dashboard.
  • - High-flexibility materials, can protect the vehicle's surface does not scratch itself by strong external objects, the seam does not move car paint damage caused by friction.


Suitable for most SUV cars, but depending on the size of the product, please carefully comparing your car.

Material: 190T polyester fabric, with insulation effect a few digits.
Silver color
Size: 5.2 (W) x2 (W) x1.8m (H)

This product has sun, heat, etc., with silver hardware, as long as you install the glass block after the latter block in front of the parking time you can make your car to keep in a cool state , Make you driving life more comfortable, safer and healthier.
1. Car Cover Protection, capable of preventing harmful dust in wagons and machine parts, their resistance to aging and machine use and the inner tear of the wagon.
2. Car Cover Protection, can effectively prevent snow from urban pollution in the acid conditions of the car surface brutally tortured.
3. Car Cover Protection, can effectively withstand heavy ultraviolet radiation damage to paint the inside of the tire.
4. Suitable for dust, rain, warm seasons of summer, or long-term use in the car.

The package includes:
1 x Car Cover SUV
1 x storage bag

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