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Xcluder Rodent Control Steel Wool Fill Fabric DIY Kit, Large

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Customer Reviews

love this.
I like this stuff a lot. I used it to fill all the holes under the sink, holes in the garage and holes in the exterior brick. Apparently mice cannot chew through this and I use it in conjunction with Great Stuff expanding foam. Package does come with gloves and scissors. Some of the steel wool did get through the gloves and I did get cut. There is a large size and a small but to be honest the large still doesn't seem like a lot. I bought two large packages, one from home depot and second from onlineshopdealer. The packaging is different. From HD it came in more of a xcluder plastic container. From onlineshopdealer it came in a regular box. Not a big deal either way. I recommend buying this on onlineshopdealer because home depot doesn't sell it in stores and shipping with prime is faster than home depot

Home Rodent Control
Great product. Reasonably priced and comes with gloves and scissors. Product plugs small structure holes and seals areas too large or impractical for silicone use. Is a great addition to other rodent-proofing materials. For big jobs, buy the larger kit.

The wool steel provided is really a good amount to do a small job
The wool steel provided is really a good amount to do a small job. The gloves are okay but I have big hands and it is tight fit. The pair of scissors are almost pointless. It will NOT cut but you can use its tip to stuff the steel wool in the openings.


  • Contains 4" x 5' roll of Xcluder, gloves and scissors
  • Installs easily and permanently to keep pests out
  • USDA/APHIS tested rodent and pest blocking mesh
  • environment friendly, Non-toxic and Non-corrosive
  • Made in the U.S.A


XCLUDER 162758A Rodent Control Fabric DIY Kits are a USDA/ASHIS tested tool that keeps rodents and pests from entering buildings with a stainless steel wool barrier. Current Integrated Pest Management practices recommend this method over baiting and trapping the animals inside of the building. The coarse stainless steel wool and poly fiber forms an environment friendly barrier that keeps rodents and insects out without the use of harmful chemicals or pesticides. Once wedged into a space, the steel mesh expands to fit securely within small holes and crevices. The coarse stainless steel and poly fibers prevent rodents from chewing or pushing through XCLUDER. The result is an impenetrable, abrasive barrier that stops pests from entering your home or business. Other steel wool or copper mesh solutions can rust or discolor, but XCLUDER is made from high quality stainless steel wool, and won’t rust or stain. Once XCLUDER has been placed it won’t need to be replaced, this is a permanent solution that will not rust or corrode over time. This DIY kit contains everything you need to mouse proof your house, including a four inch by five-foot roll of XCLUDER fabric, shears, work gloves, and installation instructions. XCLUDER is committed to providing the best tool for pest control professionals and homeowners. Our non-toxic, environment friendly exclusion solutions keep your home safe from pests without unnecessary violence. Our products are used all over the world, in facilities ranging from hospitals and hotels to restaurants and warehouses.

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