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Bug Zapper, BENGOO Electronic Insect Killer, Mosquito Killer, Fly Killer, Mosquito Trap , Non-toxic USB Super-Bright LED Light to Zap in the Dark for Home, Indoor and Outdoor

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  • 【EASY TO USE&CLEAN】Unlike other traditional mosquito tray, the bug trap adopts a 360 degree turnover/roll cover. The turnover cover opens easily with a slight push and then automatically swings back into the place. The metal pest storage box and anti-escape net can effectively prevent the bugs run out of the trap. Simply turning and opening the storage box to discard the mosquito bodies, and then use a dried cloth to wipe up the box.
  • 【PORTABLE AND CONVENIENT】Powered by USB with DC 5V safe voltage(1M-long USB cable is included while Adapter is Not Included in the package) .It is portable and convenient to carry outdoor in an enclosed space for trip or camping while it is also available to place in living room, kitchen, bedroom, basement, enclosed garage, cafe, restaurant, store, office, etc.
  • 【EFFICIENT AND ENVIRONMENTAL】This mosquito insect killer is installed with a LED lamp releasing 360-400nm ultraviolet light and a low-voltage suction airflow fan with 2,000 rpm to lure mosquitoes flying from any direction into the retaining cage/container, trapping then until they dehydrate to death(Usually takes 5-7 days), which is more environmental and helps increase 40% catching effects. Please don't open the storage box frequently or not yet dead bugs may escape from zapper easily.
  • 【MUTE DESIGN AND NON-TOXIC】It provides continuous and uninterrupted noiseless operation, not disturbing you and baby at sleeping. No smell, no chemicals, no poison and harmless to the humans and pets. Since you left the bug zapper working alone without any people on your room for body temperature are more attractive to mosquitos comparing with the devices, you will not be disturbed by the little bit noise from the small fan in the mosquito repellent, which air-dry bugs to die and make 20-40 dB.
  • 【SAFE AND SAVE SPACE】Comparing with the forceful electric grid, which is dangerous for kids, the mosquito repellent is 100% safe for family health. Leave the bug zapper alone without creature on your room because body temperature are more attractive to mosquitos comparing with the devices. Place zapper at least 1M above the ground and keep it away from the door, windows, vents and other competing light sources for best catch results.


★Go Camping/Fishing/Climbing/Traveling
★For Bedroom/Baby Room/Office/Home/Kitchens/Restaurants/Hospitals/Schools etc
★To kill Bugs/Mosquitos/Flies/Insect/Pest/Fireflies/Gnats/Noseeums/Moths/Flat bricks/Lady Bugs/Stinkbugs/Horseflies/Wasps/Nats/Fruitflies

1.Power: 5W
2.Voltage: DC 5V
3.USB Length:103cm/41inches

★LED lamp can release 360-400nm ultraviolet light to lure mosquitoes.
★The suction of the built-in fan sucks the mosquitoes into the trap.
★With intelligent light control, can automatic identification of open and closed.
★Using flame-retardant ABS casing, resistant to UVA radiation, anti-aging, good gloss.
★High efficiency with low energy consumption. No insecticide or chemicals needed.
★The bottom take detachable mosquito trap basket, easy to clean up mosquito corpses.
★It is safe to use in the home, office and others.

1.Use the usb cable to charing this device and get rid of the problem of frequently changing batteries
2.Place the mosquito killer at least 0.8 metres above the ground for best catch results.
3.Keep the mosquito lamp zapper away from the door and windows for best catch results.
4.Keep flies killer away from other competing light sources for best catch results.
5.Keep working continuously for 48 hours when used the first time. Do not open the turnover cover during use.

1.Although the small fan on the mosquito repellent, which can air-dry bugs to die, will make a little bit of noise, it is a more environmental tool comparing with these mosquito killer.
2.The usb cable is included in the package, suitable for wall adapter, phone adapter,powerbank, pc, computer,etc.
3.If you don't experience the ideal result, please refer to the below:
★Keep the pest repellent away from window or door and other completing light sources for the best catch results
★Place it on a over-1M-desk for the best catch results because the mosquitos' flying height is about 0.8.
★Turn it on and left it on a darker room because other light such as daylight and bulblight will decrease the effect of ultraviolet light given out from this mosquito trap.
★Leave the bug zapper alone without creature on your room because body temperature are more attractive to mosquitos comparing with the devices.
★Turn it on and left it for one two or more days if you don't think it is effective.

1 x Bug Zapper
1 x User Manual

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