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Sosoon Electric Bug Zapper Rechargeable Handheld Fly Swatter, Insect Killer, Mosquito Zapper Racket with Detachable Flash Light for Indoor and Outdoor Pest Control (Green)

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  • ☘KILL BUGS INSTANTLY - Super bright LED light attract flies, mosquitoes, and other flying insects to eliminate them effectively with a powerful 2,500-volt grid.
  • ☘SAFE TO TOUCH - The Sosoon tennis racket bug zapper comes with three layers of protection against accidental contact. With a double-sided insulation protection design, the internal grid produces powerful power to kill mosquitoes.
  • ☘DETACHABLE FLASHLIGHT - Dual-use; it can be used as a light and as a bug zapper. The bug zapper is powered by flashlight. Can eliminate mosquitoes about 10 days with adequate electricity.
  • ☘ULTRA - FAST CHARGING - The bottom flashlight supply power for electric mosquito swatter, remove the flashlight and plug it into the outlet to charge, quickly and efficiently full charging within 8-10 hours.
  • ☘ABS MATERIAL - Made of solid plastic material, durable, lightweight, and comfortable. Medical nickel-chromium alloy means it is corrosion-resistant and will not rust.


sosoon is your 24-hour bug zapper, mosquito killer or flycatcher. Keep a Sosoon electric bug zapper racket handy wherever you are.

-Powerful Electric Shock
-Nickel plated, mesh is very strong
-Rechargeable built-in battery with stable and durable power
-Detachable flashlight with 3 LED bulbs can be used separately
-Exclusive fixed grid technology, the compact grid will not easily fall off

Gear switch:
LED mode: It is a dual switch mode, can be a mosquito zapper or a light.
Anti-mosquito mode: Eliminate mosquitoes only.
Anti-mosquito button: Press the anti-mosquito button to eliminate mosquitoes.
✔ The combination of the start switch and the anti-mosquito button eliminates the risk of touching the switch by accident.
⚠ There's might no power at the bottom of the flashlight so that bug zapper don't work, please charge the flashlight first.

We are committed to providing our customers with high-quality and affordable products. All our bug zappers have a 1-YEAR WARRANTY. If there are any quality problems with your bug zapper, please contact us, and we will solve any issues.

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